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S&M Fantasy Cabin 1

2023-01-22 00:19:36

S&M Fantasy Cabin 1.

Pam Beaver is a beautiful petite woman in her early forties but could past for a much younger woman. She is a CEO of a large company with clients world wide and branch offices all across the USA and abroad. She had worked hard and with her brain and looks advanced to her position with the company.

She lost her husband of twenty plus years in a terrible car accident two years ago. She had not tried dating since her loss. She loved Joe with all her heart having a normal life with one son, Roy, now in his early twenties. He is a very intelligent young man and a computer expert. Roy loves his mother very much and has tried to help her any way he can since the loss of his father. Any time she became depressed thinking about Joe she could depend on Roy to help her through it.

Pam had only had her work and Roy since Joe's death. In the past few months she had been thinking about the good times she and Joe had while he was alive. They had a very active sex and social life and she misses it very much. Living in a large home alone gets very lonely at times. She has thought about dating but could not make herself go out other than an occasional dinner with a lady friend or Roy.

Pam had started checking dating sites a few months back. During one of those times researching dating sites online she came across some porn sites and found watching some of the trailers caused her to get aroused. One night while on line she found a porn site that was all about BD/SM and viewed several trailers of submissive women being used and abused. The more she watched the wetter she got and was playing with her pussy unconsciously. Watching a woman bound with rope while being flogged she realized that she had soaked her panties with pussy juice and was feeling an orgasm building in her body while she rapidly rubbed her clit. She then realized she had her hand insider her panties masturbating.

She jerked her hand from her snatch, logged off the computer and went to bed. Unable to sleep she fantasized about being the woman bound, flogged and fucked. Her hand slipped insider her panties touching her clit sending a wave of arousal through her body. A feeling she had not had since Joe's death. Pam masturbated faster feeling the heat of an orgasm racing through her body to her cunt. She put more pressure on her clit with her thumb as she pushed to fingers in her hot wet pussy. A few deep strokes in her cunt and her thumb working on her clit forced a hard orgasm. Her body shaking and cunt humping her fingers she had the best and only orgasm she has had in over two years.

Pam lay back flat on the bed recovering from her orgasm thinking about Joe and the couple of times he had convinced her to let him tie her hands and blindfold her while he made love to her. She remembered how being tied and blindfolded had actually excited her even though at the time she would not admit it. She lay awake thinking about being tied, abused and used. She started fantasizing about a stranger taking her and making her his sex toy.

She felt her body getting aroused from the thoughts of the stranger binding her, flogging and fucking her in all her holes. This fantasy surprised her since there had been rare occasions that she gave Joe a blow job and she never agreed to be butt fucked. She had an idea that might help her feelings without really doing the things she was thinking about.

She went to her computer and set up a file she labeled “My Diary” She started typing her thoughts (fantasy). While she thought about the BD/SM fantasy the log cabin she and Joe owned in the mountains became the location of her fantasy. She thought it was the perfect place for it.

The log cabin was large with a basement, ceiling beams, support post in the front room, sturdy hard wood furniture, and an over sized four poster bed in all three bedrooms. Thinking about the cabin and rustic furniture her imagination ran rampant with all the possibilities of bondage and whippings. These thoughts made her pussy start to get moist and she felt the heat in her stomach and cunt. Before she realized it she had typed her fantasy of a whole weekend at the cabin at the mercy of a sadistic stranger abusing, using and fucking her.

Each night for the next week she would browse her favorite BD/SM site getting new ideas of how to be used and punished. After each time she typed out a new fantasy in her diary she went to bed and masturbated to a satisfying orgasm and fall asleep. The more fantasies she typed into the diary the more intense they became. She fantasized about floggers, canes, whips, zappers, electricity, dildos, vibrators, gags, blindfolds, nipple clamps, vaginal clamps, verbal abuse, slapping, spankings, paddles, ropes, and chains being used on her by her fantasy stranger at the cabin.

She had seen a site showing how to do self bondage. After viewing the site several times she decided to try self bondage hoping to get more sexual satisfaction. Pam made a list of items from the site needed for self bondage and went shopping locally for some of the more common items. The rest she ordered on line.

