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Truth or Dare with my friend and our parents

2022-11-06 14:11:17


(With my friend, her parents, my parents, and another of our friend's parents.)

There will be a number of readers that won’t believe this story. It is true. I pondered how to write the story and from what perspective. I ultimately decided to just go with how I experienced the night.

My name is Katie and my closest friends Becki and Jenni (yes- they both liked to end their names with an “i,”) and our parents took annual camping trips in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We quickly got a group nickname as “the Charlie’s Angels’ Girls” as I had red hair, Becki was a brunette, and Jenni a blonde. Are moms were known as “The Charlie Moms” and had our same hair colors. Our dads played soccer and they all had girls at roughly the same time. Our moms were into yoga and adventurous; camping, hiking, surfing etc.

This story is about the most memorable camping trip to the Sierras we ever took.

So, let’s get started.

Our parents took us to a spot we had been at before on our annual camping trip. It was semi remote with a small lake that was still and crystal clear. However, this year we wanted our tents set up in a location our of ear shot of our parents. Our parents were quick to agree. They set up their tents right by the lake and we had ours in a bit from the lake under a huge tree that we figured would provide us with good shade as it was the end of July and was already quite hot.

After all was set up, the first things we wanted to do was get in the water. Becki, Jenni, and I all emerged from our tents in new bikinis. As we walked by our parents tent to get to the water, I felt the eyes of our dads on us. I could see them look, then look away. My bikini was a string bikini, and it didn’t cover much. I wanted the strings very thin so I could minimize dramatic tan lines. Becki was a more athletic type of bikini, and Jenni had on a high waisted bikini with strings that zigzag up the sides exposing her hips.

When we got back to our tents, Becki, Jenni, and I all talked later that day about how we noticed our dads looking at us. Our tents site was well chosen as we could not hear our parents and they could not hear us, so we felt comfortable talking openly. We talked about how our dad desperately tried not to look at us as we swam and tanned. We noticed are moms teasing our dads about it all. They thought, I guess, that we weren’t paying attention to what they were saying and stuff as we swam and tanned; but we were. It wasn’t odd for men their ages to be checking us out. We were familiar with that. It was this new revelation that our dads were just like all the other men out and about was eye opening.

That first night passed and we were in bed early as we all were rather tired from the drive and camp set up. The next day our parents went for a hike and us girls stayed behind to swim and tan more. We all got together for a big dinner later that day. Us girls, as was typical, all dressed very similar. We had on short cutoff jeans, and cropped tank top. It was a “uniform” we all generally wore when we were out and about, but not when lounging around our homes. We noticed, again, our dads peeking at us a bit longer and stealing glances when they thought we might not notice. We also, caught our moms rolling their eyes as they also caught their husbands looking a bit too long at us.

It wasn’t that our moms weren’t attractive and in great shape for their age, it was more that they were seeing their teenage daughters looking different. Becki, Jenni, and I were all very fit and we were all involved in sports. Becki and Jenni had similar sized boobs, both on the larger side of b cups. I was a small c cup. We all had firm flat stomachs and nice perky butts. We were proud of our bodies and didn’t mind wearing more revealing outfits as we got older, we just hadn’t worn those out fits around our parents very often.

Later, that night after we had left for our tent area and were sitting around our campfire, we could just hear our parents laugh and gasp occasionally. After, a bit of hear them we set out to see what all the commotion was. We still had on our jeans and tank tops from earlier except for Jenni, who had changed into yoga shorts and a sports bra. As we crept up closer, we could hear and see what they were up to. We saw that they didn’t have a campfire, but rather a camp light suspended from a tree branch. They were all sitting in a circle around a mat. We paused watched and listened. We saw Becki’s dad spin a bottle.

“Spin the bottle?” I said with some curiosity and surprise.

Then we heard my dad said then ask. “Jane, Truth or Dare?”

“Truth or Dare?” Becki said quietly but with astonishment. I flared my eyes wide acknowledging to Becki my surprise also.

“Truth.” Jenni’s mom answered.

After a short pause my dad asked, “Have you ever flashed your panties to a stranger and if so when and where was it?”

Jenni looked at Becki and I with her eyes wide then looked back to our parents by their campfire. Jenni’s mom answered, “Sorry honey.” She said directed to her husband who shrugged at her comment. “Yes, spread my legs under a table at Starbucks so a man that was looking at me as I was in line could see up my skirt to my panties.” She tipped her head to her husband and finished with, “He suggested I do it.”

“Wholly shit, Jenni” I whispered as my thoughts spun trying to absorb what I had heard.

We all stood silent for a moment pondering what was happening. Then the spun a bottle and it stopped on Becki’s mom. She directed her Truth or Dare question to my dad asking, “Have you ever jerked off at work and if so, where did you cum?” Becki poked me in the ribs and almost giggle. My dad didn’t hesitate to answer. He said, “Yes.” Then he followed up with, “I jerk off and cum into an empty coffee cup, then I can just throw it away.” I blush as my friends gave me teasing looks. Embarrassed, I gave a teasing push to Jenni. She took a step back tripped and landed loudly. Oh shit, I immediately thought.

Almost immediately, Becki’s dad called out, “Okay girls, you had your fun listening in.”

