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My Boyfriend likes to expose me. Part 12

2023-01-21 01:33:57

My Boyfriend likes to expose me

or perhaps it should be called

The exhibitionist in denial

by Vanessa Evans

Part 12 – More embarrassment


Ryan goes on another Training Course


Ryan had to go on another week long training course, and the bad news was that I couldn’t go with him. The other annoying thing (from my point of view) was that it was in southern France.

Ryan wasn’t happy and offered to let me go to the seaside for a few days. He said that we could afford for me to stay in a small hotel and that it would be a good opportunity for me to get out and get some good, fresh sea air, and some exercise.

I didn’t fancy a hotel and asked him if I could go to his uncle’s mobile home. A quick phone call and it was all fixed up.

We had 2 weeks to organise everything. The weather was still reasonable and we decided that I wouldn’t need many clothes with me. After all, I wasn’t planning on going to the pub or anywhere nice; I planned to spend the time reading, eating, exercising and sleeping.

Ryan downloaded lots of erotic stories for me to read and put them onto our kindle.

I was feeling quite sad as I got up on the Friday that I was to leave. After a last fuck and a shower I put a skirt and top on. Ryan stopped me and suggested that I put on all my piercing jewellery so that it might take my mind off us being apart.

I’d already packed my small bag and Ryan zipped it up after I’d put the jewellery on.

A final kiss and a fingering from Ryan, and I set off for the bus, train then bus journey.

On the train journey I was sat opposite a man slightly older than me. He kept staring at me so I looked down my front and saw that my nipple jewellery was trying to poke through my thin top. I hadn’t crossed my legs and there was a good chance that he might have been able to see my pubic bone or even my pussy. I was still in a sad mood so I just ignored him.

Day 1


As soon as I got to the holiday park I went to reception and got the key, then to the little shop for some essential supplies.

In the mobile home I stripped naked, made a coffee and went and sat outside the back to relax. I saw that the little fence between the mobile home and the path to the beach had been blown down. It was a small fence anyway and wouldn’t have stopped anyone on the path (if they looked) from seeing me, but I didn’t care.

I dozed off and woke a few minutes later in a better mood and decided to start my exercising. I took off my jewellery and put on my tennis skirt, a tank top and trainers, and set off along the beach. I must have run for about 30 minutes before turning to run back. None of the people on the beach took any notice (that I saw) of me as I ran passed them.

I decided to take a different path onto the mobile home, and continued running round the mobile homes back to mine.

I ran along close to the front of one mobile home and as I turned the corner I suddenly collided with two people. We all went down with me on top of a young woman. I opened my eyes and saw a girl about 18 years old; and she was mad.

“Get off me you stupid girl.” The voice was deep and sounded very threatening.

I pushed myself up and got onto my feet. I was stood between the legs of the girl and I could see her red knickers. They were very brief with side ties.

She got up and turned to a young man who was sat on the floor with his back to the van.

“Get up Tony,” she demanded. Then she turned back to me,

“Where’s your mother and father girl? You need to be taught some manners and to be more careful.”

“About 60 miles that way.” I said pointing inland.

“Don’t get clever with me you little shit…. So who are you here with?”

“I’m on my own.” I replied.

“In that case I’d better teach you a thing or two.”

The girl was tall and strong. She grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the door of the van.

“Come on Tony, the shop can wait.” She said as she pulled me into the van.

Once inside she pushed me against the table and told me to bend over it.

“Why?” I asked, “Who do you think you are anyway. It was an accident, no one is to blame; besides, you have no right to punish me; I’m leaving.”

“I’m Jenny, and you need to be taught a lesson. You WILL do what I say.”

She pulled me back and pushed me over the table.

“Hold her arms Tony.”

Tony went round the table and held my wrists. I was stuck.

I felt an almighty whack on my butt.

“Ooowwww!” that hurt.


“Bloody hell, a slut as well as a shit. Tony, look, she hasn’t got any knickers on. Where’s you knickers girl?”

“I haven’t got any.”

“What do you mean haven’t got any? Where are they?”

“I don’t own any.”

“You are a slut then. In that case you’d better take the rest of your clothes off. If you don’t we’ll rip them off you.”

I looked at Jenny, then Tony. They were both a lot taller than me and I wouldn’t have been able to fight them.

I started stripping. When I was done Jenny said,

“Right slut, get back over that table.”

Reluctantly I bent over the table.

“Open those legs slut.”

I did; and soon felt my butt hurt again. Jenny’s spanking went on and on and on. My butt was hurting and I was screaming and crying, but Jenny’s assault continued. My butt hurt like hell and I was sobbing loudly.

Jenny stopped her assault on my butt.

“Right slut, are you sorry for barging into us?”

I nodded.

“Say it slut.”

“I’m sorry.”

Sorry for what slut.”

“Okay, I’m sorry that I barged in to you.”

“I can’t hear you slut.”


“Well, that’s a start. Tony, you come and take over from me, my hand’s starting to hurt.”

Tony started on my butt. His hand hurt even more than Jenny’s did.

Oh the pain; it was horrible.

After a couple of minutes I realised that I wasn’t complaining about the pain any more. I was still crying but my butt had gone numb. After a few more slaps my pussy started getting wet and warm.

“Why was that?” I thought. “I couldn’t be enjoying it.”

