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Whoa! Ginger's Visit VI

2022-08-15 00:00:04

Ginger's Visit

The day following his dinner with cheer squad coach, Pam Russel, Jason received a message via email. He had been asked to see his supervisor, Professor Ridge. Professor Ridge was in charge of all the science lab activities and schedules. Professor Ridge's superior was the head of the Science Department. Above him was the college Dean.

Professor Ridge would be retiring at the end of the school year. He was required to recommend his replacement to the Dean of the school within the week. Everyone in the Science Department knew of the position about to come open. Jason, along with a professor in the Science Department, hoped he would get it. The promotion would mean he would get a substantial raise in salary and could set his own schedule.

“Jason,” Professor Ridge began, “I know you want the job of supervisor over all the labs. You have all the requirements needed to do well in this position. You have proven yourself to be a valuable asset to this school many times. However, there is a more senior member of this department that wants the job as well. So, barring some unforeseeable incident, I am sorry to inform you that I will be recommending that the Dean offer the position to the other candidate. After all, you won't be getting your Doctorate until this coming Spring, and he already has his Doctorate. I'm sure your chance will come soon. I am sorry, Jason.”

Jason appeared to be hanging his head in disappointment. What he was really doing was sending a suggestion to his supervisor. 'Sir, the other candidate is old and will retire soon. He will not be here long enough to get as established in the labs as I am. So, you will want to recommend me to the Dean for this position. I promise you will be well rewarded. '

Jason then looked up at his suprevisor and said, “Yes Sir, I am disappointed, of course, but I understand.” He then left Professor Ridge's office.

The next day, Jason was summoned to see the Dean. As he entered the Dean's office, Dean Malcomb stood. He extended his hand to Jason. He then said. “Jason, congratulations. If you want it, you are the new Science Department labs supervisor. The other candidate has decided to retire at the end of this year. You, young man, will be taking over for Professor Ridge when he retires.”

With a broad grin on his face, Jason shook Dean Malcomb's hand and said, “I will not let you down, Sir.”

“I am certain of that, Jason.” Then as an after thought, Dean Malcomb continued. “May I ask you a personal question, Jason?”

Of course, Sir. What is it you want to know?”

I know you have been seeing several of the cheerleaders after school hours. How do you get so many lovely young ladies to go with you? At your age, I could only dream of that sort of thing.”

Jason thought for a moment then replied. “I'm just lucky I guess. That and being at the right place at the right time.” Jason then smiled at Dean Malcomb. “You never know when a pretty thing will knock on your door.”

“Very well, Jason. Now, get out of here and go celebrate with your friends.”

Jason left Dean Malcomb's office grinning from ear to ear. Then he remembered his promise to Professor Ridge. Jason headed to Coach Russel's office in the auditorium.

“Hi Pam. How are you feeling today.”

“How nice of you to ask, Jason. I am a little sore, but I am willing to take care of anything you need.”

Jason laughed and said, “I just wanted to check on you. I don't need any of your delightful services myself, but I know someone who does. You see, I owe a debt of gratitude to someone, and I want you to pay it for me.”

“What do I have to do?” Pam asked.

“Go see Professor Ridge and fuck him silly. Give him a night he will remember for ever.”

Pam was hesitant. “I don't know, Jason.”

Jason then sent her a suggestion. 'Pam, you want to do this for me. You want to fuck Professor Ridge with all you've got.'

“Alright Jason. You know, now that I think about it, doing Professor Ridge just might be fun. I'll go see him tomorrow evening.”

“Good, and tell him you are his reward. He should understand.”

The next day was Friday. A little after eight that evening, Sharon and Rita brought Ginger to see Jason.

“Ginger, you are a beautiful girl. I love your red hair.” After the initial introductions, Jason told the girls his good news. “Girls, I feel like celebrating. Would you girls care to join me?”

“Oh yes, Jason. What would you like us to do to help you get this celebration started?” Sharon asked.

Silently he sent a suggestion to Ginger. 'Ginger, you want to take all you clothes off so you can let me enjoy looking at your young body.”

When Rita and Sharon saw Ginger removing her clothes, they quickly joined her. Jason soon had three lovely young women standing before him totally nude. Like the other cheerleaders on their squad, Ginger had shaved her pussy.