Roy as usual visited his mother two or three times a week to make sure she was alright. He mentioned that she should get out more and make new friends maybe even start dating. She always agreed with him and let it slide. On one occasion she had ask him to have dinner with her at her home as she wanted to make a nice meal for the two of them since that was the closest thing to a family dinner she could have.

While Pam was busy in the kitchen Roy went upstairs to his old bedroom to check it out. On his way back to the kitchen he noticed through Pam's open bedroom door that her computer was on. Walking to the computer curious as to what work project she was working on. Roy's jaw dropped when he saw her latest fantasy posted the night before in her diary. He could not pull his eyes from the writing. After completely reading the whole fantasy. He realized he had a raging hard on. His face flushed red with embarrassment realizing that he had become so aroused reading a fantasy about his mother being abused, used and fucked at their mountain cabin. He scrolled the screen back to its original spot and went to his old room. He could not get his erection to go down so he masturbated in his bath room before joining his mother in the kitchen.

They made small talk as she finish preparing dinner. As he sat at the kitchen table talking to her his thoughts kept going back to her fantasy. For the first time in his life he noticed how sexy a woman she was. She stood a petite 5'4'', weighed 115lbs, beautiful brown hair that reached below her shoulder blades, 34 -C breast, 24in waist, 34 in hips. She was wearing a house dress that covered her body but revealed her curves. He wondered what she wore under the dress. As she turned toward him his eyes went to her breast revealing she wore no bra and her nipples pressed against the front of her dress. He looked into her beautiful blue eyes and smiled at her. He helped her set the table for dinner and they enjoyed an evening together. Roy kissed Pam on the cheek and left.

His thoughts the the next few days was bout what he had discovered about his mother. He wondered if she and his dad had done any of the things he read on her computer. A couple of days later he called his mom and ask if she would like to go out for dinner the following weekend. Pam told him she had plans to take the weekend to spend some time at the mountain cabin.

She had decided to take her self bondage equipment to the cabin for privacy and a less chance of getting caught rather than trying to practice at home. Pam decided to drive the two hour drive to the cabin on Friday night after work and spend the weekend experimenting with self bondage and gratification. As she drove to the cabin she fantasized about her fantasy stranger taking her and using her for his sex toy for the weekend. Her pussy got wet and her breathing became erratic the more she thought about it. Her excitement increased as she though about different ways she could restrain herself with the bondage equipment she had with her.

Pam arrived at the secluded cabin grabbing her toy bag from the back seat of her Mercedes she walked into the dark cabin. As she reached for the light switch a strong arm wrapped around her arms and body pinning her arms to her sides and a hand clamped over her mouth before she could scream. She tried to fight the intruder but he was too strong for her. He carried her into the living room slamming her onto the rug covering the area in front of the couch. She screamed at the intruder telling him to let her go and get out of her house. A hard slap to the back of her head stunned her shutting her up.

Pam felt a slight pain in her shoulders and arms as the intruder forced her arms behind her back. He used rope to tie her wrist together before tying her arms together with rope just above her elbows pulling her arms back putting a strain on her shoulders. She screamed telling the intruder he was hurting her. This made him smile to himself and his cock started to get hard. Pam squealed as he pulled her head off the floor by her hair. When she opened her mouth to yell at her intruder he pushed a large ball gag in behind her front teeth effectively silencing her. He buckled the gag strap behind her head.

She felt the rope being wrapped around her ankles and cinched down forcing her feet together. Once he had her tied up and gagged the intruder tied a black scarf around her head over her eyes shutting off her sight. She had not got a good look at the intruder during the struggle but she could tell he was six foot or taller, broad shoulders, small waist and muscular fit. Everything got quiet and she tried to hear any movement around her but heard nothing.

The intruder sat quietly on the couch admiring his captive thinking about all the things he was going to do to her. His cock was throbbing it was so hard it was almost painful. He had thought for years about abducting a beautiful woman and raping her. He smiled thinking that it is finally happening for real. He did not want to kill the woman so he would make sure she would not see him at anytime.

Pam struggled against her bindings with hope of getting loose. Unfortunately the intruder was very good at tying her up. She could get no slack in any of the ropes. She lay on her stomach and thoughts of her fantasies came to her. She had fantasized about being grabbed and tied exactly as she was now. She felt her pussy getting wet and thought how could she actually get aroused from a total stranger doing this to her. Fantasizing about it is one thing but actually having it done to her was totally different. She then began to tremble thinking about what he might do to her and if he would kill her when he was done with her.

