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Learning the Lifestyle Pt 6 - Educational Shopping

2023-01-20 21:54:46

He led her to the car. Once there he unlock and opened the door for her to get in. He then went around to his side and got in and started the engine. Turning out of the parking lot, Silk noticed that he was headed towards the city. She wondered where exactly he was taking her.

“Might I ask the name of the place you are taking me?” She asked.

“I could tell you but you probably wouldn’t have heard of it or been there. This place is top dollar so not many college students go there. It also caters to the lifestyle so normal people don’t shop there much,” he told her.

“Oh, well since I haven’t done much in this place other than normal food and stuff like that shopping, you’re probably right. I don’t really know what the city has to offer outside of Wal-Mart really,” she said with a laugh.

At this he looked at her. He couldn’t believe that no one had taken her partying or out into the city. He then remembered Reed and with that he asked, “You never went out with Reed or even by yourself?”

“Reed was only here a week and during that time we rented that apartment and I was getting settled into school. That took up like four days of his visit. We went to dinner one night and saw a movie, but that is mostly it. He drove and the place we went was next to the Wal-Mart. I haven’t done much on my own and no one has offered to take me anywhere other than a dorm room, accept you. Other than that, I’ve kept busy with my studies and the station,” she stated.

You poor thing, he thought. Then dorm room hit him and he laughed, “A dorm room?”

She laughed too, “Yeah, there’s this guy in my English comp class that keeps offering me a good time if I would just come to his dorm room. I told him no, but he is persistent.”

“What’s his name, maybe I know him,” he asked her?

“Jon Becker, I think he plays football or something.”

“Becker,” Michael hissed, “That asshole, stay away from him. I have heard that he is really rough with the girls and I am not talking BDSM.”

She laughed, “You sound jealous, Michael.”

Before she could go on, he gave her a grave look, “Don’t make that mistake. I am not jealous. I know him for what he is. If you like guys like that, like you’re Neil, than by all means have at it. I have seen how he treats girls first hand. When I said rough I meant that he beats up on girls. He is also known for getting them drunk and taking advantage of them,” he told her in a harsh voice.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you,” she said in a low voice and then looked away to the window.

Shit he blew it again. Gentle you fool he chastised himself again. He reached over and stroked her arm, “Silk, I didn’t mean to sound so harsh. I am not mad at you or offended and I am not jealous either. Not of Becker anyway. I was just informing you, trying to protect you and through you, your girlfriends. He really is a bad guy.” When she looked back at him, he stroked her cheek with a finger, “You sort of scared me too. The thought flashed through my mind that you could have actually went out with that asshole and been hurt by him. Even if you hadn’t shared yourself and your body with me I would want to protect you from him.”

She looked at him and felt love from his eyes. She really liked his eyes they were so expressive. His hand was still stroking her cheek so she turned her face a little and kissed his fingers.

“Am I forgiven, little one?”

She smiled and said, “There was nothing to forgive.” That was all she would say.

They pulled up to a shop in the middle of a tree-lined street and Michael stopped the car, killed the engine and set the brake. She looked at the shop front. Madame’s Fine Lingerie Emporium it read. If she were to judge the shop by its front she would have to say that it was elegant and expensive. She wondered what she would find inside.

Opening the door, Michael said, “Come on, let’s go have a ball.”

She got out and came around the front of the car. Michael was waiting there with his hand out to her. She took and they both headed towards the entrance. Once inside a lady at the door greeted them warmly.

“Welcome to Madame’s Fine Lingerie Emporium. A saleswoman will be here to help you out shortly. If I may have your coats, I’ll hang them up right here and then you can be on your way,” she said as she held out her hand.

Michael helped her out of her coat and then took his off and handed both to the lady. “Is Madame herself available to help us?” He asked of the lady.

“She is very busy, but I can check for you,” the lady said in a slightly condescending tone as she picked up the phone.

“You do that and tell her Michael Wolfe is the one asking,” He said with his nose in the air.

The lady paled at the recognition of his name and made the call is a nervous voice. She talked for minute and then hung up and looked at them with a new light in her eyes. “Madame will be with you shortly. Please have a seat,” she said and indicated the settee to their left.