Jenni got up and we took the few steps closer and into the light so they could see us. They all looked at us as we looked back at them. The men were in shorts and t-shirts and Becki and Jenni’s moms were short and tank tops. My mom was in a cut off jean skirt and a tank top. They each had a class of wine or beer, and by the looks of it they had already had a few drinks of each. I immediately saw my dad look right a Jenni in her snug outfit and say the other two dads look at us I our short shorts and tank tops.

“Well, this could get interesting.” Becki’s mom said.

Jenni’s mom looked at the others and said, “Well?”

Jenni’s dad looked at other others and said with limited conviction, “Probably, not something they’d be up to playing with their parents.”

I looked to Becki and Jenni, tightened my brow a bit in thought and to gage their reactions to what was just said. When I saw they were intrigued if not excited to explore the situation I said, “We’ll play.” Our parents all looked at each other for dissenting looks. There, were none.

“Well then have a seat, it will have to be boy girl girl, boy girl girl, boy girl girl.” My mom said. Becki, Jenni, and I all took a seat as instructed. My heart was pounding, we were heading into uncharted waters. The energy around them was unmistakably sexual.

“Okay then, let’s let one of the girls spin first to get them right into the game.” Becki’s dad said, then followed up with the short list of rules. “Ok, we rotate clockwise with who is spinning the bottle. The bottle has to make at least one full turn, whoever the bottle points to gets as to answer Truth or Dare, or the spinner of the bottle can flip a coin. If it is heads, they can pick Truth or Dare for that person. If it lands tails, it is reversed, and they must do a dare. And um the um dares,” he paused and composed himself then continued, “well for the first 30 minutes the dares can’t be anything to do with touching another player.” He swallowed nervously then finished. “After that a dare to, um ‘touch” someone. Well, the person to be touched can say no, at which point the game ends.”

I looked to Becki and Jenni. They both had an anxious look on their face, and I wondered if their hearts were pounding as hard as mine was at that moment. I was trying to grasp the full extent as to what could happen.

“Well, who is it going to be spinning girls?” Becki’s dad asked of us.

Becki answered, “I’ll spin.” She leaned over and spun the bottle. It whirled around several times before stopping on Jenni’s mom. Becki swallowed nervously and asked, “Truth or Dare?”

Jenni’s mom answered, “Truth.”

Becki nervously asked, “Um, how many times has your, um husband,”

Becki paused and Jenni’s mom interjected, “Just call us by our names.”

“Um, how many times has your, um James, asked you to flash someone your panties?” Becki asked.

Jenni’s mom looked at Becki with some admiration that she didn’t ask a totally lame question. She answered, “I think maybe a dozen time.”

‘Shit, shit, shit.’ I thought as my brain grapple with this information. Information that Jenni’s parents were not what I had expected.

Next to spin was Becki’s mom and her spin stopped and pointed at my mom.

Becki’s mom looked devilishly at my mom. “Karen, Truth or Dare?”

“Truth.” My mom answered quickly. Becki’s mom grinned at her, and my mom looked intently back at her. Becki’s mom’s eyes darted to me quickly then back to my mom.

“No sense in easing up on the questions just because we have new players. So, Karen.” Becki’s mom paused for just a moment adding tension to an already electric atmosphere. “Which would you rather do, give a man you work with a blowjob or give three strangers blowjobs?” My eyes popped open fast, and I felt like they might fall out of my head.

My mom’s brow tightened as did the scowl on her face. Then she relaxed and answered, “Three strangers.” I was looking at my mom, but she didn’t look to me. I then shifted my eyes to my dad. He looked at me quickly but with no discernable reaction to what was just admitted.

Next to spin was, Becki’s dad Ben. He spun and the bottle landed on me. ‘Damn,’ I was ready to be asked. I was hoping to get more of a feel for the game. “Well, well, it seems we are ganging up on your family early on. So, is it going to be Truth or Dare? Katie.” He asked. I said Truth as I was totally unprepared for what the dares might entail. Becki’s dad thought for a moment then asked, “

“Well, let’s keep the family theme going.” Becki’s dad began. “Ok Katie, tell us; have you seen naked boys; if so, how many?”

I averted looking at my dad and glanced only to Jenni. “Yes. I’ve seen, um.” I did the counting in my head. Jenni and I had peeked into the boy’s locker room a few times to look at boys naked and had been skinny dipping along with Becki a few times with boys. “11.” I answered. Becki’s dad muttered, “Mmm.”

Now it was my turn to spin. ‘Shit.’ I said to myself as I wasn’t focused on what to ask of anyone. I was a bit intimidated to ask one of our parents, so I hoped it wouldn’t stop on one of them. It didn’t, the bottle stoppled on Jenni. “Truth or Dare? Jenni.” I asked.

Jenni smiled a bit and muttered, “Oh ahh, Truth.”

I felt like we kind of had to stay on a sexual path with questions, but I nervous to ask something too intense for Jenni. I settled on a question and asked, “How many boys have seen your boobs?”

Jenni immediately bit her lip, and I could tell she was embarrassed. I kind of knew the answer already so I knew she couldn’t lie. That is when I realized how the previous Truth questions were asked. They were asking either-or questions or questions where either answer was potentially revealing, rather than asking a question they did know the answer to, thus preventing the other person from lying. I saw Jenni look to her mom, but not her dad. Then she answered. “Eight.” I could feel the eyes of our dads bounced to and from her chest as they imagine what her boobs looked like.