“Very nice girls. You all look very tempting. He took a tit from both Rita and Sharon in his hands and squeezed. They both giggled. “Very nice, girls. You know I love your tits.” He then released Rita and Sharon and reached both hands out to fondle Ginger's sizable tits.

Ginger shied away. “No Jason, please. You may look, but please don't touch me. I have a special friend I see on a regular basis.”

“You mean, Coach Russel? I know all about the two of you and your affair. Ginger, would it surprise you to find out that Pam is no longer a virgin?”

“You must be mistaken. We are both virgins and we promised each other to stay that way.”

“Well Ginger, I must tell you that I took care of Pam's virginity a couple of days ago. She sucked me off before I fucked her cherry pussy. I then fucked her ass. As a matter of fact, Pam is fucking away a debt of mine this very evening.”

“I don't believe you. She would never do that.”

Jason winked at Sharon and sent Ginger a silent suggestion. 'Ginger, you want to suck my cock right now, and in a little while, you will ask me to fuck your virgin pussy. You want to give me your cherry pussy and then take my cock up your ass.'

Ginger smiled and, without saying another word, dropped to her knees in front of Jason. She released his pants and pushed them, along with his underwear, down to his ankles. “Oh my God! That thing is huge!” She then began licking his cock before sucking it into her mouth.

When he looked over toward Sharon. She smiled at him and said, “You are amazing.”

To Rita and Sharon, Jason said, “Girls, it appears Ginger and I will be busy for a little while. In the mean time, why don't the two of you enjoy each other.

Sharon embraced Rita who returned the hug. They were soon all over each other. They each petted, kissed, licked, and sucked all over the other's body. In a short time, they were moaning loudly while in a sixty-nine position eating each other's pussy.

While Sharon and Rita were eating each other, Ginger had taken Jason's cock into her mouth and was eagerly licking and sucking on it. It didn't take her long before Jason was about ready to cum.

“Ginger, I'm about to cum. Are you ready to swallow what I give you?”

She smiled up at him and nodded her agreement.

Jason then shoved his cock to the back of Ginger's mouth and filled it with his cum.

Ginger swallowed all the cum he fed her before pulling her mouth from his cock. She smiled and licked her lips. She quickly noticed Jason was still hard. “Since you're still hard Jason, would you like to take me now? Please, put that big thing in me and take my cherry pussy.”

“Very well, Ginger. Since you ask so nicely, I'll be happy to fuck you.” Jason smiled down at Ginger and offered her his hand to help her stand.

“It wouldn't be fair to leave Sharon and Rita alone. So Ginger, please bend over the end of the couch. I'll take your pussy from behind. Will that be alright with you?”

“Oh yes, Jason. Take me however you'd like.” The redhead then bent over the arm of his couch, spread her legs, and wiggled her ass to Jason's delight.

He stepped up behind her and began petting her pussy. She was already soaking wet. Her thighs were glistening from the abundance of her lubricating juices that had seeped out of her horny hole. Ginger's body was ready to fuck.

After briefly teasing her pussy and clit, Jason placed his cock's head at the entrance to Ginger's unopened canal.

She moaned and wiggled her ass. “Please stick that huge cock in me, Jason. Fuck my cherry pussy.”

“Very well, Ginger. Here it comes.” Jason then pushed into Ginger's pussy until he met her resistance.

“Umph!” She felt the pressure of his cock pushing against her barrier. She knew the impending destruction of her hymen was close. “Take me, Jason.”

Jason held her hips and pushed his cock deep into Ginger's virgin pussy. He felt her cherry briefly resist his entry then give way as he shoved his entire eight inches of cock into her tight hole. She yelped in pain at the loss of her cherry, but did not try to avoid the cock filling her. She accepted her first fucking without further complaint.

Sharon and Rita stopped what they were doing and began stroking Ginger's head and upper back.

Jason slowly increased the speed and power of his thrusts into Ginger's sore hole. In spite of the soreness in her pussy, Ginger began returning Jason's thrusts. He was soon near the edge of another orgasm. Taking a tighter grip of her hips, Jason drove his cock as deep as he could into Ginger's cunt. He repeatedly rammed his cock deep into her cunt. With one last lunge, he planted his cock's head against her cervix. He then bathed it with its first taste of cum.

Ginger lowered her head to the couch's cushions and moaned in pleasure. With Jason's cock still buried in her devirginated pussy, she cooed. “Mmmmm. That was so nice. Jason, will you please put it in my ass now.”