But I was; I felt an orgasm building. I tried to fight it, but I didn’t stand a chance. All of a sudden it hit me. The spasms jerked my body all over the place. Tony stopped spanking me and just stood there.

“Is she….. ?” Tony asked.

“Yes, I think she is.” Jenny replied.

“She looks too young to have orgasms.” Tony said.

“Well the slut is having one now.” Jenny said.

As the waves receded and the spasms stopped, Jenny pulled me to my feet.

“Well slut, that was a surprise, I didn’t think that you had it in you. We’ll have to try that again to see if it was a one-off or if we can repeat it. In the mean time we have to get to that shop, there a couple of things that I have to get before we leave in the morning; and you’re coming with us. I don’t want you sneaking off.”

With that Jenny picked up her purse and told Tony to grab my arm. I reached for my clothes but Jenny told Tony to stop me and he pulled me outside without a stitch on.

“Please, please don’t do this to me. You’ve punished me enough already, please let me go. Please!” I pleaded.

“Girl, if you don’t stop winging I’ll give you round 2 out here. And don’t go trying to run off. I bet that Tony can run faster than you can.”

What could I do? With my head hanging down I followed them through the site to the little shop. We only saw one couple, and they ignored us.

“I’ll wait here.” I said as we got close to the shop, hoping that I’d get the chance to run away.

I didn’t get the chance; Tony pulled me right into the shop. I just stood there with my head hanging and my hands covering my pussy.

“What have we here? The shopkeeper asked Jenny.

“She’s been a naught girl and she’s being punished. Girl, come over here and show the nice man your butt.”

I walked over and Jenny told me to turn my back to the man.

“Wow, it’s good to see some old-fashioned corporal punishment. The world would be a better place if more of that was doled out.”

“Bend over slut and let the man get a proper look.” Jenny said.

I did, and hoped that the man couldn’t see my pussy.

“She’s been told that she has to stay naked for a week so that everyone can see her red butt. I hope that you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, and I can’t see the owners having a problem with it. We tend to agree with what’s wrong with the world today.” The shopkeeper said.

“All week! It’s a good job that I’m only staying here for a few days. I’ve got to escape from these 2 morons.” I thought; “Anyway, I thought that these 2 shit-heads said that they were going home tomorrow.”

Jenny bought a couple of things and we headed back, Tony holding my arm all the way.

“Right slut,” Jenny said, “get over that table again; I want to see if your last performance was a one-off or not.”

“No please, you’ve done enough, I won’t barge into you again, I promise.” I pleaded; but it was to no avail as Jenny pointed to the table.

I reluctantly bent over the table again and my butt got tortured again. With my butt already being red and painful, it didn’t take long before first, I was balling my head off; and secondly, I got wet and felt another orgasm building.

I didn’t want to cum again; not with them forcing me; but they were determined to humiliate me some more.

The orgasm waves started and I started shaking. My muscles were jerking and I was moaning and screaming with pleasure. I think that Tony was still spanking me, but I wasn’t sure.

Eventually the waves receded and I looked round to Jenny. She had a big grin on her face.

“So it wasn’t a fluke slut. I guess that you’re starting young. Don’t think that you are done here. I’ve got other things for you to do. Get down on the floor, flat on your back.”

The floor was cold on my hot and sore butt but I did as she said, keeping my legs together and covering my nipples with one arm.

What happened next both amazed and scared me; Jenny started taking her clothes off. Her lower half looked good, slim legs and flat stomach; but as her top came off I nearly laughed at her rather large, ugly bra. And when it came off I really did appreciate the fact that I have no tits. They were like 2 floppy footballs. How she manages to walk around with them amazes me.

Anyway, Jenny knelt down with her knees over my shoulders. The scary bit came next; she lowered her pussy onto my face.

“Eat it slut; and you better be good.”

What choice did I have? As her hairy pussy came into contact with my mouth I automatically opened my mouth and closed my teeth round her clit. I decided that the sooner I got it over with the better. I decided that since she’d been rough with me then I was going to be rough with her. I chewed hard and almost bit her clit off. She was loving it and she soon started cumming. It was quite a small orgasm – by my standards; she didn’t seem to be letting herself go.

All the time Tony was just watching, but as soon as she could she told him to play with my pussy, but warned him not to fuck me.

“You don’t want to end up in jail,” she said.

As soon as I felt Tony’s hand touch my pussy I opened my legs.

“Why did I do that?” I thought. “Why did I make it easy for him?” There was no way that I was going to cum with him touching me.

I was right. Despite his probing and squeezing he was hopeless. I nearly smiled when I realised that if that was the best he could do then poor Jenny.

Why was I feeling sorry for her?

When Jenny got up she told me to get up and onto my knees.

“Here’s a treat for you Tony. Open your mouth slut; and Tony, unzip and get it out.”

I kept my mouth shut; even when Tony got his cock out and pressed it against my mouth.


The pain on my butt made me gasp and Tony’s cock went in.

“Suck slut.” Jenny said.

What could I do? I sucked. In less than a minute I felt that Tony was about to cum.

“I don’t want to swallow his cum.” I thought.

Just as I was resigned to having to swallow, he pulled out and shot his load all over my face and chest.

“Thank fuck for that.” I thought.

“You could have cum insider her mouth Tony, I wouldn’t have minded.” Jenny said, then added,

“Right slut, we’re going for a shower. Tony, go and lock the door. I don’t want this slut escaping. I’ve got more planned for her.”