Next to spin was my mom. She spun the bottle with a deliberate speed which showed she undoubtable had a plan and knew what she was doing. The bottle stopped on Becki’s mom. Becki’s mom grinned, “We need to start using a bottle she isn’t familiar with.”

“Truth or Dare? Britany.” Mom asked.

“Dare.” Becki’s mom answered breaking the truth streak.

Mom smiled and dared Becki’s mom, “Stand in front of James, undo the front of your short, then pull your panties away from your stomach so he can look down them.”

‘What the fuck !’ I thought. I hadn’t even realized that could be a dare. Then I remember the rule about touching after 30 minutes. My minded tried to realize what might happen then.

Becki’s mom got up walked to James and undid her shorts and pulled her panties away from her stomach so James could look down them at her pussy! James looked until she let go and buttoned up again. He looked up at her and smiled saying, “Nice.”

Ken, my dad, took the bottle and spun. It stopped on James. James let out an ‘ugh.’

Dad grinned and picked up the coin. “I’ll flip for it.” My dad tossed the coin up and it came down on heads. My dad looked at James and prefaced his question with, “Let’s stoke the fire a bit with a good dare.” He looked around a bit then said, “Go up to Britany, stand in front of her and say, ‘I dream about jerking off and cumming on your face.’”

I looked over at Jenni and Becki for their reaction to what was going on. They both looked mesmerize by the events of the game. James got up a moment later walked and stood in front of Becki’s mom and said, “I dream about jerking off and cumming on your face.”

This game was getting intense I thought to myself. I had looked around and saw our parents were taking sips of their drinks as we played. I wondered, now much of this they would regret in the morning.

Jenni was up next. She spun and the bottle landed on Becki. Becki, perhaps not wanting to admit anything sexual in front of everyone went with ‘Dare.’ Jenni didn’t wait. She must have had a dare ready to go and told Becki, “I dare you to chug a beer.” Becki looked at her mom and dad, both of whom shrugged. Damn, I thought, they were going to let us drink during this game. Becki was handed a beer. She opened it and did her best to chug it in one go. I noticed our dads were watching intently. Becki smiled when she was done.

Jane smiled wide when her spin landed on my dad, Ken. He chose dare. Jane pondered for a moment then dare, “Pick one of our daughters to give a beer to and tell her to chug it, if she doesn’t you have to push off your pants down in front of her.” I could see the nervous, anxious look on my dad’s face. I looked at Jenni and Becki wondering which he might pick. I was shocked when he handed me a beer and told me to chug it. There was no way I wasn’t going to chug it. The alternative wasn’t anything I was prepared for. I chugged the beer as best I could.

After I was done, James was the last of us who had not spun yet. He spun and we all watched at is came to rest on me for a second time. Ben had escaped the bottle pointing at him for the first round of spinning. James bit his lip a gently as he thought. He picked up the coin and said, “We need to even things out.” He flipped and it landed heads. He sighed relief. My heart sped up. Shit, he was going to dare me, and he did. He dared me to chug a beer. I did.

After we had all spun at least once we paused the game and Ben, Becki’s dad said, “Oh, I forgot to mention that after each a full rotation of us spinning we all have to take a shot.”

‘What the fuck!’ I thought again, which was becoming too regular an occurrence. My mom and Jenni’s mom poured shots of tequila everyone. I was already spaced out from the beer and the surrealness of the game. Once we all had a shot, we all did them at once. I knew what to expect from a shot of tequila as did my friends, since we had tried it at a party before.

It was Becki’s turn to spin again. Her bottle pointed at James. She asked him Truth or Dare and he went with Truth. Becki asked, “Do you want to see your wife, um I mean Jane, give a blowjob to another man?” Wow, I thought, Becki was trying to drill down on the sexual experiences and desires between Jenni’s parents. James didn’t hesitate in answering, “Yes.” I could see Jane blushing at the revelation in front of everyone, especially her daughter.

Becki’s mom, Britany was up again, and her victim was Jenni. Jenni chose Dare. She later admitted she chose dare hoping it was just going to be drinking another beer or shot rather than picking truth and having to admit anything else sexual. Becki’s mom had other plans for Jenni. “Jenni, Jenni, Jenni.” Becki’s mom said teasingly. “I dare you to go up to Ken and ask him if he wants to see your tits. If he says yes, you have to show him.” Jenni looked around to her parents to see if they would protest, they didn’t. I knew then that I wasn’t’ going to be able to guess how far these dares might go.

Jenni stood up and walked my dad. I watched as his eyes drifted up from the legs to her yoga pants to her sports bra. She looked at my dad and asked, “Do you want to see my chest?”

Before my dad could answer, Becki’s mom said, “No say ‘tits’ not ‘chest.”

Jenni asked again, “Do you want to see my tits?” My dad looking right at Jenni’s sports bra nodded. Jenni took a breath then pulled her sports bra up exposing her perky b- cups to my dad. He looked, stared.

After, a moment Becki’s mom said, “Ok, that good.” Jenni pulled her bra back down. She was blushing.

Ben spun next and it landed on my mom. Ben smiled and picked up the coin, then put it down and asked, “Truth or Dare”. Mom answered Truth. “Which do you want to do more, for me to cum in your mouth or on your face?” Ben asked staring directly at my mom.

Mom smirked and said, “In my mouth.”

