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My twin sister and I_(1)

2022-07-02 00:00:04

Me And My Twins Sister.

Growing up I only had one sibling. My twin sister. We had always been close. When my father left we grew very close. He was an abusive prick. He never hit me or my sister, but was constantly beating the shit out of our mom. We thought things would get better once he left, but instead, they got worse. Mom started taking meth and was absent most of the time. We had just started 6th grade when all of this happened. As a result myself and my twin sister were always looking out for each other. Our mom was a meth head and our father wanted nothing to do with us. We eventually were taken by the state and placed in foster care when we were half way through 8th grade. That's where we spent the rest of middle school, and all of high school years, in foster care. The only good thing was that we were not separated during any of this. Our foster parents were both rich surgeons and took good care of us so we had nice things. A far cry from what we went through earlier. So I had a lot of nice cloths. They even bought nice cars for each of us, although I preferred to work and pay for mine, at least as much as I could as a high school student. The only thing was that they were hardly ever home.

I'm David, I stand 6'2 and weigh 200 pounds. I'm very athletic. I played sports all of the time. I have dark brown hair and green eyes. My cock isn't too terribly big. It was over 7 inches, but very close to 8 inches long, and it is thick. My sister Tabitha stood only 5'1 and weighed 90 pounds. She too was athletic. She was a cheerleader and she kept just as busy as I did. She had sandy blonde hair and green eyes as well. She didn't have big tits, they were about an A cup, possibly a small B cup. She had an incredible little ass. She was very petite. We didn't look a lot alike since we were not identical twins.

I never looked at my sister in a sexual way, well, at least not until after I had purchased a camera for her 14th birthday. I got the money from doing odd jobs like mowing lawns and helping people clean gutters and anything else I could around the neighborhood. I went from door to door explaining to them that I wanted to buy her a camera and asked them if I could work to save money for it. When she got it, she loved it and she would use her camera any chance she got. She was a natural when it came to taking pictures. She had an eye for it somehow.

One day she came to me and told me that she wanted to take pictures of people. She asked me to be her first model so she could practice. I had a lot of nice cloths so I modeled them for her. It was actually quite fun even though I had no idea what the hell I was doing. She would have her friends over as well and they would model too.

What didn't help was that me and my little sister, and her friends all had raging hormones. I jerked off a lot. I can't tell you if my twin sister played with herself or not. I did suspect it however. Right around our 15th birthday she started to have me do some modeling with her friends. It was innocent enough for a while, but some of the stuff we did for photos started to become a little less innocent. By then I was pretty ripped, not to the point that I looked like I do now anyway. But I did have a pretty decent 6 pack for a 15 year old. I posed with them in my gym shorts only at times and they would be wearing bikinis or small one piece swim suits. The had their hands all over me and we did some rather questionable poses. Ones that would turn me on. My cock wasn't quite as big as it is now, but it was still pretty obvious. The girls never made fun of me rather it would turn them on, making our poses more and more sexy and suggestive.

When we finally turned 16 things took a turn for the, well, not sure how to say it. It was just me Tabitha, and her friend Summer. Since our parents were away most of the time, it made things like this easy to accomplish. Anyway, we were out by the pool, and we were starting our "photo session". Summer was a really cute red haired girl. I am a huge fan of small tits but hers were pretty big for her age. She was almost a c cup. She had green eyes and pale white skin. She didn't have the cutest face but she was still pretty sexy. She had a very sexy bikini on. It was red and it seemed to be one size to small. The poses she and I did were very suggestive. If you would have seen them you would have thought that we were getting ready to fuck. One of the pics was her on her knees. Her body was very close to mine and she was looking up at me. She had her hand on my waist band of the shorts I had on. She hooked her fingers into the band and put the side of her face against my crotch. I closed my eyes and my head fell back as I sighed out loud. I was a virgin so this was a new and incredible feeling. The way she pushed her face against my hard covered cock felt so damn good.

That only encouraged her. She looked at my sister and pulled my shorts down a little. She then kissed my stomach as my twin sister snapped shot after shot.

"That's really hot!" Tabitha whispered as she continued to photograph us. That's when Summer and I realized that Tabitha was getting really turned on, just like us. My cock was really hard and it didn't help that Summer was rubbing her face on my covered cock. I could feel her hot breath on my leg as she started to breath harder. She reached up and kissed my stomach again. She kept kissing lower and lower pulling my waist band lower and lower. Even though my twin sister was there snapping away with her camera, I didn't try to stop Summer. I was hoping that she would pull my shorts off. My head was in a haze at that point. I had never been so turned on!