They both went to the bathroom and I heard the shower start. I suddenly had a brainwave. I grabbed my clothes and went to the big window. It opened. I had an escape plan.

I threw my clothes out and was just about to climb out when I had another brainwave. I ran to the suitcase that was still open on the floor and rummaged through it. I pulled out every pair of knickers, tights, bras, trousers and shorts that I could find. Remembering to pick up the red knickers and bra that Jenny had been wearing, I threw the lot out of the window and climbed out.

I quickly picked up everything and ran.

I spotted a litter bin and dumped all Jenny’s clothes into it. With a satisfied feeling I picked up my clothes and ran to my mobile home. I quickly locked myself in and breathed a sigh of relief. As I started to think about what had happened I moved to a chair to sit down but as soon as my butt touched the seat I stood up again; it was too painful. That brought me back to the here and now. I needed a hot shower. I wanted to get rid of every trace of those 2 horrible people.

When I finished drying myself I put the kettle on and stood there thinking.

It all started because of a simple accident. I didn’t want to crash into them. That girl’s reaction had been way over the top, but in a weird way I’d enjoyed part of it. Yes, my butt still hurt like hell but the orgasms that I’d had when they were spanking me were amazing. In a way I’d enjoyed eating her out, and giving him the blow job but I certainly didn’t enjoy having their pubic hairs stuck in my throat. I needed a coffee to clear that problem.

Being dragged to the shop while naked was horrible. The man in the shop had only seen me a couple of hours previous when I bought some supplies. I was amazed that he didn’t pick up the phone and call the police. But there again, he must get quite a few scantily clad people in there at times; maybe some of the parents let their kids run around naked. Oh, just remembered, the last time that I was there with Ryan we did see a few kids running around naked, so maybe that’s why the shop man wasn’t freaked out. I wondered how many kids bare butts that he had seen that were as red as mine.

Maybe I should go to the shop naked again. I don’t want to think about that anymore at the moment.

I know that I’d been wrong to steal that girls clothes but she deserved some punishment. Perhaps she might learn something from it.

As I got to the end of my coffee I went and got my phone, I wanted to talk to Ryan before he left for the airport.

When I told Ryan all about my ordeal he was very sympathetic and offered to cancel his training course and come straight over. I explained that I was okay and that it wasn’t necessary. The conversation lightened up and Ryan suggested that perhaps I should do what Jenny had said (if the weather was okay) and stay naked for all the time that I was there. He wanted me to walk around the site naked, and go to the shop again, naked. He reminded me that I still look like a 12 year-old and can get away with doing these things.

The more that I said that I didn’t want to, the more Ryan said that I should. As usual Ryan got his way. Then he asked me if I’d unpacked my bag yet. When I said that I hadn’t he told me to go and look in the bottom of it. When I did I found my Ben Wa balls and a new remote controlled egg vibrator.

He then gave me another challenge for my holiday. He said that it was something else to take my mind off being on my own. The challenge was to have more than 15 orgasms each day using any method that I wanted. He said that for every day that I succeeded he would treat me to a new dress, pair of shoes or a handbag.

That was a challenge that I liked and quickly agreed to it without realising that I’d be out and about naked and maybe having orgasms whilst outside. Ryan said that this challenge would help me with the staying naked challenge.

After the phone call ended I started thinking about what I had agreed to do. Why the hell had I agreed to do the ‘naked all the time challenge’? I was mad; but I had agreed, and I always keep my word. I just couldn’t not do what I had agreed to do. I needed to think about it; but quickly realised that I had already started; I’d never got dressed after my shower.

I decided to get something to eat and stood up eating my food.

I went to bed early that night, going to sleep face down with my right hand under me, holding my pussy.

Day 2


I woke up next morning in very much the same position, except that my fingers had obviously been at work on my pussy during the night, my legs had spread wide and I was quite wet.

I looked at the clock and discovered that it was still early. Feeling refreshed I decided to go for a run before there were too many people about. I had a pee and cleaned my teeth then went for my trainers, skirt and top. Just as I started to put the skirt on I remembered the challenges. I knew that trainers wouldn’t count so they went on.

I know that the 2 shit-heads had me walking around the site naked the previous day, and that no one had said anything; but Ryan’s challenge meant that I would be out and about naked on my own for the rest of the time that I was there. That thought was scary and I wondered what I could do to reduce the chances of me getting into trouble. I needed to look more like a kid. I remembered the other times that I wanted to look like a kid and that I’d put my hair into pigtails. I decided that it would be pigtails for the rest of the holiday. I went to the bathroom and put my hair up.

Then I thought about the cumming part and considered the vibrating egg; and immediately dismissed the idea. It would be way too much while running. I wouldn’t get more than 100 yards.

Ben Wa balls it was. Previous experience told me that I can run for quite a distance before they get the better of me. I remembered the incident with the workman getting out of a van and had a little chuckle.

After I pushed the balls home I looked outside to see if anyone was looking, then stepped out. It was still a bit fresh, but I knew that I’d soon warm-up – one way or another.

Off I went, heading straight for the beach and the path at the edge of the beach. I guess that it was too early for most people and I never saw anyone, but I did have to stop twice when my balls got the better of me. Two down, 13 to go I thought as I started running again.

