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Naughty Drunken Uncle Fucked Me

2022-12-06 12:04:10

Uncle Jim was one of those uncles that wasn't related to me by blood but rather one of the many aunts and uncles that get their title from being close family friends. Uncle Jim was my step dad's best friend and I had grown to love him for the fun, goofball that he was. As I had matured I noticed him checking out my developing breasts, especially when he and dad were having a drinking session. I would purposely wear low cut tops and tight shorts to show off my budding curvaceous figure. Like most girls, I hate wearing a bra and due to the size of my tits I found the underwired support particularly uncomfortable so as soon as I got home from school or being out with friends that offending item of clothing was removed which often meant my sensitive nipples were erect and being teased by the fabric of my clothing. Something I later discovered had also not gone unnoticed by my dad and his best mate.

Depending on your age some of you might recall the era of computers being introduced to home and that dreaded dial up tone of the internet. Our computer was initially kept in my parents bedroom but I would sneak in and use it whenever I could. On one such occasion I found my dad's email account had been left open and being the nosy parker that I am, of course I snooped through his emails. There were a string of emails between him and Jim but what really piqued my attention was they were about me, but particularly what they would like to do to me. There were multiple references about my nipples "being like coat hooks in that school shirt" and "those skirts don't leave much to the imagination" as well as "maybe you should let her catch you wanking and see what happens" but the most exciting information was a detailed back and forth de***********ion of a threesome and every detail of what they would do to me. I had been so focused on perving on listening to my parents fucking and fancying my daddy that the thought of having two cocks at the same time hadn't even entered my young mind. I had started playing with myself as I read this and Benji must have caught my scent as I was suddenly rewarded with a wet nose in my bald cunt. I just lay back on my parents bed and let him work his magic as I pictured all of the things I had just read. Benji lapped away at my clit with that rough tongue while I imagined being spit roasted by my dad and uncle Jim. I was cumming in record time!

Now that I new for definite my daddy had been secretly fantasising about me, I became more confident around the house when my mother was out. Dad was a lorry driver so I'd often go away with him in the school holidays or on the odd weekend and I was rather popular at the truck stops. Sometimes I'd lay in the bed behind him as he drove pretending I was napping but secretly I'd be playing with my pussy literally inches away from him, silently cumming as I wished he would pull over, drop his trousers and ram his fat cock inside my virgin pussy. True to his email I did "catch" him wanking a couple of times and if he was home on my lunch break he would make a point of taking my mother to bed and loudly fucking her. That dirty old bastard must have known I was listening!

The real surprise came one night when Uncle Jim had been round for a drinking session but consumed too much and had to bed put to bed in the spare room to sleep it off. The rest of the adults carried on partying but I eventually went to my room and left them to their drunken nonsense. At some point Jim had woken to use the bathroom but had gotten disoriented and ended up in my bedroom on his way back to the spare room. He had sobered up considerably and was feeling very silly but this wasn't the first time so we just had a little chuckle about it. As we chatted we heard my parents stumbling up the stairs and into their bedroom, this was quickly followed by the sounds of giggling and kissing. Uncle Jim said "oh you can hear quite a bit through the walls huh?" I informed him "this is just the beginning". He looked intrigued but I knew from years of listening in that they would soon be fucking and when they were full of alcohol, it would not be a quiet session.

As predicted the moaning and bed squeaking soon followed, Uncle Jim was still sitting on the edge of my bed and I noticed him fidgeting. I had just assumed he was feeling awkward at hearing them but then I noticed the bulge in his trousers then he quickly noticed me staring at the bulge in his trousers. I looked up at him, eyes sparking and full of mischief and he just smiled at me. He obviously didn't know I had read his emails however I could feel my nipples were tingling and hard so I sat up a bit straighter so they were pressing against the vest top I was wearing to see if he looked. When his eyes darted to their desired target I felt very powerful and knew I wanted to feel his mouth on them. I asked hopefully "do you want to listen to them some more? I won't tell if you don't" He just sat there slack jawed and nodded. I reached out gingerly and touched his leg, letting my petite hand inch closer and slowly to his crotch hoping he didn't stop me. My eyes were fixed on his growing bulge so I didn't notice his hand reaching up to my face but as he touched it he raised my face so I was again looking at him. Without talking he lowered his mouth to mine and our lips locked, his stubble was rough on my soft skin and he smelled of alcohol and tobacco but the feeling of his lips was exquisite!

Our tongues danced as we listened to my parents fucking. This felt different to the times I had fooled around with my step brother, he was a boy and this was clearly a big strong man. He lifted me up so I was sitting on his lap, I instantly felt his hard cock through is trousers digging into my mound that was only protected by a pair of small panties. My arms were snaked around his neck as my hips rocked back and forth enjoying the sensation on my mound. He pulled at the straps of my vest to expose my young but full tits "wow" he breathed quietly before burying his face in my cleavage as he cupped my arse cheeks. Oh god this felt good! He then took each nipple in his mouth to suck and tease as I wrapped my arms around him and held him close. My little clit was swelling and desperate for some attention but I was keen to see his cock so I slipped down his body and unbuttoned his trousers so he could slide them off. As he did this his beautifully erect dick bounced free and stood to it's full attention. I cheekily enquired what was turning him on more, listening to them fucking or playing with my tits and he just smiled knowing full well we were both getting our kicks from the whole scenario.