Pam heard some movement as the intruder rose from the couch got her bag from the front entrance where she had dropped it when he grabbed her. She heard the bag open on the couch next to her and a slight moan when he saw what was in the bag. He was happy to find everything he needed to have a lot of fun torturing this beautiful captive. She apparently had some plans to have some kinky fun at the cabin. Then he became a little worried about maybe someone was meeting her for a kinky weekend. He decided he would deal with that if anyone did show up. Until then he was going to have the fun he had planned.

Curious about what her reactions were he knelt beside her bound body and slowly placed his hand insider her leg above the knee. Pam felt his hand on her leg and tensed up while trying to move away from his touch. His hand moved slowly up the inside of her thigh getting ever closer to her panty covered pussy. His hand pressed on the crotch of her panties making her scream into the ball gag. He was delighted to feel the wet pussy soaked crotch.

Pam tried to remain still and quiet as his hand rubbed up and down her panty covered pussy but as the heat increased in her pussy from the attention of his hand she could not keep from moaning into the ball gag. She involuntarily pushed her pussy into his fingers. The intruder was pleased with her reaction and slipped a finger past the leg of her panties finding the hole to her love canal. He pushed two fingers into her pussy making her moan with the pleasure of his fingers working back and forth in he cunt.

Pam start pushing back onto his fingers bringing herself to an orgasm. Feeling this he suddenly pulled his fingers out. Pam moaned with disappointment as she was denied an orgasm. She felt the bottom hem of her dress lifted as he put a knife to the hem and cut her dress up the back to the top of her ass. He then ripped the dress apart from there to the top. Using the knife he cut the sleeves up over her shoulders. She felt the dress being pulled away and from under her body leaving her with nothing on but her panties, socks and tennis shoes. She pleaded the best she could with the gag in her mouth for him not to rape her as he cut her panties off her body leaving her naked.

Her erect hard nipples pressed into the rug since she had not worn a bra. The intruder could not wait any longer. He stood with a foot on either side of her hips and gripping her waist he pulled her ass up so that she was on her knees, head and tits pressed to the floor. She heard him step back and his zipper open as he removed his close leaving the ski mask on. His cock jumped sticking up and out when he dropped his jockey shorts. There was already drops of pre-cum on the head of his cock. Rubbing the cum on his shaft and stroking it a few times he knelt behind his victim and pushed the head of his cock between the outer lips of her cunt.

She lunged forward trying to evade the invasion of his cock in her pussy. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back onto his cock and rammed eight inches of hard meat deep into her pussy with one hard push. Pam felt his cock deep inside her cunt and his balls pressing against her clit. She screamed into the ball gag when he shoved his cock unceremoniously deep inside her hot wet cunt. Her screams turned to moans of pleasure as he held his cock deep in her and worked it in a circular motion rubbing his balls over her clit.

Once he heard her moans and felt her pussy gripping his cock as she pushed back on him trying to get him deeper inside her he started fucking her hard, fast and deep. His balls slammed against her clit every time his cock bottomed out in her cunt. She felt the heat of an enormous orgasm rushing through her body as his cock started to get bigger and twitching against the walls of her pussy as his orgasm started surging to the top. Pam screamed and shook with a body wracking orgasm when he released his hot creamy cum in her pussy depths. He pounded her pussy until his cock drained all cum from it and started to soften.

Pam was breathing hard, moaning and trembling as he pulled his semi hard cock from her hot sloppy pussy. She lay still with her head on the floor and ass up trying to recover from the most intense orgasm of her life. He let her regain some composure then grabbed a hand full of her beautiful long brown hair and pull her back up onto her knees. Pam screamed into the gag from the pain of the hair pulling on her head.

He held her up right on her knees as he looped a double rope around her arms and body under her tits then back around over her tits. Tying the rope in the back he took the loose ends pulling them over her shoulders each side of her neck. He circled the rope running under and over her tits with the loose ends cinching the horizontal ropes together between her tits binding her tits in tight rope causing them to bulge and stand out with her hard nipples pointing out and up. The rope restriction on her tits made them sensitive and a little painful. To her surprise she felt her pussy beginning to leak more juices down her legs.