As I ran back through the holiday park I saw a taxi with Jenny and Tony in. I had a little chuckle wondering how Jenny was getting on without any underwear.

I had a shower then got myself some breakfast. The sun was coming up so I went out the back and gently sat on the chair to eat and plan my day.

I’d done a little exercise and had 2 orgasms already; and I was still naked. So things were going well for Ryan’s challenges. I decided to swap the balls for the egg and do some reading. I took my plate and cup in and came back out with the egg and my kindle. Looking round to make sure that no one was watching I squat down and squeezed the balls out and pushed the egg in.

I didn’t switch the egg on, instead I went and got a towel to put on one of the sun loungers and lay there starting to read about Vanessa’s New Life. I wanted to relax before driving myself crazy.

It didn’t take long for me to start getting aroused. That Vanessa certainly threw herself into what she wanted for a new life. I started thinking about Ryan and I and how I’d changed since I met him. There was a little similarity, but unlike Vanessa, I could never get to like people looking at me naked.

I think that Ryan wanted me to read these stories to see if I will change my mind about being an exhibitionist. I doubt it. Even if I complete Ryan’s challenges I will be doing them while sexually aroused, when the sexual desires have taken control of my body; not when I’m not aroused.

I stopped reading and thought about Vanessa getting spanked by her father, and how she’d got aroused and actually had an orgasm. Then I thought about how I’d cum hard when I’d been spanked the previous day. I’d thought that I was some sort of freak reacting like that, but Vanessa had done the same, so maybe I’m not a freak, maybe it’s normal.

My arousal got stronger, up to an AF factor of 6 or 7. I decided to switch the egg on and let me have number 3.

That was the first time that I’d switched that vibrator on and it surprised me. It felt different; more ‘active’. It felt like it was dancing inside me.

I put the kindle down and lay back to let it happen.

It happened reasonably quickly and it left me covered in sweat. I had to go and have another shower, but left the switched off egg inside me. I’d decided that I was going to leave it inside me until the batteries needed changing.

Whilst in the bathroom I looked at my butt in the mirror. It was still quite red and tender. I still had to take it easy when sitting down.

I relaxed on the sun lounger and soaked up the not so hot, but pleasant sun.

After a while, and a quick nap, I decided that I needed to get a change of scenery for a while. I decided to go for a naked walk on the beach, taking the small remote control for the egg so that if I get a bit scared about being naked I can give myself a quick burst and move my attention from being scared to being aroused.

Walking onto the beach I saw a few people there, some with kids down by the water’s edge. As I walked close to some of them, none of them took any notice of me. That both pleased me and disappointed me. Pleased because it meant that everyone was treating me like a kid, and disappointed because everyone was treating me like a kid.

Yes, the same reason; I’m an adult and want to be treated like one but I didn’t want to get arrested like an adult would. I suppose that I want the best of both worlds.

At one point when I wasn’t close to anyone I switched the egg on and just stood there with my legs apart. The egg did its job and I soon started cumming. I bent over and put my hands on my knees to help stop me from collapsing. It was a good thing that I wasn’t close to anyone. I sure would have got some funny looks. As I calmed down I thought that the beach might be a good place to have the orgasms for Ryan’s challenge; quite public, quite big, but quite remote. If I picked my place no one would ever know what was happening.

Walking back to the mobile home I decided to ‘test the waters’ by walking through part of the holiday park. It was only when I got near some youths that I got noticed. They stared at me as I passed them. I didn’t look back after I had passed them so I don’t know if their eyes followed me. I didn’t hear any comments about my red butt.

I walked past the swimming pool and had a quick look in. There were a few people, adults and kids there, some on sun beds and some in the pool. No one looked at me as I went to investigate an addition since I was there a year ago.

It was an outdoor jacuzzi and by its looks it had hot water in it. I was definitely coming back there later.

I don’t know if it was because I’d had an orgasm a few minutes before or because I was walking passed people while I was naked, but I was starting to feel horny again. I knew that I should leave it until later, but I turned the egg onto low and kept walking.

I felt it building as I left the pool area and made another about 50 yards before it hit me. Looking around I saw no one and again bent over, put my hands on my knees and started shaking. The spasms were just dying down when I heard a youth say,

“Nice butt kid. It looks like you’ve been a naughty girl.”

As he started the second sentence another boy’s voice said,

“And pussy.”

I stood up straight quickly and started walking. My face felt like it was as red as my butt obviously was.

Back at the mobile home I got myself a drink and did a mental count. Five, I’d had 5 orgasms so far that day. I was still horny thinking that those boys had seen my pussy so I went out the back to the sun lounger and switched the egg on to full. I was going to try for 2 more in quick succession.

I got them, but I wasn’t quiet about it. At one point I thought that I saw someone looking at me but I was in the middle of something that I couldn’t stop so I ignored it.

The second orgasm started to subside so I switched the egg off; I needed a rest.

I had a short rest but quickly became restless. I needed to get out somewhere, and I needed more orgasms. I’d only had 7 so far that day and it was already mid-afternoon.

I didn’t fancy the beach or the swimming pool. I was going to save that pleasure for the next day so I decided to walk round the parts of the holiday park that I hadn’t seen so far. I had seen parts that looked different and I wanted to see what they were.

I had a decision to make, Ben Wa balls, egg and control unit, egg and no control unit – switched off, or egg and no control unit – switched on.

