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2022-09-24 00:19:00

In the shadows I feel him wait,
In the distance I feel his hate.
On my neck I feel his breath,
In his eyes I see my death.
Down my front I feel his touch,
Touching my body far too much.
My fear grows as his hands roam,
I hate it that with him I'm alone.
In the dark and in the cold,
He strips my body as if I were sold.
My clothing falls down to the ground,
His fingers brush across my mound.
Across my skin his flesh I feel,
From the near future I will not heal.
My body is held helpless and scared,
I want to resist but my fear is bared.
Into my mound push his finger-tips,
Against my neck I feel his lips.
I feel this is so deeply wrong,
Yet strangely my lust for him is strong.
Thrown to the floor I feel a shove,
His glare is cold down from above.
My legs he spreads with force and lust,
Into my body he begins to thrust.
My thighs held tight in his grip,
In and out of my flesh he continues to slip.
The pain is sharp and hard to bare,
I feel pure want and nothing like care.
I want to just run away,
If I try to escape I'm sure I will pay.
I feel his bulge deep inside,
Into me faster he begins to glide.
I hate it and love it this pleasure and pain,
Am I wrong, am I insane?
I want him to stop but my body begins to flush,
The feeling is terrible yet gives me a rush.
I grow red from blush as I begin to moan,
I just hate the way he keeps a glare and groan.
I feel so helpless all alone,
Yet something keeps me there on my own.
I feel myself convulse and go first,
Inside I feel his manhood begin to burst.
He pulls out and beats me once to make sure I stay,
He dressed himself and cleanly gets away.

{Dear Readers}

This is S.O.'s good friend and I found this poem in one of his folders. I figured he'd like it put on this site so I did that for him. Due to certain unfortunate situations he will no longer be on XNXX. I figure he would like you all to know that he's sorry he won't be able to continue the REVENGE! series and for the haters to burn in hell.