I was feeling the drinks hitting me as I am sure it was for Becki and Jenni. I was next. I spun and it landed on Jenni. I picked up the coin and flipped and it landed tails. ‘Damn,” I muttered. Jenni smirked. “So, you wanted to dare me, bummer it landed tails.” Jenni had a devilish look on her face. “Go to my dad and stand in front of him and ask him if he wants to see you push down your shorts and panties. If he does, do it.” I felt like a brick slammed into my chest. I hesitated for a moment. And James spoke up.

“Maybe this will help your nerves.” And he handed me another beer. I took it and drank some. I stood up and walked to him. Standing in front of him as he sat, his eyes at my waist level.

“Do you want to see me push down my shorts and panties?” I asked. I was sure this was a test of her dad rather than me. Jenni wanted to know what was in her dad’s mind concerning his thoughts about me. I thought he would say no, just to spare his daughter the knowledge of what he wanted. But he didn’t say ‘no.’

“Yes.” James answered. I swallowed and composed myself. I reached down and undid the button on my jean shorts and then the zipper. I grabbed them and pushed them off leaving my panties up still. I had on a black bikini cut panties. I saw him look right at them. My heart thumping, I pushed down my panties and exposed my teen pussy to my friend’s dad. I heard him moan a low, “Jesus, fuck.” He stared at my almost bald pussy. I shaved all but a small strip of my red hair. After a moment, I pulled my panties and shorts back up and sat back in my place.

My mom was next. She spun and it landed on Jane. Jane picked Truth. And my mom asked, “Would you rather see your daughter sucking an older man’s cock or see her suck three boys her age at the same time.”

‘Oh shit, this was worst then flashing.’ I thought to myself.

Jane looked to her daughter, bit her lip playfully. “That’s a hard choice. Um I guess I’ll go with three boys her age.” Wow. Her mom considered seeing her sucking and older man off.

My dad was next. The energy in the air was electric and exhilarating. My dad’s spin landed on Ben finally. “What’s it going to be truth or dare, Ben?” My dad asked.

“Let’s see where your mind is and what you have for me, so I’ll go dare.” Ben chose.

My dad nodded, thought for a moment, looked at me. Then back to Ben and said, “I dare you to stand in front of your daughter and say, ‘Becki, I jerk off thinking about you sucking Katie’s dad’s cock.’”

This was another unexpected twist. Ben stood in front of his daughter and said, “I jerk off thinking about you sucking Katie’s dad’s cock.” Becki was red face blushing.

Jenni was now due for her second spin of the night. It stopped on her mom, and she chose dare. Jenni took a long moment to think. Then asked if 30 minutes had gone by. It had. She looked at her mom and dared her. “I dare you to ask Katie’s dad if you can suck his cock. If he says yes, do it.” I looked to my mom to see her reaction. She was just grinning. I then looked to Jenni’s dad. He smiled at his wife. It was unreal, they all seemed ok with this type of dare. I thought my dad would say no, thus ending the game.

Jane walked to my dad and asked him, “Can I suck your cock.”

“Oh yes.” My dad answered and stood up and began to undo his pants as Jane knelt. Becki’s dad explained there was a time limit on dares to keep the game moving. We all watched as my dad pushed off his pants and exposed his hard cock. It was big, I couldn’t help but look as did Becki and Jenni. Then Jane took his cock into her mouth and my dad moaned, “Jesus, fuck yes.” He looked at James, “Fuck, I’ve thought about this for a while.” I stared as I saw Jane move her head taking more and less of his cock in with each motion. I would guess only a minute or two passed before Ben called time. My dad pulled his boxers and pants up as Jane moved back to her place.

Jane composed herself, took a long drink of wine; then spun the bottler as it was her turn. The bottle stopped on Becki. Becki chose Truth. Jane asked, “If you had to suck either James’, Ken’s, or your dad’s cock who would you suck?” Christ this was getting crazy, I thought.

Becki eyes darted around as she I am sure thought about how her answer would resonate through the night and into the future. After some prodding to answer the question, Becki finally looked to, James and said “James.”

Back to James for his second spin. James’ bottle whirled and came to rest on me. Afraid of admitting something like Becki did I chose Dare. James smiled and said, “I dare you to kneel in front Ben, undo his pants pull them down stroke his cock over your open mouth. If he cum, you have to let him cum on your face and in your mouth, if he cums in your mouth you have to swallow.”

I was tipsy and my hormones were raging with the sexual energy of the game, or I might have said no. But I didn’t, I went to Ben. I knelt as dared and undid his pants. He was looking down at me. He said to me, “Ok Katie. I wish he had dared something more fun.” I blushed as I pulled down his pants and exposed his hard cock right in-front of my face. I looked up at him and then took hold of his cock and stroking it over my open mouth. I wasn’t sure how close he might be to cumming knowing he only had a short time to cum before time was called.

He had a nice cock. My finger barely fit around it. It was so hard. I stroked it as best I could as I looked up and him looking down at me. He would move his occasionally like he was fucking hand. Sadly, for Ben, time was called and I was spaed.

The second rotation was over, and we all took another shot.

Becki’s third turn. She spun and it landed on my mom. Becki smirked and picked up the coin and flipped it. Heads. “HA.” She crocked. “Hmm.” Becki hummed as she thought. Then a sinister look came over her face. “I dare you to pull James’ pants down and suck his cock.” What?! I was stunned by Becki’s dare. She wasn’t letting the game go backwards. My mom’s eye narrowed as she looked at Becki, then she smirked.

