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Experiment Number Two

2022-05-19 00:00:04

I hate my family! How the hell can parents be so natural about my brother being practically all over Jake? Any normal parents would just freak out at any cost! Not only that, they just invite him over all the time, almost on purpose! If I didn’t know better, I would have thought they enjoy watching the two of them get off...

But last week I got my revenge! I managed to get my brother’s dreamy stud of a boyfriend to screw me hard! His curiosity was able to make me finally lose my virginity after way too long! So how the hell would my brother take it if he found out that his not-so gay boyfriend fucked his sister? He’d be heartbroken of course, but worst of all he’d just take it out on me! I couldn’t tell him, not yet at least...

So yeah, it’s another rushed Friday morning when I receive more stupidly painful news over some cornflakes.
“Oh Jasmine dear, could you stop off at the shop on your way home and get me some burgers for tomorrow?” my irritating Mum chirped.
“What? What’s happening tomorrow?”
“Didn’t you hear?” my brother, Dan looked up from his toast “Mum’s turn to hold another one of her WI get-togethers!” I about died at this thought. The last time Mum invited her middle-aged friends over, the highlight of the day was listening to some boring discussion about some sewing magazine of sorts. I hated them! Only Mum and her pathetic lady chums liked them.
“Oh God Mum, why?” I threw my head in my hands
“Because it’s going to be a nice weekend and I thought we could do a barbecue!”
“I meant why did you even join in the first place?”
“Oh cheer up Jasmine” the stupid brother grinned at me
“Why are you so pleased?” I had to ask... “Oh God... Jake’s not coming is he?”
“You bet he is!”
“Oh for God’s sake...”
“There’s no need to be like that!” Mum failed at being sociable
“But they’ll be all other each other, again!”
“Leave them be, you’d do the same if you had a boyfriend!” Way to rub it in Mum...
“Ha, fat chance!” Dan just had to say, so I threw a slipper at him and chased him out the door.

Right through school I panicked. Jake hadn’t spoken to me since that night and I was worried that either I’d scared him off the scent or it’d get out what happened and Dan would kill me. He never answered to whether I’d succeeded at turning him or not, and he didn’t sound too pleased when he left. How I’d cope on Saturday I’d never know.

There was one slight glimmer of hope. I could, in theory, balance things out and see how my brother liked it with a girl. If he and Jake were in the same boat together, then they wouldn’t kill each other, or more importantly me.

I know, weird incest thing isn’t exactly great and he’d never agree to it. But to be honest, my brother is pretty cute...blonde hair, blue eyes, like me, who wouldn’t want that? Sorry, losing my “Big V” seems to have had a horrible effect on my modesty... Going swimming with him wasn’t a bad thing, and by the sounds of him in the bedroom... OK, getting carried away now. But how the hell would I do it with Jake around? This was going to take a lot more thought that I had imagined...

Home-Time and it wasn’t a pretty sight when I went through the front door. Dan was sitting on the step; phone in hand, with the biggest scowl on his face I’d ever seen.
“What’s up with you?” was all I said to make the phone shoot straight past my ear.
“Shut up!” he said and stormed upstairs. As if on cue, Mum came from the kitchen.
“Jake’s not coming, apparently” she answered me. Result!
“Isn’t he? Damn, what a shame” I feigned disappointment. At least now I wouldn’t have to watch the drool team practically raping each other now. Even better I wouldn’t have Jake distracting Dan while I tried to convince him. God, am I actually going to go through with this?

I made as many efforts as possible to avoid my brother over the course of the evening. I didn’t even look at him at dinner in case it was able to spark another household object flying just past my ear. Besides, my mind was focused on the job in hand. Sure, with the WI, Dan would be as bored as me and therefore would require entertaining in between rounds of looking perfect and dignified in front of mummy. But even he would take some convincing. Jake may have been an easy nut to crack, but my own brother? I’ve seen his hormonal outbreaks before, how would he react to this?

By the time I got ready for bed, I already became nervous for the next day. If I screwed it up, Dan would hate me for the rest of our lives. If I got it right, but he still found out about me and Jake, he would hate me for the rest of our lives. If I got it right, but he hated every second of it, he would hate me for the rest of our lives. But if I got it completely right...