I chose the latter and set off totally naked, nothing in my hands and a purring in my pussy. How far would I get before I started having ‘problems’?

I hadn’t gone more than a couple of hundred yards when those damn youths appeared again; three of them this time. When they saw me they stopped and watched me walk past them. As I got just passed them one of them said,

“Still bright red I see.”

I ignored them, but my face was starting to go red. It was partially to do with the teenagers and partially the egg. I was starting to get aroused.

I kept walking and they followed me. I suddenly realised that I had an orgasm approaching and 3 youths following me. If it arrived soon they would be able to watch it happening. Now that would be embarrassing.

I started walking faster but time was running out. Turning a corner I saw the kids play area. I went straight to the swings and sat on one. Then it hit me.

The next thing that I knew I was sat there, hands gripping the chains for dear life; my legs were up, parallel to the ground and wide apart.

I looked up from my legs and saw the 3 teenagers in front of me staring at my pussy.

OMG! I closed my legs quickly.

“Noisy little slut isn’t she.” One of the teenagers said.

“Yeah, and look at that pussy; it’s leaking. What’s that white stuff?” Another one of them said.

“It’s like your jism, but for girls stupid. You have wanked and got white stuff out haven’t you?” The third teenager asked.

“Of course I have stupid.”

“But why’s she cumming? No one’s touching her or fucking her.”

“I don’t know. Why don’t you ask her?”

“Not me. You ask her.”

“Don’t look at me.” The other one said to his mates.

After a few seconds pause when they stared at me and I stared at them, one said,

“So how come you ain’t got no clothes on kid?”

I thought about ignoring them but decided that if I answered their questions they might go away and leave me alone.

“I’ve been naughty and this is my punishment.” I said.

“I’m glad that my mum and dad don’t punish me like that.” One said. Another followed with,

“Then we’d all have a laugh.”

“Fuck off.”

“So how long do you have to stay without clothes?”

“All week.”

“Can’t you just stay in your room?”

“No, they say that I have to be outside all day.”

I don’t know if it was the egg, or the fact that these 2 youths were talking to me, or both, but I could feel another orgasm approaching. I had to get away from them. I slid off the swing seat.

“I’ve got to go now; my dad will get upset if he sees me talking to boys.”

I walked away, and thankfully they didn’t follow. After a few seconds I heard one of them say,

“See you around nudie kiddie. I hope your butt doesn’t hurt too much.”

In between the silent moans I smiled a bit, my butt did still hurt a bit, but I didn’t think that it was noticeably red.

I turned a corner and saw that I was at the back entrance to the swimming pool. Could I make it to the jacuzzi before it arrived?

Not knowing whether the water in the jacuzzi was cold or warm I quickly slid over the side and into the water. It was warm.

I sat there with my eyes closed as my body jerked and bucked. Thankfully the water was up to my neck. I fought to stay silent but a couple of muffled moan did escape.

“I know that it’s nice in here, but I didn’t think that it was that good.” A man’s voice said.

I opened my eyes and instantly went red. There was a man sitting in the jacuzzi opposite me.

“Shit, does he know that I’ve just cum?” I thought.

After a few seconds pause I said,

“It’s all hot and bubbly, it’s tickling me.”

“You must be that little girl who’s being punished; you must have been a bad little girl.”

“Does everyone on the site know about me?” I thought.

I just stared at him.

“Never mind, the bubbles will make your backside feel better.”

I looked down at the water and saw that the bubbles were covering all of me. With the warm water feeling so good and no one being able to see my body, I decided to help number 10 on its way. My right hand went to my pussy and started playing with my clit. It seemed so naughty masturbating right in front of that man, even if he couldn’t possibly know what I was doing.

I slid first one then a second finger inside me. I could feel the egg vibrating away. It felt sooo good. I got my fingers round the egg and pressed it different ways until it pressed against different parts of me. Ooohhh so nice. I started cumming again.

I opened my eyes and saw that the man was still staring at me. Were my eyes giving me away, did he know what I was doing? At that moment I didn’t care, the pleasure was so overwhelming.

As I slowly got back to normal I suddenly realised that I would have to get out of the jacuzzi in front of the man. I could either stand up and walk over to the steps, in which case he’d see my pussy from the front, then my butt; or turn round under the water and climb out over the side. That way he’d see my pussy from behind as I bent over to climb up. Either way he’d see my swollen pussy.

I chose to climb out over the side; at least I wouldn’t see his face as he looked. However, things didn’t go to plan. As I turned and stood up my left foot slipped. I went flying forwards and ended up with my stomach on the edge of the jacuzzi, my butt in the air and my legs spread wide, half under the water.

For a few seconds as I recomposed myself the man must have had great view of my butt and spread pussy. I vaguely heard him say something, but I was more interested in getting out of there. I got myself together, climbed out and nearly ran out of the pool area.

It was only as I hurried away that I remembered that I was dripping wet and didn’t have a towel with me; and the egg was still purring away.

As soon as I got back to the mobile home I switched the egg off, dried myself and went to lie on my bed. I needed a rest.

I woke up about an hour later to find that I had a text from Ryan. In my reply I had to admit that I’d only cum 10 times. I was disappointed that I hadn’t achieved Ryan’s target and I’d missed out on a new dress or shoes. I vowed to try a lot harder the next day.

At least I had a few hours to relax without trying to make myself cum.