They took the offered seat and waited for Madame. Silk wondered at the way the lady acted when Michael mentioned his last name. Maybe she ought to find out just who Michael Wolfe really was.

“Michael, why did she act like over your name?” She decided to ask him right now.

Looking at her, he saw she was really clueless about him. “My family is very rich. I told you that,” he told her.

“Like how rich are we talking here? Filthy or what,” she asked.

“Obscenely so. The Wolfe’s are like obscene rich. Didn’t you know that,” he asked searching for face.

“Oh,” was all she could say.

Reed’s family was rich, but not like that. Also Reeds parents had died and left it all to Reed, but he didn’t come into his total majority till his twenty-fifth birthday. For now he lived on a couple trust funds that left him about $25,000 a month. She wondered want Michael’s trust funds looked like. Before she could think on it, Madame showed up.

“Sir Michael, how nice to see you again. It has been forever since you have graced my humble shop.” Madame said with a bow.

This caused Michael to laugh out loud, “Humble my foot wench,” he said, “I’ve seen your prices, and you are being modest in your description. Extravagant would be a better word, but anyway, how have you been?”

This caused Madame to laugh too. “I have been good and business has too,” she began as she turned to Silk and gasped out loud. “Who is this lovely creature?

“Allow me to introduce you Madame. This,” he said gesturing to Silk, “Is my new slave, Silk. She needs to be outfitted in the finest slave wear. I checked her wardrobe and she hasn’t a decent thing to wear that comes close to my fine standards for my slaves. So she is at your mercy, Madame.”

“Well then, shall we head this way,” she said directing them through the curtain and out on the showroom floor.

Immediately Silk saw that she was right, it was glamorous and expensive. How expensive she would soon see. They were led through another curtain into a large fitting room that had a couch inside. Michael took a seat quickly and Madame went through the curtain at the back of the room.

As Madame walked away, she called back over her shoulder, “Have her disrobe to only her panties, Sir Michael.”

Silk looked to Michael and asked, “Sir Michael? Is she a slave also?”

“She used to be. Now she is what we call switch. She does whatever strikes she fantasy on that given day. Now you heard her, strip,” he told her with a laugh.

Not really being shy about her body she did as asked. Something Michael didn’t know about her, was she was raised as a nudist. Both of her parents belonged to colonies. They had also taken their children along so nudity was nothing new to Silk. As she disrobed, she gave her stuff to Michael and noticed that he folded it as she handed him each piece. Once she was naked except her little lace panties, a young woman came in with a measuring tape and took her measurements then left the same way that Madame had gone. A few minutes later, Madame came back in the room carrying an armful of clothes and handed her a lace robe.

“Here, it gets chilly in here sometimes,” she told Silk. As Silk turned to put on the robe, Madame saw the new tat on her back and said to Michael, “Can we rub that stuff off or into that tat while she tries on clothes. That stuff may stain the clothing.”

Silk looked to Michael for the answer since he was the expert when it came to tattoos.

“I don’t see why not. Grab a tissue from over there Silk and bring it to me and I’ll clean you off. I should have thought of that myself,” he said to them both.

She retrieved a tissue and brought it to him. Then she turned and dropped the robe to her buttocks. As he wiped off the ointment she gave a low moan. Damn it was sensitive.

Michael liked the moan and smiled when he saw that Madame had heard her too and knew what had caused Silk to moan. He gave a wink to Madame and she gave him a knowing smile in return.

“Okay, darling. Let’s try on some of these lovely outfits that I have brought for you. I think these will look the best on you,” Madame told her as she held out a scrap of fabric the color of cream.

Silk took it and figured out how to put it on. It turned out to be a baby doll nitey that was so sheer it was almost invisible. She looked to Michael for approval and he gave a nod of his head.

Once she had it on, Madame came up and checked to see if it fit well across the chest. Silk then noticed that the young woman had returned and with her a cart full of stuff. Madame said something to the young woman who Silk realized was an assistant and the assistant nodded in agreement and then reached to help Silk out of the outfit. Once it was off, she placed it in a basket the side of the cart. Madame then handed Silk another outfit.