The weekend was irritatingly gorgeous. Blazing sunshine meant the WI barbecue went ahead as planned. Dad was chief in charge of barbecue and providing middle-aged flirts. Mum was chief host or whip-holder as I joked. Dan was put in charge of drinks and me in charge of nibbles. Let the mission impossible take place!
At 1, the sun was at its hottest and all the old farts were in position around the garden table. Middle-aged droning took place, and Dan and I were busy bustling in the kitchen preparing our part of the deal. I’d already taken the liberty of taking a bit to drink beforehand, so I was feeling somewhat flexible when conversation arose.
“Jasmine, pass me the bottle opener please...”
OK, maybe not THAT flexible...
“Shame Jake couldn’t make it I guess...”
Pop went a bottle. Dan grunted in response.
“Ah well, still got big sis to keep you company!”
No reply. Charming...
“You know, with you and Jake...”
“Have you ever...? Oh never mind it’s a stupid question”
“Forget it, I’m just being nosy”
“Just say it Jazz...”
“Well I was just wondering whether you’d ever wondered what it’s like swinging the other way...” Come on, we’d have been here forever if I hadn’t been direct!
“Er...” His lack of denial was reassuring.
“But never mind, it’s none of my business”
No reply again. Well that worked...

Now our kitchen isn’t exactly roomy. So it didn’t take long for an awkward moment to arise. He was standing next to me opening bottles, while I was loading bowls with nuts. But why did all the bowls have to be in the cupboard with the handle right next to Dan’s crotch? I couldn’t really have asked him to move as I could easily have opened the door. But there was no room for forgiveness. Sod it, I went straight in.
And it went horribly wrong. I didn’t look to see where I put my hand, and when I was searching for said handle I was heading in the wrong direction. Before I knew it, I had slipped my hand in between by brother and the cupboard. A small yelp and a couple of surprised jumps passed by:
“I didn’t think this was what you meant!”
“I mean sure, I’ve wondered, but not with my own sister!”
“Look, just...oh never mind...” He went out and took a tray of drinks with him.
OK, so he’s not into the whole incest thing... But at least he’s wondered! I took a sip from my wine. Surely I could just convince him anyway. I emptied the glass and followed Dan outside with the bowls.

The brief passing outside didn’t help either. I made a deliberate attempt to at least show some interest by looking at his grey tracksuit trousers and licking my lips. I didn’t care how much of a slag I looked; I just needed to convince him. Hell the alcohol must have got to me.

I got no such reaction from him; he just sped right past me into the kitchen not even looking at me. But my God did he look good in that shirt of his... I didn’t care what he thought now; I just wanted to taste him!
On the return leg, I tripped into the kitchen, falling completely flat. Strange, that’d never happened before. I hoped Dan didn’t notice. But when I looked up, all I saw was his athletic frame in his scruffy clothes looking down on me.
“You’ve been drinking haven’t you?”
“Look, you always get like this even after one glass!”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about...” I said picking myself up
“What’s wrong with you? You’re just going to show up Mum and we’re both in for in then!”
“Ah, who cares?”
“Get a grip Jazz! What are you up to?”
He just stared at me with a powerful glare. He was never this authoritarian, and it suited him I have to admit. His blue eyes were ablaze and I couldn’t help but feel so unworthy of their attention. Suddenly a huge wave of emotion hit me and I pushed him against the counter, my hands firmly into his boxers.

“What the fuck?!” he shrieked. He didn’t say anything else though as the new sensation down his trousers must have got to him. I was squeezing and rolling him, and he was groaning. He was enjoying it!
And so was I. I thought Jake had a treat packed into his boxers. But to think my brother could beat him! It was so sensitive and thick. The jizz just oozed straight onto my hands. It didn’t take long for him to get hard. Why do the gays always get the most fun? Time to put that right!
I was about to peel down his pants when he violently shoved me away.
“You crazy bitch! You can’t do this!”
“But you liked it!”
“I... I did not!”
“Come on, you said you were curious!”
“But I’m not! I’m not! I’ve got Jake! Why do I need desperate sluts like you?”
“Where’s the harm in one little sucking?”
“You’re my sister and you’re drunk!”
“So?! How can you just say that! Mum and Dad are outside!”
“I promise I’ll be quick!”
“But you’re a fucking virgin! You don’t even know what to do! You’re just a desperate whore who’s jealous of their little brother!”
“I won’t tell Jake!”
“I don’t care!!”
“You’ll never know what it feels like to have a girl though!”
“But I...I don’t...”
“You’ll never know...”
“You promise you won’t tell?”
“I promise”
“Fine... This had better be fucking worth it...”

