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Only Girl in School Ch 3: a Frankel story

2022-09-20 01:16:03

Only Girl in School Ch 3

Originally written by Frankel. He changed to 3rd person from 1st person in this one. It contains a role play incident that has a little violence.

Katie stood in front of the class.

She was still naked, still refused a uniform, still the only girl in the school and still used as a sex toy by all teachers and staff. If it wasn't that she had been promised she would graduate with top marks at the end of the year she would have left months ago.

She was 18 and a half and would graduate in only three months if she could just keep going.

It was the start of sex ed - the only class she was allowed to attend. She was still being allowed to teach the class but no matter what she did she didn't seem to be able to find a way to not end up with a cock in her mouth.

Today she had a plan that might keep the 18 year old boys at bay at least for a while.

"Good morning boys," she said.

The boys were already wanking in anticipation. She had grown used to this and barely noticed.

"Today we are going to do something different. An outdoor exercise combining sex ed with sport."

The boys, she knew, weren't really listening; they were staring at her breasts and mouth and just waiting to have their turn with her.

"Today we will do more role playing. All of you have come to expect it to be an easy thing to force a girl to give you head. Today we will experiment with a scenario closer to real life.

"We are going to go to the cross country running track. One at a time you are going to lie in wait for me. I am going to play the part of a jogger. We will see how difficult you find it to catch me and force me to suck your cock."

"Can't we just gang bang you here?" said a boy.

"No," said Katie. "I have the principal's support on this. He thinks it is time you are challenged as you would be in real life."

Knowing the principal was behind her the boys followed Katie out into the grounds. The cross country track ran around the boundary of the large school campus. It was heavily forested with many places to hide. Katie didn't think she would be able to avoid all of them but making them do it one at a time would slow things down.

"And maybe only one will catch me," she thought. "One is better than forty."

The boys and Katie gathered at the start of the running track. Katie chose an overweight dim witted boy as the first one to hide. She was going to leave the fastest and fittest of them until last.

The boy went on ahead while Katie waited with the other boys for him to hide. While they waited a group of boys surrounded her and grabbed her breasts and arse. As long as they didn't try and penetrate her Katie let them have their fun. She was so used to being groped it felt normal.

After five minutes she managed to push them away and make her way to the start line.

"I'm starting," she called.

Katie started running barefoot and naked down the running track. She wished that she was at least allowed a bra as her breasts bounced heavily with each step. She held them with her hands to contain them a little.

The trees quickly closed in around her, coming in close to the track on either side and offering the boy plenty of hiding places. She doubted he would have gone far ahead, as he was not one for waiting long.

She came to a corner and braced for him to spring out from behind a tree but there was no sign of him.

"I wish I had some clothes," she thought. "If this were real he would have to get my clothes off if he wanted to fuck me. Still, this one probably won't be able to catch me."

She picked up her speed, letting her breasts rock from side to side so she could run freely and at top speed.

She heard a whimper beside her and saw the boy. He was lying on his back and writhing around clutching his leg. At first she thought he was trying to trap her and kept running but at the last moment she noticed a broken tree branch.

"Shit," she thought. "He must have climbed a tree branch to hide and it snapped under his weight. He's probably broken his leg."

She stopped and ran back to him. He didn't even seem to notice her as he gripped his leg crying like a baby.

"Don't worry," she said. "I'll help you back to the start. You can have your go another time."

She stood beside him and reached down to pick him up. Suddenly he swept his feet around and knocked her feet from under her. She fell onto her back and he was on her in a second.

He sat across her tits and pulled a knife from his pocket, holding the knife to her throat.

"Fuck!" thought Katie. "I thought he was stupid."

"Scream and you're dead bitch!" he yelled.

He was so convincing Katie felt that he might actually do it. He took a pair of handcuffs from his pocket and flipped her on to her stomach and cuffed her wrists together.

"I take these to every sex ed class," he said. "Been waiting to use them."

He forced her to her knees and pulled his cock from his pants. He pushed it into her face and put the knife to her throat again.

"I thought you said this would be hard," he said. He pushed the cock to her lips but she refused to open them.

"Don't think this is role play bitch," he said. "Take it down your throat or I'll cut your throat open and fuck your neck!"

Katie opened her mouth and he forced his cock into her mouth. He pushed the back of her head against a tree and began thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth.

Saliva filled her mouth as she struggled to breathe with his fat cock filling her mouth and his belly blocking her nose. Her knees were digging into stones on the ground as he gripped her hair tight in his hands.

She wanted to push him away but her hands were bound behind her back so she was powerless to resist him.

His cock penetrated her throat and she felt her gag reflex cause her throat to constrict around him. Vomit rose up her throat but she managed to hold it down as she gagged on his cock.

"Get ready for it bitch," he said. He held the cock still in the back of her throat and cum erupted into her. She felt it slide down her throat and fill her stomach.

He pulled out and wiped more cum over her face and eyes.

"You're owned bitch," he said and walked away leaving her on her knees with her hands cuffed behind her back.

When he was gone Katie struggled to her feet and made her way back to the other boys. The overweight boy was already back when she came back. With cum on her face and hands tied she didn't need to explain that the first boy had succeeded.

"Please untie me," she said.

"Don't think so," he said.

"Please," said Katie. "All the boys must have the same go."

"We will bitch," he said. "You've got ten seconds start. We all have an equal chance to catch you."

"10, 9..,"

Katie knew she didn't have time to argue. She began running down the running track away from the boys.

"8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1....coming ready or not!!!" all the boys yelled.

Katie had only gone twenty meters when they started after her. With her hands cuffed behind her she couldn't run very fast. She tripped on a tree branch and fell on to her face.

The boys were on her before she could stand. They held her head down in the dirt and raised her arse. Her legs were prized open and her arse cheeks pushed apart.

A cock probed at the entrance to her arse and then penetrated her hard. She screamed in pain as it tore her apart with each thrust.

She was raised in the air and a cock forced its way into her mouth. Hands roamed over her body as she was skewered between the cocks fucking her face and arse.

"Too fucking easy bitch," the boy in her mouth yelled.

"She wants it, that's why," said the one in her arse. "Take it, slut!"

Katie stopped fighting and let the cocks take her.

"Maybe I'll go back to role playing their first date," she thought as cocks exploded cum in her arse and mouth.