I got myself some food and relaxed on the bed reading. Sometime later I stopped reading for a while and reflected on my day. I’d gone the full day without putting any clothes on at all; I’d walked about in public butt naked; I’d had 10 orgasms and felt horny nearly all day. I knew that I had to try harder the next day. I still didn’t think that I was an exhibitionist. I wouldn’t have done any of that if I hadn’t been horny and Ryan hadn’t challenged me to do it.

I fell asleep reading more of Vanessa Evan’s New Life.

Day 3


When I woke the sun was shining through the window. I felt refreshed and ready to earn myself a new dress. It was Sunday and a potentially a busier day with regards to people being there. I felt a little apprehensive.

A nude run along the beach was my first pleasure of the day. I got ready (had a pee, cleaned my teeth and inserted my balls) and set off.

I had a good run and only saw one couple walking their dog. I had orgasms 1 and 2 of the day, both with no one around.

Orgasm 3 came with my fingers in the shower.

Orgasm 4 came when I swapped the steel balls for the egg. To check that the egg worked with the new batteries I turned it on to full and just had to see how long it took to make me cum. I came before I’d finished getting my breakfast ready.

After breakfast and cleaning my teeth again I dried my hair and put it into pigtails for the day. I looked good and the sun was shining so I went for a walk.

I was starting to get over the nervousness of when I step out of the mobile home naked and just set off down the road with just the remote control round my neck. Earlier that morning I’d had the idea of putting a bit of string through a hole in the control and wearing it round my neck. That way I had both my hands free and still have the control if I want to turn the egg up or down. I only hoped that I’d remember to take it off when I went swimming.

People were starting to walk about, but apart from a couple of odd looks, no one said anything to me. I was getting more and more convinced that most people on the park knew about the little girl who was being punished by having to stay naked.

I passed the swimming pool and it looked inviting so I went back and got a towel and my kindle. On the way back to the pool I decided that I’d better have number 5, I wanted to spread them out during the day and not have to give myself half a dozen all at once. I figured that if I did that I might not get so knackered.

I stopped round a corner where I thought that no one could see me and switched the egg to full. I was anticipating the sudden activity but I still jumped a little. I was just starting to cum when a dog, followed by an old man, came round the corner.

It was too late, I couldn’t stop. I think that the old man must have been a little deaf and blind; he just kept walking; although the dog did come and have a quick sniff of me before walking on. Maybe it was a gay dog and didn’t like the smell of human pussy.

Anyway, I got to the pool, claimed a sun lounger, took the remote control off and dived in. It felt good, a little cold, but good. My nipples were rock hard when I got out.

I dried myself and settled down for a long read.

I got very engrossed in Vanessa’s New Life and loved reading about her holiday in Ibiza. I really liked the part where they were standing in that bar and Jon slid his hand into her skirt and made her cum without anyone being able to see. I also loved it when they were in that dark bar and Vanessa was getting groped by different people.

All the pussy playing must have had a subconscious effect on me because I suddenly realised that my legs had drifted apart and my right hand was resting on my pubic bone. I wondered if I’d been fingering myself without realising it. I looked round and no one was staring at me so I guessed not.

What I did do though was to switch the egg on, on low. I wanted to feel good.

Just as I was getting to the end of Vanessa’s New Life I read about their fun with a vacuum cleaner. I remembered seeing one in the mobile home and wondered if I should have a play with it. The thought was getting me horny, so horny that number 6 was fast approaching.

I put the kindle down, got up and just managed to jump into the pool as it hit me. I put my hand into my mouth to stifle my screams.

At least no one would be able to know that I’d just cum.

After cumming in the pool with the water up to my neck I did a few of the short lengths then got out and turned the egg off. I wanted some peace while I started reading about Vanessa’s friend Debbie.

That too made me horny and again I found my legs open. I could easily see my swollen, shiny lips. Shit, I hoped that no one else noticed.

I quickly closed my legs and got back to reading ‘Debbie’s Pussy Power’ and got to the part where she showed her pussy at job interviews. I wondered if I should do that when I manage to get an interview.

All of a sudden I heard a man say,

“Hello Tanya.”

I stopped reading and looked up. It was the man who’d talked to us last time Ryan and I were there; the one with the 2 young kids.

“Shit, I don’t want to get lumbered with them.” I thought.

“Oh Hi, Pete isn’t it?”

“Yes, that’s right, are you here with your brother Ryan again?”

“No, Ryan couldn’t make it; I’m here on my own this time.”

“Wow! Your parents must really trust you.”

As Pete was saying that I looked at the kids stood next to him. Something wasn’t right. I remembered 2 young kids but these 2 were much older, about 18, one boy and one girl.

“Oh, these 2 are my oldest kids; the other 2 are at school this week.”

I looked at the kid’s faces and saw where they were looking. I looked down and realised that I’d done it again. Every time that I read about girls flashing their goodies my legs open without me realising and my pussy gets wet(ter). I looked at Pete’s face and his eyes were looking at my pussy as well.

I clamped my legs together.

“Tanya, this is Alfie and Freya.”

“Hi.” I said.

“Well it’s good to see you Tanya. I’ll let you get back to your book. Maybe see you around.” Pete said and they started walking away.

When they were a few feet away I heard Pete say,

“She was naked the last time they were here; apparently she has trouble keeping her clothes on.”

Alfie looked back at me and smiled when he saw that I was looking at him.