I was back up like a shot with that invitation. I had to be quick and good, better than I was with Jake. But with such a treat in those boxers, it shouldn’t be hard not to.

One swift yank and the tracksuit and boxers were down; out sprung my brother’s fantastic cock, soaked in precum and just asking to be sucked. I pulled back gently on the skin, revealing a thick and round head. I couldn’t resist it anymore and licked up the sweet precum from the head. It tasted so good I went back for more! Already Dan was softly sighing.

I turned up the gas and started making out with the long shaft, rubbing my lips up and down it, coating it in a thick layer of drool. The sighs above turned into moans. Dan genuinely liked my skills with a cock! Maybe he envied them?

I grabbed it with my hand and started pounding it. I was going dizzy with the sensation; it felt so good rubbing up and down my fingers!

“How does it feel then?”
“Fucking good...” he gasped
“Girls aren’t all bad then!”
“Just get on with it”
I moved on to licking it, which just added to the feeling,; and he felt it too, each groan becoming louder than the last. I wanted all of it in me. And right now! I moved onto full blast and rammed all of it deep into my mouth. And I did it again, and again, and again! Shit this was good, perhaps better than my first time! If only this monster could fuck me...

I looked up to see those blue eyes of his, formerly filled with anger were now glazed over in ecstasy. He mouth had dropped open and he was breathing heavily. I never thought I would have seen my cute little brother as such as hot fucker to suck off!

Right when I thought he was going to cum, at the worst moment Dad called: “Am I getting another beer or not?”
“Shit...” Dan swiftly pulled up his boxers and went to the fridge
“Well that was quick...”
“I’ve had practise at quick escapes” he said with his back to me
“I meant the blowjob”
I never got a response as Dan had gone to deliver a beer to Dad.

My mind was all over the place, I’d just sucked off my brother. Did that make them even now? I didn’t need to do anything else now surely... But something inside me was just craving his dick. It tasted far better than Jake’s. Maybe it was the fact we were siblings it made us taste familiar.

Oh get a grip! It’s not right for a start, and he’s got a boyfriend anyway. I’ll just have to find some other better tasting stud to play with.

Dan came back and looked quite flustered. Without even looking at me, he fell to his knees and I got the shock of my life and he put his fingers up my mini-skirt!
“I want to eat you out”
“You heard, I want to lick you off”
“You’ve not been drinking have you?”
“I just want to know”
“Now who’s curious?”
“Oh shut up!”
And with that I felt his tongue shoot straight into me. Holy fuck he was good with it as well! How much had he had to have eaten Jake’s ass to be this good? Ooh, mental image... I’ll save that for later...

I moaned uncontrollably. He tongue was so hyperactive it just went into a new domain that Jake didn’t manage before. Jake was more horny, taking deep slow licks. But Dan’s tongue felt more like a cock fucking me! It was so firm and tense, and it moved so well up there. He was a natural at something he’d never done before!

It didn’t take long for me to cum, a long flowing orgasm streamed onto his tongue. His first taste of pussy juice; and didn’t he just love it! He drank it all up and then went back for more, making sure I was completely empty!

“Fuck you liked that didn’t you?”
“IT was...different...”
“You really are a slutty little brother aren’t you?”
“I’ve heard you and Jake, of course you are!”
“I...guess I’m not that bad” Aww, he’s gone back to cute mode!
“Well you’ve certainly made my day!”
“Yeah... well... we’d best get back...”
I grinned in agreement. A sense of fulfilment overcame me, as if Dan had just licked my troubles away. Everything was back to normal and I needn’t worry anymore.
Or at least that’s what I thought at the time.
Because of course then I had no idea about Jake...