Mom got up and moved to James. When she got to him, she said “Hi,” then started to undo his pants. When she pushed his pants and boxers down his hard cock sprang free. It was a nice size, probably 6.5 to 7 inches. I looked and so did Becki and Jenni. James’ stomach tightened when my mom’s fingers wrapped around his hard cock. He muttered, “Oh that’s it, Karen.” Karen, my mom, stroked his cock for a moment before dropping to her knees and taking it in her mouth. It wasn’t long before James’ hips started to move back and forth, and he moaned, “Fuck yes.” My mom was working his cock. Her head was moving, and her hands held his cock as she sucked him. James flexed and pushed deep into her mouth when he could. “Oh, fuck Karen, fuck yes. Suck my cock, Karen.” Fuck, it was hot to watch this, I thought. My own body was reaction to what I was seeing. I was sure James was going to cum in my mom’s mouth, but then Ben called time. Mom smiled a James as she let go and went back to her place.

Britany, Becki’s mom, was up next. She spun and it landed on my mom again. “No way.” Mom said as her mouth hung open for a moment.

“Truth or Dare, Karen?” Britany asked smiling wide. Mom sighed and went with Truth.

“Which one of the men here do you want to see fuck your daughter the most?” Britany asked. ‘What the fuck!’ I thought. Shit, this was going to be awkward.

Mom took a deep breath, paused and said, “Ken.” ‘FUCK’, my mind screamed. Becki and Jenni both looked at me. My mom had just said she would rather see my dad fuck me then someone else. I looked at dad and he stared at mom with a look I hadn’t seen before and a look that I didn’t know what it meant. A second later my dad looked to me. I felt my eyes widen as my mind uncontrollable imaging my dad on top over me, pinning my arms up over my head, and the tip of his cock pressing against my pussy.

Ben was next and spun the bottle quickly before the silence of the moment ruined the energy in the air. The bottle stopped on Jenni. Ben picked up the coin and flipped it. It landed heads. He smiled, ‘Thank god.” He said, “You’ve been getting off easy.” I looked to see Jenni’s reaction. She was nervous, and anxious. “Well, let’s keep with the subject, so to speak.” Ben said then announced his dare to Jenni. “Jenni, I want you to take off your clothes, lay down in front of your dad, spread your legs, then lift your hips up and say, “I want you daddy. I think about you fucking me all the time.”

My heart started pounding. I looked at Jenni, she was frozen in thought. She looked around then at everyone. Fuck, this was getting closer and closer to something physically taboo happening with Becki, Jenni, and me and our dad. Jenni, then stood up and moved to her dad. She pulled off her sports bra, exposing her perky tits again to everyone. I could see she was breathing heavy. The then pushed down on her yoga shorts wiggling out of them and revealing her smooth pussy to her dad. He looked. She laid down, her legs closed at first. She looked at her and slowly, nervously spread her legs. Then she lifted her hips up and said “I want you daddy. I think about you fucking me all the time.” Her dad looked right at her pussy the whole time. I couldn’t help but to imagine me doing that to my dad.

When time ran out on that dare, Jenni pulled on her yoga pants and pulled sports bra on again. She was blushing as she sat back down. I was up next. I spun the bottle. As it whirled, I was lost I thought about how this night was going and the things I had learned. My spin landed on my mom. I looked to her and asked, “Truth or Dare.” Mom looked back and chose, dare. My hormones were raging form all sexual tension in the air. I couldn’t escape from the places my mind was wandering. I looked at my mom and said, “I dare you to get on your knees and suck Becki’s dad’s, I mean Ben’s, cock until he cums in your mouth.” My heart was pounding. I felt so dirty for my dare. I wondered if Ben would decline the dare and end the game, or let it happen as his daughter and wife watched. But he hadn’t stopped me when I was dared to stroke his cock. Mom bit her lip softly, then went to Ben and knelt. Ben undid his pants and pushed them down freeing his hard cock.

Mom looked at dad and said, “Sorry honey, a dare is a dare.” She then took Ben in her mouth. Ben moaned and immediately reached for and held my mom’s head, his fingers gripping her hair. Ben looked at his wife for a moment just when a mom took him deep and he moaned, and his eyes fluttered a bit. Everyone watched as mom moved her head taking more than less of Ben’s cock into her mouth. She reached up and held his cock as she sucked. Ben’s hand tight in her hair.

Ben started to flex his ass and lift-up on the balls of his feet as his thrusts into my mom’s mouth became more erratic. Ben moaned, “Fuck Karen, oh fuck Karen. I’m going to cum. Fuck I’m going to cum in your mouth. Oh fuck.” Then he cam. His body shook as he pushed deep into her mouth and moaned. I could see my mom’s throat move as she swallowed his streams of cum. It was mesmerizing, seeing my mom taking my friend Becki’s dad’s cum in her mouth. Ben moaned in unmistakable pleasure as he sent streams of his cum into my mom mouth. After a moment, Ben relaxed and pulled his cock from my mom’s mouth. “Fuck Karen, I’ve wanted to do that to you for a long time.” Mom smiled and stood up and went back to her place. Ben pulled up his pants and took his place.