Summer stopped though and stood up. She turned around and pressed her back into me and grabbed my hands. She wrapped my arms around her and placed both of my hands under her tits so close that my thumbs were actually touching them. She pressed her ass into my throbbing cock and squirmed not even trying to hide it from my twin sister. I looked down to look at her cleavage and Summer was looking right at the camera. God her tits looked so tasty. I could clearly see her nipples trying to poke a hole in her top. I slid my thumbs up higher realizing that her top didn't cover the lower portion of her bikini top. Her tits were so soft yet firm. I then lifted my thumb up and started to rub her tits causing her to sigh. She then hooked her arm around my neck and looked up at me.

I looked up at my twin sister and she had a look on her face that I had never seen. I know now that that look means she is incredibly horny. She didn't even try to stop me and Summer as we continued to pose. I leaned down and kissed Summer. I had started kissing girls when I was 13 and kissed a lot of girls, so that was not new to me. Summer brushed her tongue across my lips several times. I finally opened my mouth inviting her tongue in. We kissed as she guided my right hand down her stomach to her bikini bottom. She let go of my hand and I started to rub her stomach. I then took my other hand and slid it onto her tit. She moaned into my mouth as I gripped her tit. I looked over at my twin and realized that she was watching us closely as she took pictures. I slid my right hand down into her bikini bottom and down towards her pussy. Summer pressed her ass firmly into my cock and really started to grind her ass into me.

It was at that point that we decided to stop, and Summer walked up to my twin. She started to look at the pictures on the camera.

"God those are really hot." Summer said.

"I know they are. Those are the best pictures I have ever taken." Tabitha replied.

They looked at me and told me to follow them. We all sat on one side of a table we had pool side. I didn't realize how sexy those pictures really were until I saw them myself. I kept looking up at Summer and every time she was looking at me biting her lip. We kept scrolling through the pics and when we were finished we just sat back. My cock was still so fucking hard from what I had just done with Summer. I looked over and saw my sister looking at my now tenting shorts. She looked away really quick. Summer whispered something into Tabithas ear and she just nodded.

"Hey David, can I ask you a question?" Summer asked.

"Yeah you can ask anything." I replied.

"Are you a virgin." She asked.

"Yes I am." I replied.

"Have you ever gotten a blow job before?" She asked.

"Yes I have a few times." I replied.

"Hmmm, I kinda wish I was the one giving that to you." She said.

Tabitha looked over at Summer with a look of shock, "Summer! Eeewwww, he is my brother I don't wanna know that!" She said.

"Well, I'm not going to lie, your brother is really hot!" Summer replied.

Summer then whispered in Tabithas ear and Tabitha nodded her head. I had no idea what Summer was saying but Tabitha said yes.

"Are you sure?" Summer asked.

"Yes I'm sure but I don't want to hear about it, he is my brother, it's just creepy." Tabitha replied.

Summer stood up and reached out for me. I stood up and Summer took my hand. She led me into the house and up to my room. She closed the door and pressed her body to mine and kissed me.

"Well, just so you know, I am not a virgin." She said with a look of lust on her face.

"I wish I wasn't a virgin." I replied.

"Today is your lucky day. You're fucking hot and I know that your dick is really hard. Those poses we were doing made me really really horny. And I figure that since you are so hard, and I am so horny right now, I might as well take your virginity. That's if your ok with that baby." She said softly.

"I responded by kissing her and untying her bikini top. I slid my hand around to her tits and started to gently squeeze them making her whimper into my mouth. I pulled her top down exposing her tits. Her nipples were dark pink almost red. Her areoles were about the size of a silver dollar. God they were so perky. She moaned into my mouth as I began to kiss her again. I kissed her neck and face working my way to her tits. I took her right nipple into my mouth and gently bit it making her groan and sigh. I moved to her other tit and did the same thing. Her hand was on the back of my head, and moving around as I switched from tit to tit.

She pushed me back and onto my bed. She crawled on top of me and kissed me as I reached down and put my hand onto her pussy. She jumped a little. I started to really rub her pussy. She reached down and gripped my cock.

"I'm going to sit on this baby." She said as she sat up and slid down. She pulled my shorts off and looked at my cock.

"God damn! It's ssssoo nice baby." She moaned as she reached down and began to stroke my cock. She stood up and took her bikini bottom off then spread her legs allowing me to get a good look at her pussy. She was so wet that her pussy was shiny. She had a small landing strip of red pubic hair. I reached down and started to rub her pussy coating my fingers and hand with her juices. I dipped my finger inside of her and started to finger her pussy. She moaned and pulled my finger out. She then climbed back on top of me. Her pussy was soaking wet as She slid her wet slit up and down the length of my cock. She whimpered as she leaned back down and kissed me.