I blushed.

I needed something to take my mind off the possibility of Pete and his kids making a nuisance of themselves. I switched the egg on and started thinking about Debbie’s ability to control men by teasing them with flashes of her pussy. The theory was good but I could never do anything like that.

I got back to the story but it wasn’t long before I could feel number 7 approaching. I didn’t fancy the idea of cumming while I was laid out on the sun lounger; there were way too many people around. I looked round and decided that the jacuzzi was my best bet. I could see 2 heads there but I couldn’t decide whether they were male or female, or what age.

I switched the egg on to full and walked quickly to the jacuzzi. As I got close I saw that it was 2 youths; 2 of the ones that I’d come across the previous day. It was too late to change my mind and I quickly climbed in and sat down with the water up to my neck.

I put my hand over my pussy and pressed as reached my peak. Number 7

“Oh, that’s nice.” I thought as my legs started shaking. My other hand came up to my mouth to try to hold in the moans that were about to escape.

“Hey kid!”

“Is there anyone at home?”


“What, what did you say?” I said as I started to calm down and realise that the 2 youths were talking to me.

“I said ARE YOU FEELING OKAY? You’ve got that strange look on your face again;” one of the boys asked.

“Err yeah,” I replied, looking down to check that they couldn’t see my body through the bubbles. “I’m err, I’ve got a pain in my stomach. I’ll be okay.”

“Do you want me to rub it better?” The other boy said.

“Ignore him, he’s a moron.” The first boy said. “So you still can’t wear any clothes then?”


“Is your butt still red?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Stand up and turn round, I’ll check and let you know.”

How stupid could I get; I stood up and turned round.

“Yeah, that looks normal; apart from that bit.”

Before I could say anything the teenager reached over and touched my butt.

“Hey, get off me.” I said.

I turned round and sat down.

The 2 teenagers started asking me questions about who I was, where I came from, did I like having to walk around naked, did I like showing my pussy to people? I was getting sick of all the questions and I only gave brief answers.

Talking to them with the egg vibrating away inside me was getting me turned-on – again. I could feel that tingling getting stronger and stronger. I didn’t really want to cum in front of them again, but I was getting close and it looked unavoidable.

Orgasm 8 hit me like a bolt of lightning. It crept up on me then hit me when I wasn’t quite expecting it.

“Aaaaaaarrrghhhh, ooooooh, ffuuuuuuck.”

The 2 teenagers sat in silence as I told the world that I was cumming. When it subsided one of the teenagers said,

“How come your cumming? You’re not getting fucked and I can see your hands so what’s going on? Are you ill with some weird disease or something?”

“I’m not cumming,” I lied, “I’ve got this problem with my stomach; it hurts like hell as times.”

“It sounded like you were cumming.” One teenager said.

“How would you know? When have you seen a girl cum?” The other teenager asked.

Teenager one said nothing.

Just then a man appeared beside the jacuzzi and told the teenagers to get out and follow him. Peace at last.

I sat there and closed my eyes. The egg was still doing what it was supposed to and I waited for number 9. As I waited I felt a little chuffed. It was only late morning and I’d already had 8 orgasms. I day dreamed about the dress that Ryan was going to have to buy me.

Number 9 wasn’t as strong and number 8, but it was satisfying. My eyes were shut all the time so I didn’t see if anyone saw or heard me. I didn’t care.

After number 9 I realised that I was a little hungry so I got out of the jacuzzi and rushed to the sun lounger to switch the egg off and get dried. I said ‘rush’, but my legs were a little weak. Orgasms are tiring.

After getting some food inside me I felt better. So much so that I decided to go for a long walk on the beach. With the egg control hanging round my neck and nothing else with me, I set off. There were more people on the beach than I’d ever seen there before, well it was a Sunday, and the weather was sunny.

No one took any notice of me as I walked along the sea’s edge; not even a couple of older looking boys that were making sand castles. I thought one father may have been looking at me but he suddenly said something to his kids and turned away.

In a way I was slightly disappointed, but at the same time I was glad. As the people thinned out I decided that I needed a distraction, and number 10, so I switched the egg on to low. That felt nice.

I kept walking and a few minutes later I moved the switch up to full. Soon I was standing there shaking as orgasm number 10 hit me.

Oh, that was good. I decided to leave the egg of full and let it take me to another high. Just as number 11 hit me I became aware of 2 men on quad bikes coming towards me. My orgasm was in full flow with my arms and legs quivering and shaking; and there was no way that I could stop.

“Are you okay little girl?”

It took a minute or so before I could take in what was he’d said. The 2 men were policemen, obviously patrolling the beach on their quad bikes.

“Oh shit!” I thought, “I’m in deep shit now.”

“You don’t look too well, are you all right?”

“Err, yes, I think so.”

“Where are your parents?”

I pointed down the beach to where the holiday park was. I could only just see it. I must have walked for about a mile.

“You shouldn’t really be out here all this way from your parents, especially dressed like that. Come on, climb on, we’ll take you back.”

I just stood there, looking at the 2 men, not knowing what to do. My orgasm had subsided but the egg was still of full; I couldn’t last long before I’d have another one.

Stupid me, I didn’t think to turn the egg off, instead I climbed on the back of the quad bike. To do that I had to lift one leg over the seat, I just hoped that the other policeman wasn’t looking.

“Put your arms round me and hold tight.” The policeman said.