This one was a light blue and just as transparent. Silk again figured out how to put it on, it was another sort of baby doll. She then turned and looked at herself in the full-length mirror. It was very pretty, but she thought it looked too pale with her dark hair and fair skin. Finally she turned to Michael. He nodded again.

“Michael I know you like light colors the best, but I look better in bright ones. These wash me out,” she told him.

Madame came to her defense, “She is correct, Sir. This one belongs in brighter colors with her pale skin and dark hair. She is like a china doll. These outfits will just wash her loveliness out.”

He gave this some thought. He actually agreed with them after seeing her in both of the pale colored outfits, but it went against the grain. His slaves always wore submissive colors. Then it occurred to him. He had never seen a slave that looked like Silk. Most were so bold looking without clothes that pale submissive colors looks good on them. If he had saw Silk without the submissive look on her face, he would have guessed she was a Dominatrix anyway. With that thought, he said with a dismissive wave of his hand, “Fine, brighter colors it is, get rid of this pale crap, but I still must approve it.”

Madame gave a laugh and started to leave with her assistant to get more stuff for Silk to try.

“Wait, I liked that first one. You will wear it so keep in the basket Madame,” he ordered.

“Yes Sir,” Madame twittered as she swept from the room.

With in a few minutes, Madame was back with a new armful of clothes, these in bolder colors. She handed the first to Silk to try on. This one was a bright blue baby doll. Once she had it on, she turned to Michael.

Michael gave a low whistle and was glad that he had agreed with them about the colors. Bolder were most assuredly better on Silk.

The processes went on for about thirty minutes and she felt that she had went through a about a hundred outfits, most of which Michael approved of. Finally they seemed to have run out of things for her to try on. Silk was glad. She felt as if she had tried everything in the store on. Finally Madame told her to put her robe back on.

“Next we will go into the other room and find some shoes and a few robes to go with your stuff,” Madame suggested.

“Okay, that would be fine. I don’t have to approve that. Silk can buy whatever type of shoe she likes. I want her to be comfortable in them. As for the robes I leave them in your capable hands Madame,” Michael told them.

Madame told her to put her street clothes back on and when she was dressed, Madame led her to the next room and Michael followed them. Madame led her to a large rack of shoes and told her to take her pick. She began choosing a few and trying them on. She heard Michael talking again to Madame.

“Do you have a computer attached to the Internet and a printer?” He asked Madame.

“Yes, it’s over here,” Madame told him and led him over to the register area. After setting him up with the computer, she came back over to Silk and began to help her with the shoes.

Silk had set aside about four pairs when she came back. Madame nodded her approval and handed Silk another pair that was low heeled and laced up the legs. They were white.

“These will look divine with most of the stuff you picked out. You have the legs for them.”

Madame then added a pair that would look good with the harem girl outfit that Michael had really liked. While they finished looking at shoes, the assistant came over with an armful of robes in various colors and fabrics. Madame went through them and gave the assistant back the ones she didn’t like. The assistant took them away as Michael came over holding a few sheets of paper.

“Thank you Madame for the use of your computer and printer, how are we doing here ladies,” he said nodding to the pile of shoes that had amassed between the two women.

“We are pretty much done, unless you see something that strikes your fancy and you are most welcome for the other,” Madame told him.

Turning towards the register, he said, “Nope you have handled it well my pets,” he said as he walked away. “Shall we conclude this visit, Silk and I have more shopping to attend to?”

The assistant and Madame hurried to the counter with the stuff and Silk followed a little behind, feeling like a whirlwind had just swept her off her feet. As she came to the counter, she saw Michael pull out his credit card and the thought occurred to her that she had no idea what this stuff costs. Probably a mint, then she saw the total and gasped.

“Michael you can’t be serious. That is over seven thousand dollars,” she whispered to him.

“So,” was all he would say and gave his card to Madame.

Madame ran it through the card reader and then waited for the receipt to print. When it printed, she handed it to Michael for his signature and placed the extra copy in one of the bags. After Michael handed her back the signed copy she clapped her hands and a young man or rather a boy really, appeared from yet another curtain.

“Please help Sir Michael get his purchases to his car Sean,” she ordered the boy.