"I want to be in you so bad baby, I want you to take my virginity." I said.

She sat up and smiled. She reached down and gripped my cock. "I've been wanting to do this with you ever since I lost my virginity. Get ready, I know you're not going to last long because you're a virgin, so I am going to take my time. I just want you to relax and enjoy your first time baby." She said.

She lifted her self up and grabbed my cock. She lifted my cock up and started to rub my cock head on her wet pussy. I could feel my cock head getting coated from her wet pussy. Seconds later I felt my cock head slide up and down her pussy between her pussy lips. The feeling was so amazing! My entire body had chills coursing through it. I felt light headed, and could hardly breath. My heart was pounding. I looked down to see my cock head in between her pussy lips.

"Does that feel good baby?" Summer asked.

"Ooohhh god yeah! Feels ssso amazing!" I moaned.

"Wait till I do this." She said, as she positioned my cock at her pussy hole. She lowered herself down pushing her pussy down and over my cock head. It was very warm and tight. It was so slippery as my cock slipped deeper and deeper into her pussy. I could feel her warm pussy squeezing my cock. Once it was buried deep inside of her she leaned down and kissed me.

"Congratulations, you're no longer a virgin." She whispered as she started to slide up and down my cock.

"Oh my god it fffeeels sssoo good! I think I'm going to cum soon!" I moaned as she started to really ride my cock.

I wanted her to cum too but I wasn't sure that I was going to last long enough for her to. I think I was wrong because shortly after I said that I was getting ready to cum, she started to shake and jerk. Her pussy started to squeeze my cock over and over. She sat up and arched her back and whimpered. Soon I could feel my balls and cock get soaked. She sat all the way down and moved her hips forwards and backwards, and in circles violently. The feeling wasn't like anything I had ever experienced. I thrusted my hips up and down and arched my back.

My entire body went rigid as I knew I was going to blow my wad soon. Summer knew I was going to cum too. She slipped off of me and started to jerk my cock hard and fast. Before I knew it I was shooting rope after rope of cum into the air. My entire body felt hot. It felt like warm needles were pressing against my skin.

It took a little bit for me to come down from my orgasm. But just as soon as I did, Summer started to kiss me again.

"How was your first time?" She asked.

"It was soooo awesome! I would do that with you again in a heart beat." I replied.

"Well, don't you worry, you will. You lasted a lot longer than I thought you would. It feels soooo good. I love having sex." She said.

"You know, there is this girl that really likes you. She lost her virginity recently. She really wants to have sex with you." She replied.

"Who is she?" I asked.

"She made me promise not to tell you. She is afraid that if you knew you wouldn't have anything to do with her anymore." She replied.

"So wait a second, I know this girl?" I asked surprised.

"You know her very well." She replied.

"Ok, I guess I'll just leave it at that then." I said.

"You will know who she is when she is ready to tell you, that's if she ever has the balls to tells you." She said.

"Ok, I guess that will just have to do, I kinda wish I knew though.

We got dressed and went back down to where Tabitha was. It seemed that she had just gotten back down into the basement. Her face was flushed and she looked disheveled. She glanced at my crotch and looked back up at us and smiled.

I had this sneaking suspicion that my twin sister had watched us some how, and actually liked what she saw. The rest of the day was pretty normal. Summer had left and I started to notice that Tabitha was looking at me differently. Not like she thought I was some pervert, or creeper, but more of someone she was interested in, or maybe it was jealousy. I couldn't really tell. I had never seen her look at me like she was this time. She was a lot more clingy, or touchy feely. She was hanging all over me and couldn't seem to keep her hands off of me. I didn't mind at all. She was my twin sister and I loved the hell out of her.

We would still have photo shoots. She would have her friends pose with me every time. They were all very suggestive photos, ones that she directed. I would get turned on every time and so did her friends. The only person that I would actually have sex with was Summer.

Shortly after we turned 16 I did notice that my twin sister was In fact jealous. I just wasn't sure if she was jealous of me because I was having sex, or if she was jealous of her friends.

Between my playing football and working out all the time, and her being a cheerleader, things got busy and our photo sessions started to taper off. We would only have one every couple of months or so. The photo sessions we had did start to get really, really hot though. One shoot in particular was absolutely amazing. It was not what I was even expecting, and it made me start to look at my twin sister a little differently, well, a lot more differently.

It started with just me. I was posing in just my shorts. I started to move and pose in ways that would make my little sister just look at me with lust. The way she was looking at me was actually making me hard. Just before Summer got there, I started to tease my twin sister. I pulled my shorts out and down as far as I could without exposing myself. I heard her sigh so I looked up at her.