My mom was up next to spin. She had a look in her eye. Then I remember how expertly she could spin the bottle, and I was worried. She looked at me then spun the bottle with deliberate speed. I watched the bottle seemingly spin in slow motion and then it stopped on Me. Oh, no. I thought in panic. I was about to say truth when mom pick up the coin and flipped it. I closed my eyes as soon as I saw it land on heads. A moment later I opened them and heard mom say, “Look likes a dare for you honey.” I sat and looked to Becki and Jenni. Both grinned and shrugged and had a look of relief that the bottle didn’t land on them. Mom then issued her dare to me. “Katie dear, I dare you to go to James, take off all your clothes in front of him, then drop to your knees and suck his cock until he cums in your mouth. And swallow his cum.”

I swear my heart stopped for a moment. I had never done oral, never had a cock in my mouth, and never tasted cum. I hoped for a moment James would refuse to be the recipient of the dare, but he didn’t. He stood up and started undoing his pants in anticipation of it. I looked at mom and she shrugged smiling, “You girls wanted to play and adult game, so now you have to do adult things.”

I got up and walked to James. I was shaking a bit and I think everyone could tell. I got to James as he pushed off his pants and boxers, exposing his already hard cock. I reached for me tank top, grabbed it, and it off exposing my teen b-cups. James looked and said, “Oh Katie.” I then undid my shorts opened the front and pushed them off, revealing my panties. James looked down at them, stared for a moment as I stepped out of my shorts. I then took ahold of my panties and pushed them down and off. James looked right at my pussy and moaned. “Fuck Katie, I was hoping to see your pussy.” I blushed a bit and my whole body felt hot. I sank to my knees. I looked up. I am sure James could tell I hadn’t done this before or at least not many times. “Don’t worry you’ll figure it out,” he said to me. “You start by opening your mouth and holding my cock, then you lean in and take it.”

I looked to my side and saw dad looking at me, staring, mesmerized. I turned back to James and took hold of his cock in my hand. It felt so hard. Now I had felt both of my friends’ dads’ cocks in my hand. James moaned as he felt my hand on his cock. I then opened my mouth, leaned in and took the tip of his cock in my mouth. “Ohhhh, fuck.” James moaned to let everyone know how excited he was to feel my mouth on his cock. I took him as deep as I could, then pulled back. I felt James hands on my head and in my hair. He pushed my head forward and his cock slide deeper into my mouth. “Mmm, Katie, that’s it. Take my cock.” James said in a low voice. I let James control my head and movement. He pushed in and out of my mouth as I held my lips tight and let my tongue press up on his cock.

It wasn’t long before his fingers tightened in my hair, and he moaned differently. He started to get erratic with his motion. I felt his cock starting to swell bigger in my mouth. He groaned. “Yes, Katie. Yes. Suck my cock. Suck it, Katie.” He paused, “Get ready Katie I’m going to cum. Fuck, I’m going to cum in your mouth Katie.” Then he did. He tensed up and I felt a huge stream of his cum rocket out of his cock into the back of my mouth and throat. I had to swallow fast to keep from gagging. He shot three more streams of cum deep into my mouth as he moaned. I swallowed them all. Moments passed as he relaxed, and I felt him flexing and letting more cum drip into my mouth on to my tongue. I swallowed. He held his cock in my mouth for a moment after he finished and relaxed. Then he pulled out and looked down at me and said, “I really liked that. Damn I can’t believe it, I’ve wanted you to do that for a long, long time.”

James stubbled back sat down. He pulled his boxers and pants back on. I gathered up my clothes and walked to my place and got dressed. I had just given my first blow job. I had just tasted cum for the first time. Nobody said anything for those few moments. Then next noise we all heard was the bottle spinning again. I looked and saw my dad waiting for the bottle to stop on someone. It slowed and stopped on Britany.

Britany chose Truth. And my dad, asked her, “Do you want to see your daughter fucking me or James?” I was rather tuned out to what was going on as I was still reeling with the thought that I had just give Jenni’s dad a blowjob and swallowed his cum. However, I did hear her answer. Britany looked at her daughter and said, ‘you,’ to my dad. I glanced at Becki who smirked. Everything was becoming dream like.

Jenni took the bottle next and spun. I was recovering from my daze and saw it stop on Becki. Becki said, “Truth,” quickly. But Jenni hadn’t asked truth or dare yet. Jenni said, “You spoke to fast.” She picked up the coin and flipped it. It landed tailed. And the look on Jenni’s face changed. Becki instead had a smirk on her face.

“It seems you got yourself a dare,” Becki said smiling. A moment of thought then Becki looked back up at Jenni and said, “Tell Katie’s dad he can fuck you, then let him if he says yes. And, you have to let him cum inside you.” The energy in the room was electrified. This was well beyond anything we could have imagined. Jenni looked from Becki to my dad. My dad’s eyes betrayed his desire, and he looked at Jenni in her sports bra and yoga pants with true desire. My mine raced because I knew Jenni was a virgin, we all were. I saw Jenni look to her mom and dad, they both just smiled at her.

Jenni, I imagine was as overwhelmed with hormones and the surreal energy of the night. I am sure she could have stopped the game, but the momentum of it was overwhelming. Jenni stood up looked at my dad and asked, “Do you want to fuck me?” Wow! Just hearing that was more exciting than I could have imagined.