I dropped to my knees on the floor in front of him and slowly began licking his shaft and balls, just like big bro taught me, then without any warning I swallowed as much of his throbbing cock as I could without choking. I had put in quite a lot of practice with my brother so had become rather good at sucking cock. I sucked and cupped him into a state of absolute bliss as he muttered "damn girl" and "oh fuck" but he obviously didn't want to cum just yet so he pulled me up off the floor and lay me on the bed. He lay in top of me and kissed me passionately again before asking "how long do they usually go at it for?" I told him "they've been drinking so it'll be ages before daddy cums". He seemed pleased with this answer and proceeded to kiss his way down my body, stopping to tease my nipples again before reaching my panties that he quickly pulled off. As he spread my legs and lowered his face to my sopping wet cunt he said "I've been thinking about this for a loooong time" by this point I had my hands on his head, keen for his tongue inside me and said "I know" but before he had a chance to answer or question that I shoved in face into my pussy. He got to work immediately and ate me like a starving man, licking and teasing my clit as well as shoving his tongue deep in my hole. Benji had been licking my pussy for so long I had almost forgotten how good a human tongue felt. Uncle Jim soon had his fingers inside me and between that and his expert tongue action he had me cumming silently as possible while we listened to my dad pounding my mother's hairy cunt.

Uncle Jim kneeled between me with his big hard cock ready for action "can I...?" He half asked. "Fuck me?" I finished it for him. He nodded enthusiastically. I told him "yes but be gentle, that thing is a monster" he responded with "okay baby girl" and that just made me want him inside me even more! He rubbed the tip of his prick up and down my glistening slit a few times to coat his cock in my juices before gently easing into my eager hole. Although he had loosened me up a little with his fingers first, it was a tight fit so he took it slowly to start with. Unlike the couple next door who were pounding so hard the headboard was banging. We soon got into a nice rhythm as I lay there with my petite legs spread for this big hunk of a man sliding in and out of my young cunt and we were loving every second. He asked "how often do you listen to them?" I told him "pretty much every time they fuck and they fuck alot". I could feel him starting to match his thrusts with my daddy's and that excited me "have you ever thought about fucking my mum?" I enquired? He just nodded. I told him "hear those *uuuuh* and sharp in take of breath sounds she's making, that means she's close to cumming" He grunted and fucked me a little harder before he asked "have you ever thought about fucking your dad?" And it was turn to just nod.

Uncle Jim lowered his whole body onto me so our skin was touching as he fucked me, he had one arm under my head so his hand was on my shoulder and the other hand was cupping my butt cheek. He kissed my neck as he humped his swollen cock into my little cunt. He had me firmly in place, not that I had tried to escape but now even if I wanted to I couldn't. "I'd love to be your daddy" He whispered. I took the hint and whispered back "yes daddy..." causing him to groan and thrust a little harder. The change in position meant some friction on my still swollen clit so another orgasm was building, he must have felt my cunt tightening around his girthy cock. There was something terribly naughty and exciting about laying there being fucked by my dads best friend as we listened to my parents fucking next door. "You're going to make me cum again Daddy" I managed to say between gasps he commanded me "cum on my cock baby, let me feel your little pussy cum for daddy". This was enough to tip me over the edge and my second orgasm ripped through me as Uncle Jim continued his fucking, I could tell by his breathing he was close to shooting his load too.

He lifted himself up so he was supporting his weight on both hands again and carried on pounding me. I was happy to lay there and let him use me as I enjoyed the aftermath of my orgasms. He said "tell me when your mums cumming" so I just lay there watching him as we both were silent and listening to the shagging in the next room. I could hear dad saying his usual "you're a filthy whore, it's never enough cum is it, never enough cock..." and could hear his big balls slapping off her arse. Uncle Jim was enjoying watching my tits bounce with each thrust and I reached up to play with his nipples but he told me not too as he doesn't like it. The excitement of it all was making my clit tingle again so I rubbed my clit instead. Uncle Jim loved the tightening of my young pussy around his cock and managed to grunt an "oh fuck". He didn't really need me to tell him as we could hear but when my mother was cumming I obliged and informed him and this drove him wild. He was thrusting and bucking so much that he didn't pull out in time so spunked his load deep inside me. This was quickly followed by my dad cumming and I was still rubbing my clit so I had an intense orgasm number 3 while I listening to him filling my mother up.

We collapsed together in a sweaty, satisfied mess. That was all kinds of fucked up but super horny. Uncle Jim returned to his bed and I went to sleep wondering if there would ever be a repeat.

I woke in the morning to Benji dutifully lapping away at my used pussy. I was sensitive and raw but still full of cum so he was on a clean up mission for his number one bitch. As I lay there with the dog lapping away, I was thinking about the previous nights events and my clit swelled so I couldn't help but let Benji make me cum again.

We all sat down together for breakfast and of course nothing was mentioned about anyone's sexy encounters from last night. My mind was racing as to how I could bounce on my daddy's cock and make this much talked about threesome happen.