The boy turned and grabbed a cart that looked like ones businessmen used at the airports and begin to load their bags and boxes on it. Michael grabbed a few bags and headed towards the door. Silk grabbed a few shoeboxes and followed him. Once outside Michael opened the trunk for the boy to place the stuff inside. He sat his bags in the trunk and gestured for Silk to do the same. The boy placed the packages in the trunk and shut it and promptly walked away.

Michael handed her the keys and said, “You drive this time, while I read.”

Taking the keys and letting them in the car, she asked, “Where too?”

“Make a left out of the parking lot and then a right after the second light,” he told her with total confidence.

She did as directed and soon they were on their way. She looked over at him wondering what he was reading. She debated whether or not to ask him finally curiosity won out. “May I ask, what are you reading?”

Wanting to see what her reaction would be, he told her, “The list of limits that those two slave girls you met earlier, sent to me.”

Not wanting to be jealous she causally asked, “What is that? What kind of limits?”

Seeing that she either was trying to not show her jealous or she was learning that it didn’t matter caused him to smile, “It tells me what they will and won’t do. It is a list that covers everything that is involved in this lifestyle. This is easier than me asking all these questions. Also this way I can refer back to it when needed. When you’re more experienced, we’ll fill out one for you.” Then thinking on what he had just said, he told her, “Actually, we could start a list now for you, you can always add to it or change it as time goes on. Most slaves change theirs from time to time.”

“So what things are they into,” she asked actually curious about them.

“Make a left at the next light,” he told her noticing that they were turning as he had directed her. “Well let’s see. Their lists are pretty identical. They both like anal, oral, vaginal sex. They like all forms of masturbation and most toys. Both like whips, paddles, crops, and floggers. Syndee likes water sports and Stacy is willing to try it. Neither like scat or anything involving feces play, good neither do I.”

“Water sports, like swimming?” She asked not knowing what he meant.

This caused him to laugh, “No, Silk. Water sports as in pissing.”

“Oh,” came an embarrassed answer. Then she braved, “And what is scat and feces play?”

“You may not want to know right now,” he told her with a grave look.

“Just tell me.”

“Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Oh, turn right at the next street and then turn into Diamond’s. Scat and feces play involves shit. Plain and simple,” he told her in a very serious tone.

She looked at him and when he didn’t smile, she gave a sour look, “That’s nasty and unclean Michael. I hope you don’t do that, ever.”

He laughed loudly and slapped his knee. “I told you, you didn’t want to know, but don’t worry, I am not into it and none of my friends are either. Those people are a very select group.”

“Good,” was all she had to say.

They had arrived at their destination and she shut the car off. They got out and Michael led her to the door. Once there he stopped and stood in front of her.

“Okay you have never seen anything like this in your life so be prepared,” he told her.

“Alright, I am ready. I don’t shock that easy Michael.”

“This place is a place you will become very familiar with as long as you are in this lifestyle. It has everything a slave or Dom needs for every aspect of this lifestyle. Now shall we go inside?” He asked.

With a giggle, she answered, “Let’s.”

They went inside and Silk saw that Michael was right. It was a shock to the system; a man decked out in a full leather outfit greeted them. Silk fought to suppress a giggle and Michael looked down at her and smiled broadly. She thought to herself, she really liked his smile too.

“Hello, Michael, how may we help you tonight,” leather man asked them?

“James how’s business?” Michael asked of him.

“Good and you?”

“I am fine. Let me introduce you to Silk. She is a new slave. We are here to outfit her properly in all the leather gear she will ever need,” Michael informed him.

“Do you need help, or can you find everything on your own?” leather man asked of them.

Michael looked to Silk and told him, “I think we are all right on our own. I can always yell if I need something.”

With a dismissive nod, Leather man said, “Okay, just holler if you can’t find something.”

With that Michael led her into the store. Everywhere she looked, there were things that she had never seen before. Some caused her to blush and some just left her curious. Michael led her to a wall of leather collars and such stuff. Michael began to pick out collars that he thought would look good on her. He seemed to like the leather ones with gemstones on them. He handed her a black shiny one.

“Try this on,” he told her.