My dad looked her up and down, then into her eyes and said, “Yes, Jenni. I want to fuck you so fucking bad.” They both moved to the middle of the circle of us on the mat that was there. My dad reached out and pulled her top up and off, exposing her perfect perky chest. My dad then reached and felt them. He smiled at Jenni and said, “Fuck, they’re perfect.” My dad then pulled off his shirt and pushed off his pants and boxer. He was naked and his cock was standing hard at attention.

I felt as if I was watching a movie. My dad then said, “Lay down Jenni.” Jenni obeyed my dad, and she laid down on the mat. My dad knelt and lifted her hips up and pulled off her yoga pants. He looked at her smooth pussy and muttered to Jenni, “Fuck, your pussy looks perfect Jenni. Jesus Jenni, fuck I’ve dreamed of this for a long time.” My dad then said, “Now spread your legs, Jenni, like you did for your dad.” Jenni took a breath and spread her young legs. My dad stared right between them at her perfect smooth pussy. After a moment of looking, he got between her legs and held himself over her, his cock inches from her young pussy. My dad looked down to his cock and Jenni’s pussy then moved his hips to press the tip of his cock against Jenni’s smooth teen pussy.

I couldn’t help but stare as my dad pressed the tip of his cock against Jenni’s pussy. I was shocked when her parents weren’t stopping the game, then I figured they all wanted this to happen, they all were ok with our dad’s doing this to us. My mind was lost in a storm of realization. I was pulled from this when I heard Jenni moan. I snapped out of my trance and saw my dad pushing his cock inside Jenni’s pussy. Jenni was arching back slightly as my dad pushed his cock more and more into Jenni’s tight teen pussy. My dad moaned, “Oh, Jenni, fuck Jenni you’re tight.”

Jenni groan and I saw her eyes go wide. She let out a moan I hadn’t heard before. I watched as my dad fully penetrated Jenni. He lifted his head back and moaned, “God, your pussy is fucking tight Jenni. Fuck, I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time.” Jenni let out a loud exhale of air and looked at my dad, her eyes wide as she was filled with my dad’s cock. Dad pulled back and thrust back into Jenni, then again and again; each time he moaned as the pleasure he was feeling. It was all so surreal. I was watching Jenni lose her virginity to my dad. It didn’t last much longer. My dad thrust into Jenni a few more time and finished with a deep thrust into her pussy and he moaned loudly, “Oh Fuck Jenni, I’m cumming.” I couldn’t help but watch as my dad arched back a bit an thrust his hips forward pushing his cock as deep as he could into Jenni’s teen pussy. Listening to him moan and knowing he was pumping his cum deep into Jenni’s pussy was exhilarating.

The moments after my dad finished cumming in Jenni played in slow motion. I saw my dad relax and slowly pull out of Jenni’s pussy. He looked down at her pussy as he pulled out and saw his cum run out of her. He moaned a low moan of satisfaction. He then stood up and moved back to his place. Jenni laid there for a moment, her legs still spread, cum leaking out of her little teen slit onto the mat. She lifted her head and looked to me and smiled. She had just let my dad fuck her. Jenni sat up and grabbed her yoga shorts and sports bra and moved to her place. I saw cum drip down her leg.

Jane spun next. I think everyone was in a daze from what had just happened. Jane had just seen her young teen daughter fuck for the first time. The bottle stopped on Ben. Jane looked to Ben and there was a feeling in the air that was indescribable. Jane asked, “Truth or Dare.’ Ben answered Dare. Jane, perhaps excited or upset at what had happened to her daughter, gave Ben a dare that crossed every boundary. Jane looked at Ben and said, “I dare you to grab your daughter, rip her clothes off and fuck her until you cum inside her little pussy.”

Ben looked a Becki. In that moment I am sure Becki was going to decline, thus ending the game, but she didn’t. I am not sure I could have declined given that my hormones were totally out of control and overwhelming my mind. Ben motioned his daughter to the mat in the middle of us. When Becki got there, Ben reached up and ripped her tank top down the front and took it off her. Becki’s nice chest was exposed. Ben then grabbed her shorts and panties and pulled them down to her ankles. Becki’s pussy was on display for her dad to see. She was now naked in the middle of us. Ben took his clothes off and we saw his hard cock pointing out. He pushed Becki down to her knees. She was about to lay back when Ben had her turn and get on all fours. Ben then knelt behind her. He grabbed her hips and pressed his cock against his daughter’s pussy. Ben leaned over his daughter and whispered to her, but I could still hear him. “I’ve imagined this for a long time.”

Both Ben and Becki were oriented toward Britany. Ben looked right at his wife, Britany, then pushed his cock slowly into Becki’s pussy. I saw her fingers press against the mat as she let out moan like Jenni had. The look on her face was discomfort and exhilaration, Ben moaned as he was looking at his wife and said, “Jesus fuck honey, she’s tight.”

I couldn’t help but watch as Ben pressed into his young daughter’s pussy from behind. His hand on her hips tight. Ben groaned to his daughter as he slowly pushed his cock into her, “Oh god baby you feel fucking good.” As with my dad, he didn’t last long. Ben kept up a low moan as he pushed all the way into his teen daughter’s pussy. He looked up at his wife and muttered to her, “Honey, she’s too tight I’m not going to last, fuck I’m going to cum in our daughter.” His wife said nothing, then pulled back once more and thrust hard deep into his daughter. Ben exploded inside Becki and groaned loudly. I saw his fingers tighten on Becki’s hips as he trembled and cam inside his daughter. Becki let out a low moan as she took her dad’s cum. She looked to her mom a look of pleasure was on her face. I took in the look on her face as she felt her dad pumping his cum inside her. I was watching Becki, as I had Jenni, lose her virginity.