The quad bike slowly moved off towards the holiday park. It wasn’t long before the egg, the vibrations from the quad bike and the fact that my nipples were rubbing against that policeman’s back; took me over the top with number 12. I could feel myself squeezing the poor policeman’s waist.

“No need to be scared.” I heard the policeman say.

When we stopped at the first entrance path to the holiday park I just sat there still squeezing the poor policeman’s waist. My orgasm was just starting to subside.

“You can let go of me now and get off.”

“Hey Dave, does she look okay to you?” The policeman said to his colleague.

“Her face is all screwed up but apart from that she looks okay. I guess she’s just scared being on the bike.”

“Come on luv, time to get off.” The first cop said.

By that time I was getting back to normal. If you could call being naked and just having had an orgasm sat on the back of a police quad bike and holding onto the policeman, normal.

Anyway, I managed to stand up and climb off. As I stood there I looked at the bike that I’d just got off; there was a big wet patch on the plastic seat. I’d leaked and I just hoped that it would dry before the 2 cops looked.

“Okay, off you go to your parents, and don’t go for long walks on the beach without them, okay?”

I nodded and slowly walked into the holiday park with my head down and my right index finger in my mouth.

I went back to my mobile home and sat on the sun lounger out the back. I started realising how lucky I’d been, if they’d had any idea that I was actually 23 years old I’m sure that I would have been on the way to the police station right then. For once I was really glad that I look like a little kid.

I remembered how hard my nipples had got rubbing up against the policeman’s back and felt another orgasm building. I decided to let that one happen then switch the egg off, I needed a rest.

The thing was, for some unknown reason that orgasm was a double. Number 13 hit me, subsided, then number 14 hit me. I looked over to the path to the beach. A family was walking to the beach and the man was looking over towards me. I wondered if he realised what was happening to me.

After a little nap I woke up feeling restless. It was mid-afternoon and I needed to do something. I wanted to go somewhere, but where? Being naked my options were limited. Then I remembered walking to the nearby village with Ryan, when we’d first met Pete and his young kids. I’d been naked most of that day as well. The only difference was that Ryan had been there to protect me if anything had gone wrong. If I was going to do it again I’d have to make sure that nothing went wrong.

I decided to head towards the village and see how far I could get. After all, I could turn back at any time.

Wearing only the egg’s remote control round my neck I set off. Walking down the beach wasn’t a problem. I only saw one middle-aged couple and they both ignored me. As I headed inland I started to get a bit nervous. It was time to turn the egg on, on low, and let it take my mind off my nervousness.

The car park was quite full of cars but I only saw one couple, about my (real) age. They both looked at me, but were more interested in each other. I wondered if she was going to have an orgasm on that beach.

As I left the car park I needed more of a distraction so I switched the egg onto full for a few seconds. That took my mind off where I was.

A couple of ‘beeps’ from a passing car’s horn brought me back to reality, but I was too far gone to turn back. Too far gone as in it was a shorter distance back to the holiday park if I kept going; and too far gone in that I was getting close to cumming.

I looked for somewhere ‘private’ to have number 15. There was nowhere, I was on the side of a public road totally naked. Any number of cars, cyclists or pedestrians could appear at any second; but it was too late, number 15 had arrived.

As my body spasmed I was oblivious to anyone who may, or may not have been there. I was in a different world. With me bent over and my hands on my knees I let it happen – not that I had any choice.

As I recovered I saw a pair of bare legs in front of me. I looked up and saw that it was that girl, Pete’s daughter, what was her name, oh yes, Freya. She was wearing a red string bikini and some flip-flops.

“Hey!” Freya said, “Are you okay, you don’t look too good.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve just cu… err, had a pain in my stomach.” I replied.

“There’s a seat over there, let’s go and sit there for a minute.” Freya said.

Freya got hold of my hand and led me over to the seat, which was in the kids play area; the one that Ryan and I had been to the last time that we were there.

As we crossed the road I used my other hand to switch the egg off. I didn’t want to have another orgasm with her there.

We sat on the seat and Freya said,

“How are you feeling now Tanya?”

This girl has such a friendly, soft voice. She seemed like such a nice girl. For some strange reason I liked the girl and felt comfortable with her.

“Yeah,” I said, “I’m much better now.”

“What was the pain?”

“It wasn’t a pain, I was having an orgasm.”

Why had I just said that?

“Well, I did wonder. I recognised the signs.” Freya said. “You’re not really a kid are you?”

I shook my head sideways.

For some reason I felt better knowing that my secret was out. I’d been alone for a couple of days and I guess that I needed to talk to someone. I sat there and told Freya the whole story. As I was doing so Freya kept saying things like,


“That’s amazing.”

“I wish that I could do that.”

“That Ryan seems to be a really cool guy.”

“I wish that I was you.”

“I’m jealous.”

It was so easy talking to Freya. I wasn’t at all embarrassed saying some of the things that we / I had done. She took it all in, and when I’d finished Freya said,

“Tanya, you are one amazing woman, I’m so jealous of you and your life. I only hope that I can find someone like Ryan.”

Now it was my turn to be embarrassed, and it was nothing to do with my state of dress.

There was a bit of a pause in the conversation and I realised that time was getting on and it was cooling down a bit. I shivered a bit and Freya said,

“Yes it is a bit, shall we head off back.”

I felt so relaxed