She was puzzled and nervous when she heard him step away from her. She heard him in her toy bag wondering what he would use on her next. Then she heard the clank of small chain causing her to suck in a deep breath realizing that it must be the chain connecting the clover leaf nipple clamps. She had ordered them on line but had not tried to use them. She has never had any type of clamp on her nipples or any where else for that matter. She became very scared thinking of the pain in her tits if he used the clamps on her.

Suddenly she screamed what would have been an ear piercing scream not for the ball gag when pain shot through her left tit from a hard open handed slap directly on her nipple. She kept trying to scream as the slaps to her tits came one after the other. Finally the intruder stopped slapping her tits and admired the swollen mounds with red hand prints covering them. Her tits stood out like they were begging for attention. Pam went from screaming to to crying from the pain in her tits.

The intruder knelt in front of her tenderly caressing her tits giving her some relief from the pain. Her nipples stood erect as he rolled them between his thumb and fore finger. She began to moan with the pleasure he forced on her nipples as he licked and nibbled on one nipple while he pinched and rolled the other with his fingers alternating licking and nibbling one then then the other. She could feel the pleasure moving from her nipples to her clit building arousal in her body.

Feeling the change the intruder moved one hand down to her snatch and rubbed his fingers up and down her wet pussy slit then pinching, and flipping her clit back and forth sending a multitude of pleasure from her tits through her body ending in her pussy. Without warning an explosive orgasm hit her making her body convulse and her pussy push hard onto his hand. He shoved two fingers deep in her cunt finger fucking her hitting her G-spot caused her to erupt with a continued orgasm. Her pussy opened up like a fire hose squirting pussy juice two feet out onto the rug. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she almost passed out.

He pulled away from her to give her a chance to recover. She was beginning to recover and her eyes opened behind the blindfold, her breathing was still erratic and her body still trembling from the orgasm. He opened both nipple clamps and positioned them over her nipples and released both at the same time. Pam screamed into the ball gag, she arched her back and another stream of pussy cum shot from her cunt. She fell back onto her ankles moaning as her body convulsed like she was having a seizure. He watched as her body trembled and her pussy closed and opened with a continued orgasm.

He gripped her shoulders pulling her up off her ankles he lay her on her stomach untied her arms and wrist before taking the rope off her tits. She lay limp on the floor with the nipple clamps biting into her nipples but she was so exhausted she could not move. He picked her up dropping her across the couch with her head against the back cushion and her hips resting on the front edge. He untied her ankles tying a longer rope to each ankle he pulled her right leg up and back tying it to the corner post of the ranch style couch. He then tied her left to the opposite end of the couch forcing her legs up and wide open.

The intruder tied her wrist to her ankles and her elbows to the calf of each leg. He stepped in front of her admiring his work. Pam lay on her back, blindfolded, gagged, nipple clamped arms tied to her legs, legs tied to the ends of the couch leaving her spread open giving him access to all her intimate parts. He was happy to see her pussy lips trying to open and close like a blooming flower. Pam had now regained her senses and lay still wondering what he was going to do next. She screamed with renewed pain in her nipples when he pulled on the chain connecting the clamps stretching her nipples. She thought he was going to rip her nipples from her tits before he released the chain. Tears ran under her blindfold down the side of her face. The pain became tolerable in her nipples and she lay still moaning. Suddenly she felt relief of the pressure on her nipples when he removed the clamps. The relief was short lived as the blood rushed back into her nipples setting them on fire. She screamed and shook her tits from side to side trying to relieve the burning in her nipples. The pain finally eased up and she lay gasping for air as she wondered what this sadistic bastard would do to her next.

She did not have long to wait when she felt something press against her pussy lips. She expect some sort of pain but it did not come. She felt the head of a dildo rubbing up and down her pussy slit before sliding into her wet pussy inch by inch it got deeper stretching her cunt open. She felt some pain as her cunt was stretched and filled fuller than it had ever been. The intruder slowly pushed the rubber dildo ten inches deep in her cunt and held it there until she adjusted to the size. She felt her pussy gripping the dildo and moisture oozing from her cunt. He then started to fuck her cunt with the dildo slowly to begin with. When he felt her pushing against the rod in her cunt trying to get in rhythm of the fake cock fucking her tight hot little hole he increased the speed of the strokes in and out of her cunt.