It took a few moments for everyone to gather their thoughts after Ben finished and returned to his place. Once there, Ben said, ok one more spin and we have all had our three spins. James took the bottle and spun it. It stopped on my mom. I waited for James to ask truth or dare of my mom. He looked at her and her eyes when to the coin. James picked it up and flipped it. It came up tails. My mom smiled as if she knew it would land on tails.

Mom looked to me, and I saw the look on her face as she thought about her dare for James. I knew in that moment what she was pondering. Without looking away, my mom said, “Dare you to,” she paused for a moment, “Fuck my daughter and fill her little pussy with as much cum as you can pump into her.” I let out the breath I was holding. My mind probably was a scrambled with as many thoughts as Jenni and Becki’s had when they heard the dares aimed at them.

James got up and moved to the mat. He pulled off his shirt and took off his pants and boxers. He was naked waiting for me. His big fat cock was hard for all to see. I got up slowly and pulled off my top and then I pushed off my shorts and panties. I let James look me up and down. He smiled. I walked up to him. He surprised me then by reaching and pulling my head to him. He kissed me. I kissed back. I felt his cock press into my stomach as he pulled me against his body and kissed me. After a moment he broke off the kiss and said, “I’ve dreamed of fucking you a lot more then I did of you sucking my cock.” I looked back at him but didn’t say anything.

James guided me down to the ground and onto my back. But unlike the others, James moved his mouth to my pussy. I let out a shocked gasp as I felt his lips and tongue on my bare pussy. “Oh. Mm,” I stuttered as James’ tongue found its way along my pussy to my clit. He let his mouth and tongue move up my body from my pussy to my tits and onto my neck as he got over me. He let the weight of his body down on me as I felt the tip touch my pussy. He lifted up then and let his cock rest above my pussy, his balls resting against It between my spread legs. He looked me in the eye as he pulled his cock back. I felt it slide back along the top of my pussy then slip into place, the tip pressing against my opening.

“Say you want me to fuck you, Katie.” My heart raced as I heard James ask that. He wanted to hear me ask for it.

“I want you to fuck me, Mr. Henley,” I said in my best sexy voice.

James didn’t hesitate. He pushed the tip of his cock into my wet pussy and kept pushing. I flinched as he broke my hymen and he slipped deeper into my pussy. I groaned, as had Becki and Jenni before me, as I felt my first cock sliding into my pussy. “Oh, Mr. Henley,” I moaned feeling exhilarated as he filled me.

James eyes rolled back for a moment as he pushed all the way inside me. The tip of his cock pressed up against my cervix. “Oh, fuck Katie, I am all they way in you.” He said loudly and with unmistakable pleasure. He let his eyes fall back to me and looked down my body to my pussy and to his cock inside it. I watched him as he watched his cock pull out and then pushed back into me. He wanted to see his cock inside me. “Katie, baby. Fuck your pussy looks good taking my cock. Take a look, Katie.” I lifted my head and looked down at my pussy. I saw James’ cock pull back and then press into me. I watched as I took his cock. It was a bit uncomfortable for a moment, but I was so wet with anticipation that it quickly felt amazing. James moaned again. He was lasting longer than the others had. I learned later it was because he had already recently cummed.

James increased his motion. He pulled back and thrusted into me. My body shook with each thrust. James grabbed my long red hair and pulled my head back as he thrust into me. James moaned each time he bottomed out inside me, his cock smashing against my cervix. “That’s it, Katie. Take my cock, Take it like a good little girl. Let me fuck you.”

“Talk to her dirty like you told me you’d like to.” I heard my dad say to James.

James didn’t hesitate. “Take my cock, you fucking little cunt. You fucking little teen tease, take it.” James rammed his cock hard into me. I groaned as it hurt a bit. “You little bitch prancing around in your skimpy. How does it feel to get fucked like the little cunt you are!”

Fuck, my mind was beyond lost in the moment. James was using me to get all his pent-up sexual aggression out. Every girl he ever saw that he wanted to fuck he was taking out on me. His energy was addictive his desire for me overwhelming.

James continued to thrust faster and faster. My perky b -cups were shaking on my chest with each thrust. Soon James began the erratic motion Ben and my dad had right before they finished. I knew James was past the point of no return and would soon be cumming inside me. His thrusts started to become uncomfortable as he rammed his cock into me. “Oh Katie, Katie, Katie!” He exclaimed as I felt his cock swell inside me. He slammed into me one last time and held his cock deep inside me. “I’m cumming! Take my cum Katie, take it you little cunt!”

He trembled and was tensed up as he kept his cock pressed as deep as he could inside me. I felt his cock spasm and pulsated inside me. I felt the warmth of his hot cum filling my pussy. I then cam. I arched back and moaned, “Ummmmm mm ohhmmm.” I too tensed up and trembled as I orgasmed for the first time with a cock inside me. As I was arched back and looking back, I saw my dad looking at me. He was stroking his cock and with look of desire.

A moment passed as I subsided from my orgasm and as James did too. I relaxed and looked to James. He smiled with a look of complete satisfaction on his face. He muttered to me right before he pulled out of me, “Damn, that was amazing Katie, I hope we can keep doing this.”