“What ever you want, Ginger. If you want it in your ass, that's where you'll get.” Jason replied.

“Rita, please go get the baby oil.”

Rita was off like a shot. She quickly returned with the baby oil. While Sharon continued to stroke Ginger's head and back, Rita oiled Jason's cock. She then oiled around and in Ginger's asshole. In short order, Rita was shoving two oily fingers into Ginger's tight ass. Rita
then placed Jason's cock at the puckered brown ring of Ginger's asshole.

Jason pressed his cock forward. His cock's head popped past Ginger's sphincter. A couple of inches of his long cock slid into her ass as well.

“Umph!” Ginger grunted and took the first cock to be shoved up her ass with little complaint.

Jason pushed a little more and several more inches of cock disappeared into Ginger's dark passage. More than half of his cock was then in her ass. With a steady shove, Jason buried his entire cock into Ginger's depths and held it there.

After a few moments to get used to the invader in her ass, Ginger moaned and said, “That's not too bad, Jason. Go ahead and fuck my ass.“

As Jason sawed his eight inches of cock in and out of Ginger's asshole, Rita and Sharon kissed her cheeks and whispered in her ears. “You're one of us now. You are one of Jason's girls. You will love coming over here and being fucked by his huge cock.”

Ginger smiled at the other girls. She replied softly. “I already do. I think I like being one of Jason's girls.” A little louder she said, “Fuck my ass, Jason. Take my ass like it is yours.”

He did. Jason repeatedly slammed his cock harder and harder deep into Ginger's asshole. He soon pumped a load of cum into her bowels. He then pulled out of her stretched asshole and patted her butt. “Nice fuck, Ginger. We will do this again real soon.”

Ginger looked over her should at Jason, and smiled. “I hope it's real soon.”

Since it was a special night for celebration, all three girls stayed the night with Jason. They all took turns fucking him. He laid on his back in bed while each girl took their turn filling their cunts with his cock. They straddled his hips, squatted and rode his cock until they came. Even Ginger took a turn. She sat on Jason's cock even though her pussy was quite sore. The girls were amazed that Jason never seemed to soften and had a good sized load of cum each time they fucked him.

Early Saturday morning, there came a knock on Jason's door. Pam wanted to tell Jason how her night with Professor Ridge had gone.

After Jason invited her in, Pam stripped and began her short story. “Your debt is paid, Jason. Professor Ridge was very please with your payment. Who knew that old man had such staying power. He wasn't nearly as long or as thick as you are Jason, but damn he could keep going and going. I think the old fart is powered by one of those bunny batteries. I fucked him with every hole I have and he still wanted a blowjob before I left.”

About that time, Sharon, Rita, and Ginger came down to join them. They were still naked as the day they were born. Pam noticed right away that they all had cum dribbling down their legs.

Ginger was somewhat startled to see Pam there. “Oh, hi Coach.” She noticed right away that there was something different about Pam. “Coach, I see your bush is gone. You have shaved your pussy.”

Pam replied to her former lover, “Yes, I've shaved. Jason prefers bald pussy, and I am one of Jason's girls now.”

With a giggle, Ginger said, “Yeah, so am I. I'm sore as hell right now, but I am happy to be one of Jason's girls.”

Girls, I've given this some thought. I think our next addition to our little club should be Jenny.

The girls all looked surprised at Jason's choice. Even Pam looked puzzled at his selection.

Sharon asked, “Jason, you don't want Susan next? She is so cute and petite. Jenny is a nice girl and she tries hard, but she is so fat, er, I mean plump.” The other girls, including Pam, all nodded their heads in agreement.

Jason then spoke to all of his girls. “Ladies, you will no longer question my choices of the women who join our group. We will get to Susan soon enough. In the mean time, I want to give Jenny some special training. Her weight is exactly why I want her next. If nothing else, her plump body will be a very comfortable ride. Do you all understand?”

They all nodded indicating their understanding of Jason's admonition.

“Good! Pam, send Jenny to me for some special coaching after practice Tuesday. Tell her she needs to put in some extra work if she wants to stay on the squad.”

“Yes, Jason. She'll be here.” Pam agreed.

“Great! Now you all need to go home. Make sure you get your school work finished. We wouldn't want any of our girls flunking out would we?”

The girls all giggled as they got dressed and left Jason's home.