Pam did not think she could take another orgasm like the ones she had before as she felt the pleasure in her body from the forced fucking building to another orgasm. Even though the pleasure was good she did not feel like it would be as intense as the ones that made her squirt for the first time in her life. She started to moan louder and push against the fake cock pushing herself to another orgasm. Just as she was about to orgasm the intruder pressed a vibrator directly on her clit. He pushed it hard on her clit setting it on high speed. The shock to her system as she was just moving over the edge of an orgasm sent Pam into a screaming squirting orgasm that hung on until she passed out.

When Pam came to she was free of her bindings but had a rope around her waist and one tied to the front running between her legs and tied in the back. She felt a fullness in her pussy and ass and realized he must have found the butt plug she ordered in her toy bag. She was so weak she could not stand without her legs giving way. . He helped her stand after tying her wrist in front of her. When she regained some strength in her legs he forced her to walk to the center of the room where he had pitched a rope over the ceiling beam. Still blindfolded she knew she had no choice but to go where he led her. He stopped her and tied her wrist to the rope over the beam. Pulling on the lose end he stretched her arms over her head forcing her to her tip toes. He tied the rope to a support post holding her stretched up in the center of the room.

She tried to plead for him not to hurt her when she felt the spreader bar being attached to her ankles spreading her legs open. She felt the dildo in her pussy and the plug in her ass as she spread open. The crotch rope held the pair in her ass and pussy. She was still trying to plead with him when she felt his hand touch the lips of her pussy and the vibration begin inside her as he switched on the vibrating dildo. She sucked in a gulps of air at the sudden shock of the vibration in her sensitive cunt. She gasp and moaned again when the plug in her ass started to vibrate. The two vibrating toys were arousing her pleasure toward another orgasm as she hung from the ceiling beam by her wrist.

As she squirmed on the end of the over head rope with the vibrators working on her pussy and ass the intruder moved to her toy bag and picked out a flogger to use on her helpless petite body. He smiled to himself as he thought about how he was alternating pain and pleasure on her. He knew he must be driving her insane with pain, pleasure, and fear.

If she had time to think about it. He was doing exactly what she had written on her computer in her fantasies. Her deepest darkest sexual fantasies were coming true with this unknown intruder or stranger. She jumped back and screamed at the top of her lungs behind the ball gag when she felt the lash of the flogger land across both her tits. Her tits were on fire with the pain from the flogger when a second lash landed across her ass cheeks making her jump forward and scream again.

Her screams and the back and forth jerking as he hit her with the flogger made his cock very hard and brought an evil smile to his lips. It pleased him so much he started to swing the flogger from his right across the front of her body and bringing it back from his left across the back of her body. She was jerking back and forth, screaming, crying and begging him to stop hurting her as he lashed her with the flogger for about ten minutes. He finally stopped and her body hung limp from the over head rope with red ugly stripes from the flogger from her knees to her shoulders front and back. Flogging her had aroused him so much he thought he was going to cum just from that alone.

He looked down between her feet as she hung there moaning. He gasp as he realized there was a puddle of female cum on the floor under her. She had actually orgasm squirting on the floor leaving her cum dripping from her pussy down the insides of her thighs. Her body and pussy still trembled from the orgasm. Then he remembered the vibrators in her pussy and ass. Reaching between her legs he turned them off. He removed the crotch rope and pulled the butt plug from her ass making her moan as if disappointed. When he pulled the dildo from her cunt she squirted more female cum from her pussy. All these unexpected events had him so excited and hard he had to have some relief.

The intruder moved behind Pam gripping her hips he pulled her up and back into his raging hard on. He felt the head of his cock split the outer lips of her cunt and slide to the entrance to her love canal and rammed his eight inch rock hard cock balls deep in her pussy. Pam squealed with the sudden intrusion and her pussy clamped down on his hard cock making it feel like she was going to pinch it in two. He started fucking her hole with all the vigor of a dog fucking a bitch. Pam pushed against his cock in rhythm with his thrust getting a shock of pure pleasure every time he thrust deep making his balls slam into her very sensitive clit.