She did and he approved it. He handed her another one, this time red. As she tried this one on a clerk walked up and gave them a large black basket for their purchases. Michael indicated for him to set in on the floor. He then tossed the black collar into it. Next he approved the red one, a blue one, a white one and an emerald green one. He put all the ones he didn’t like back on their hooks and began to choose matching cuffs for her wrists and ankles. These he tossed in to the basket too and with them matching leashes. Silk wondered about the leashes. Would she be led around on them?

He was looking over some other collars when his cell phone rang, “Michael here,” he said to the phone.

“Hello little ones. I see you got my message. I was hoping you would call while I was still out shopping at Diamond’s.”

He listened for a minute or so and then said, “What I needed to know was do you two own your own things for play and if so what do you have and what do you lack?” He listened again and then whispered to Silk, “Go ask that guy at the counter for a pen and tablet of paper.”

She did as he asked and brought it back to him. Michael then began to jot down a list of things, all the while mumbling uhhuh, uhhuh into the phone.

“Well then little one, I shall pick up the things you don’t have and we’ll see each other tomorrow. I also wanted to mention that your lists were very through. Thank you for that and the promptness of delivery also,” he told the caller who Silk had already guess was one the slave girls from earlier then she corrected that thought, one of her slave sisters.

“What’s that,” he asked. “Yes, you may give each other pleasure tonight, but only tonight, no more after one in the morning.” He listened again and laughed, “Yes I can be a tough Dom to serve, but you’ll like it. See you tomorrow, slave,” he then hung up the phone and smiled to her, watching her reaction.

Knowing he expected her to live with this and wanting to be the perfect slave and please him, she tried to keep any jealousy from her expression when she asked, “Was that my slave sisters, Master?”

He watched her face for any signs of jealously and was please to see that she was either hiding it well or she had gotten over it. “Yes it was, I had emailed them that I need to ask them a question before tomorrow’s meeting and gave them my cell number. I was hoping they’d call while we were here too,” he told her.

“For what,” she asked him?

He smiled at her curiosity; “I needed to know what sort of tools they already owned so that if they were missing anything that I required, I would have it available. See Silk, each slave should have her own things due to cleanliness. I wouldn’t want you to catch anything for someone else’s toys so you will have your very own and they do also. I am maniac on cleanliness, as you will see. Come on now we have more to buy.”

She watched as he selected a light blue color with matching cuffs and a leash then dropped it in the basket and then he turned to her and asked, “What color do you think would look best on the redhead, little one?”

Silk thought on it and even though she hated to say it, she told him with defeated tone in her voice, “The emerald green, Master.”

He could tell that she really hated to share her favorite color with the other slave and was pleased that she was honest about it and he told as much, “And this upsets you because it is your favorite color right?”

Shocked that he had read her so well, she recovered, “Yes and no, Master.”

“Tell you what, you pick it out for your sister and it can be whatever you want, just make sure it matches her hair and coloring. I’ll be over there,” he pointed to another part of the store, “You come over when you’re done and help me finish the shopping. Remember you pick the color. I will not be mad if you choose another color,” and with that, he walked away leaving her to decide.

Silk looked over all the collars and found a emerald green one that was similar to the one Michael had picked for her except it didn’t have stones in it. She wanted to just get the royal blue one, but knew that it would be petty to act jealous over a color. She wanted to hate the other two, but she knew this was not the way to act and she really wanted to please Michael. Besides under a different situation, she would have probably become friends with the two girls. They actually reminded her of her two best friends back home, Candy and Mandy, the twins. They even dressed like them. With that in mind, she grabbed the matching cuffs and leash and went over to Michael. After showing them to him she dropped them in the basket.

He smiled at her choice. He then showed her a ball looking thing with a strap on it. It looked like a slingshot to Silk.

“What is it?” She asked him.

“This is a ball gag. Sometimes slaves need them when they can’t keep their mouths shut and sometimes I just like to see them on a slave. I like what’s called gag kissing also,” he told her.

She gave him a questioning look and he laughed and told her he would explain and show her later.

He then dropped three of them into the basket and proceeded down the aisle. He dropped in a few more items in the basket and then led Silk to another area of the store. This one had what looked like weapons and paddles hanging all over the walls. Silk was sure this stuff was for punishment. She hoped Michael would explain it all to her.