Less than a minute of hard fucking Pam screamed and her feet came off the floor as she felt the tidal wave of orgasm hit her full force in her cunt. Her pussy squirted cum onto his cock, balls and legs as it went down the inside of both her thighs. That was all it took for him to ram deep and hard holding deep inside her jerking body as her cunt milked his cock as he spurted shot after shot of cum filling her cunt with his baby making cream. He held his cock in her pussy until it went limp and slid from her hole releasing more cum down her legs. He went to his knees behind her and started licking her cunt clean. She moaned into her gag every time his tongue slid from her ass to her clit which was so tender it felt like electric shocks shooting through her pussy when he touched her clit causing more of her juices to run into his mouth.

Pam was still moaning and jerking when he stopped licking her cunt and removed her gag. She, started as soon as she got some feeling back in her her jaws, asking him. Who are you? Why are you doing this? What are you going to do with me? He said nothing but slapped her hard across the face leaving a red hand print on her cheek. She got the message and stopped asking questions. He removed the spreader bar from between her ankles and tied her legs together at the knees and ankles. Releasing her wrist from the over head rope he draped her naked body over his left shoulder. As he carried her up the stairs toward the bed room he pushed his middle finger into her tight little ass hole making her squeal and clamp down on his finger. As he walked causing her body to rock on his finger she began to moan with pleasure of the finger in her ass. He carried her into the master bathroom sat her on the pot and untied her ankles and legs. She reached for the blindfold but he tugged on the loose end of her wrist rope pulling her hands away from her face and slapped her again. Again she got the message not to attempt to remove the blindfold.

Pam assumed he either would not or could not speak since he had not said a word since he grabbed her tied her up, spanked her, fucked her twice, flogged her, clamped her nipples and licked her pussy. He how ever had a very effective way of communicating. A slap across the cheek is not easily forgotten. She finally released her bladder and was reaching around for wiping paper when he pushed her legs apart and wiped her cunt with paper. He pulled her to her feet, moved her to the large poster bed, picked her up like a rag doll and dropped her on her back in the center of the bed. She tried to move and got a hard slap square on her right tit. She scream and froze in place waiting for his next move.

After a few minutes he had securely tied her wrist and ankles to the bed post at the top and bottom of the bed forcing her to lay spread eagle on her back. She felt a chill as the cool night air brushed across her body and wet pussy. The intruder pulled the comforter over her naked body and left the room turning the light off. Pam lay still listening for any movement for what seemed a long time then fell asleep.

Pam felt movement on the bed and woke up. The cover had been pulled off her body and the intruder was pressing his cock at the entrance to her pussy. She felt the lube on his cock and the lips of her cunt. His cock rammed all the way into her pussy making her grunt loudly. She lay still as long as she could but his cock thrusting in and out of her pussy finally started to arouse her. She felt her pussy gripping his cock that felt so good inside her every time it pull back out and relaxed on the down stroke. She started to grunt with each stroke and thrusting her pelvic onto his cock to meet his down strokes.

In a short time she was feeling an orgasm rising in her pussy, her nipples got hard and tingled with the great feeling of his huge cock filling her pussy canal. She was nearing the peak of her orgasm when he put his mouth on her left nipple and bit down holding it between his teeth as he flick it up and down with his tongue. The feeling in her tit sent her over the edge. She pushed hard onto his hard cock and released a massive orgasm making her cum push out by his cock. The sudden thrust of her pelvic into his put him over the top causing him to ram hard to get his cock as deep as possible in her hot juicy cunt and released shot after shot of hot cum into her love canal. When his cock slipped from her gripping pussy loads of his cum mixed with hers gushed out of her cunt down her ass crack onto the bed. The room smelled strongly of sex and he moved down between her legs to lick her pussy clean of their mixed cum.

Pam felt more arousal before she completely recovered from her orgasm as his tongue slurped up the mixed cum from her hot cunt. He kept licking inside her pussy and sliding up her slit to her clit sending shock waves of pleasure through her body. She raised her hips up pushing her cunt into his face as she screamed and gushed orgasmic cum covering his face. He lapped at the stream of cum with his tongue and swallowed all he could.

He sat back on his heels as she trembled and gasp for air trying to recover from her second big orgasm of the morning. He stroked his semi hard cock until she calmed down a bit. She felt his weight move up the bed beside then his leg brushed her tits as he straddled her chest and pushed his semi hard cock to her lips. She clamped her mouth shut and turned her head to the side. He calmly gripped her hair and turned her head back to his cock. Still she refused to open her mouth to take his cock in.

The intruder said nothing but moved from the bed. Pam heard him move around the room for a moment then everything went silent. She lay spread eagle on the bed with her eyes blindfolded. Suddenly her body flopped on the bed like a fish out water from the pain in both her perky nipples from the sudden lash of a cane across both tits at the same time. She screamed so loud she could have been heard for miles around. He watch her as she shook her tits from side to side trying to ease the pain in her nipples. Watching her shake her beautiful tits thrilled him making his cock start to come to life again.

When she started to settle down he struck her with the can across her ribs under her tits. He got the same results as the first lash of the cane. He did not wait as long to land the third blow across her stomach. Between screams and crying she pleaded with him to stop hurting her. She still had not said what he wanted to hear. The next lash of the can landed four inches above her pussy mound across her lower abdomen. That one hurt so bad it took her breath and she could not scream immediately. She increased her pleas for him to stop hitting her with that wicked cane. Still she had not submit to sucking his cock.

She felt the can rub lightly across her clit between her pussy lips. Pam started begging him not to hit her there with the cane telling him she would suck his cock. She sighed a relief as the cane moved away from her clit. Just as she relaxed a bit the cane came down hard on her clit making her buck and pull on the ropes holding her arms and legs wide apart. Pain shot through her whole body and the ropes hurt her wrist and ankles. Her scream lasted for over a minute followed by uncontrollable crying. The intruder stood patiently waiting for her to calm down.

The pain in her clit finally eased up and she started to breath easier. She felt the cane lay across her pussy again and started crying, shaking, and pleading for him to let her suck his delicious cock adding please Master don't hurt me more. She heard the cane drop to the floor and relaxed. She opened her mouth as wide a possible as soon as she felt his weight press onto the bed. She moaned with pain as his leg brushed across her sore nipples straddling her chest. His eight inch cock was at full mast when he pressed it into her open mouth. He did not go easy on her as he gripped her hair forcing her mouth down on his hard cock. She tasted the pre cum as it touched her tongue thinking it was not bad.

She wrapped her lips around his hard shaft as he forced it deeper into her mouth. She gagged as his cock head contacted her throat entrance. He pull back as she gasp for air then started to use her tongue on his cock. It felt great to him but he was going to make her take all of it. He pulled her hair toward as he pushed his cock deeper in her throat. She remembered reading on line about relaxing the throat muscles and try to swallow a cock trying to go down the throat. She tried it and to her surprise and delight it worked. She was able to take his cock all the way until her nose pressed into his pelvic at the base of his huge cock. She thought she was pleased that he shaved his pubic hair.

The feeling of her throat squeezing his cock head as she work to swallow it into her throat sent shock waves to his balls and he could not hold back. His cock pulsed and she could feel the cum travel up his shaft as it shot through the slit in his cock directly down her throat to her stomach. She gagged and struggled for air alerting him that she needed to breath. He looked down and her face was turning blue and her eyes bulging when he quickly pull out her mouth. Cum shot onto her face as she gasp for air. She sucked hard for air as she coughed spitting up some of his cum. He moved back from her face resting his semi hard cock between her tits leaking some cum on them.

She felt him move off the bed and leave the room leaving her on the bed with cum on her face and tits and pain all over her body from the caning. She thought he had left the room and lay still on the bed still tied spread eagle and blindfolded. As she lay on the bed she thought about the porn sites and her fantasies. This is what she fantasized about after watching the trailers and had written down almost to the letter. Fantasizing about it is a lot different from living it. As she thought about the last few hours or days since he took her she realized that there was not a lot of what he had done to her that did not excite her. She had even squirted from the pain as he flogged her. Is she a pain slut? How could she get aroused from so much pain because the flogging hurt very bad for a while then it turned to pleasure.

Pam shook her head to clear those thoughts from her mind. Then she realized that she almost had an orgasm as he caned her and almost squirted when he struck her clit with the cane. She focused on her pussy and could tell she was dripping fluid at that time. Then she started to think about what he had planned for her next. The longer she lay there thinking about what had happened to this point the more she realized that he had given her pleasure then pain followed by more pleasure. That is what he is doing. Mixing pleasure and pain. All she had to do now is convince him that she would not report him to the police so he would not kill her.