“Have a look around and see if anything catches your fancy,” he told her and shooed her off.

While she looked around, Michael picked up a new flogger and riding crop, and few paddles of various sizes and shapes and a switch. He then turned to watch her as she fingered a flogger made out of something other than leather. Michael wondered what it was. She seemed to really like it. He then noticed that she had a riding crop in her other hand. This made him smile; he knew she had horses so she would naturally be drawn to a crop.

He finally went over to join her and see what that flogger that held her interest so keenly was made of. He touched it and saw that it was leather but it was totally different than the ones he usually bought. This was soft like deer hide, almost velvety soft.

“Do you like it little one?” He asked in a low voice next to her ear.

“Yes Master,” she said almost dreamily.

“Then it’s yours and what of that red crop you have. Would you like it also?”

She looked down, having forgotten all about the crop in her hand. She was fantasizing about the feel of the flogger on her skin. She lifted the crop and looked at. “Um, sure Master, I guess so,” she flushed.

He laughed and hugged her to him. “You are priceless, Silk.”

She dropped the crop and flogger into the basket and noticed it was getting full. Surely they were almost done. She was starting to get hungry now so she looked at her watch to see what the time was and saw that it was fifteen minutes after nine. She then saw that Michael had gone over yet another section of the store so she followed him.

This section contained what looked like thousands of fake penises. This caused Silk to blush. She turned to find Michael staring at her.

“What?” She asked.

“You’re blushing. I take it this is a first for you?” He asked her with a laugh.

“Shut up,” she muttered and turned away pretending to look at the selection in front of her.

He came up behind her and grabbed a handful of her hair and tipped her head back. She met his eyes and saw that he was not amused. “Never, and I repeat, never tell me to shut up, slave.” Then he kissed her hard on the mouth and released her hair and walked away.

She stood there for a moment and thought over what had happened and knew she was in the wrong. She knew she should apologize too. She turned to him and saw he was placing things in the basket. Thinking that since he had grabbed her in the store that it was probably acceptable to do most anything else that didn’t involve sex, she dropped to the floor in what he told her he called down. Once there, she said, “I am very sorry for telling you to shut up, Master. Please forgive me, Master.”

The sight of her on the floor like that made him hard instantly. He barely heard her words even though she said them loud and clear. He shook himself, knowing this was not the place, “Apology accepted, slave. You may get up.” Quickly before I take you right there on the floor, he added mentally to himself.

She gained her feet again and lowered her eyes to the floor. She was truly sorry. She waited for him to speak.

“Okay you little vixen, what do you think of this,” he asked showing her a normal size penis.

She didn’t know what to really say, “Okay I guess, I don’t really know much about this sort of thing,” she told him.

He proceeded to explain each and everything that he was buying. He showed her a couple strap-on penises; a double headed one and few others of various sizes and lengths. Next he showed her a plug looking thing that he explained was a butt plug. Lastly he showed her a vibrator and told her this was what he would teach her to masturbate with. Of all these things he bought three of each and Silk now knew why. Finally he seemed done and she crossed her fingers that it was over.

“Are we finished now, Master?” She asked him.

“Why are you tired of shopping?”

“No, I’m hungry,” she supplied.

He looked at his watch and with surprise, noted the time. “Silk when you’re hungry just tell me. I don’t always eat regular so if you are hungry and want to eat just say so,” he told her tenderly.

“Okay, I’m sorry I didn’t speak up. Can we go get a bite and then finish shopping? I’m not tired, just starved,” she told him.

Michael carried his basket to the counter and Silk followed. While the guy rang up their stuff, she looked at the rack of movies in front of the counter. There were porn movies, but there were also ones that looked like they were about B&D. Michael noticed her interest and came up behind her again.

“Want to watch one?” he breathed in her ear.

Curiosity peaked, she hissed, “Yes,” back at him.

He reached around her and grabbed the one she was looking at and another a few down from it and set them on the counter to be rung up.

Seeing that each movie was over thirty dollars she remembered the cost of the last stores purchases and turned to see what this stop would cost Michael. Once again he pulled out his credit card, when all the stuff had been rung up, the total was over two thousand dollars. How could he spend like that she wondered. She would ask him once they were in the car.