"Eeeewwwww, your my brother for god sakes! I don't want to see my brothers dick!" She said. It seemed like she really didn't mean it. She immediately looked back down at my crotch and bit her lip.

"True, but I'll bet if I wasn't your brother, you would want me to pull it out." I replied.

"Maybe, maybe not. I guess we will never know." She said.

I gave her a sexy smile and held my shorts down and actually pushed them down a little further. My cock was pointing down the leg of my shorts. I pulled my shorts down further making them slip down my waist. Tabitha gasped slightly and kept taking pictures. I didn't know that she had zoomed in and took close up pictures of what I had exposed.

"Really? You're really going to do that." Tabitha inquired.

"Don't act like you don't like it." I said jokingly as I pulled my shorts back up.

"What if I told you I did like it?" My twin asked with a grin.

"I don't know, I just might take it all the way off." I said laughing a little.

"Who knows I might like it, Summer said you were pretty big." She said laughing.

"She told you about that?! Did you remind her that I am your brother?! I asked.

"Yeah she did, and yes I did, she can't stop talking about it, it's driving me crazy cause, you are my brother." She replied.

"Don't you think that's a little weird?" I asked.

"A little, I mean it's not like I have never seen a dick before." She replied.

"But I'm your brother, that doesn't seem weird to you?" I asked.

"Honestly no, well, maybe kind of, but I'm a girl and you're a really hot guy, so I don't mind it too much." She said softly.

"So then, you saying you don't want to see my dick because I'm you're brother is just your way of hiding the idea of you being attracted to me?" I asked.

"Maybe, but if so, I would just be sexually attracted to you. My friends are right, you are really sexy, you're a really hot guy." She said.

She walked up to me and got as close as she could. "Listen." She whispered. "I don't want you to freak out about this, but Summer fucks her brother like all the time. I am the only person that knows. I actually took a bunch of pictures of them doing it. That being said, I actually don't think it would be weird to see your dick."

It was at that moment that I knew without a doubt that I was very sexually attracted to my twin sister. Especially with that look in her eyes as she talked to me. It shocked the hell out of her, because my reply was far from what she expected.

"Well if you really want to, Just let me know when you want to see my dick. I'll show you anytime you want." I said.

"Really?!" She asked. "You would really show me your dick."

"Only if you want, but if you ask, I will show you." I replied.

"Is it wrong that my twin brother is turning me on like, really bad?" She asked as she looked down at my very obvious bulge.

"Probably just as sick and wrong as the fact that my twin sister is making my dick really hard." I replied.

My cock had grown and was now just barely over 8 inches long and was very thick. When she saw the large bulge she sighed and looked into my eyes. She got closer and placed her hand on my chest. I knew she wanted me to kiss her and I was getting ready to when we heard Summer clear her throat. We both jumped and stepped back. Summer had a very mischievous grin on her face.

"So,...what are you two talking about?." She asked.

"Nothing important." Tabitha replied.

"Mmmmmhmmm. I don't believe you but that's ok." Summer said.

Tabitha looked into my eyes and bit her lip. She looked down at my bulge not even trying to hide her actions from Summer. I looked over at Summer who smiled and winked at me. I gave Summer a look as if I was asking if my own sister was the girl she told me about the day she took my virginity. She winked again and nodded her head and mouthing the word yes. My cock throbbed when she said yes. It twitched hard and my twin sister saw it clearly. I looked back at my sister and she was still looking down at my cock. The photo shoot me and Summer did for Tabitha was all but actually having sex. I thought I was going to cum many times. And as usual, Summer and I went to my room after. Only this time I was so turned on by what I learned about my twin sister, that I fucked Summer hard and for a long time! And what made it even better, is that Summer started calling me brother as we fucked. When we finished we collapsed together.

"I have an idea, since I have known that your twin sister has thought that you were very very sexy for a long time, and she is like, really hot too, I think you two should do a photo shoot together." Summer said.

"Has she been telling you that or something?" I asked.

"Yes she has. She has been for a long time. She said she really wants to have sex with you, and she is frustrated that she can't because your her brother. It would be incest. I can't tell you how many times she has just creamed her panties just looking at you. She has been writing in her journal about her fantasy of her and you together." She said.

" Wow! Ok I'll do it, but who is going to take the pictures?" I asked.

"I will be silly." She replied.

"So is it true that you have sex with your brother?" I asked.

"Is that what you and your sister were talking about when I got here?" She asked.

"Yes we were. She said that you and your brother have sex a lot, and that she even took pictures of it for you guys once." I replied.

"I won't lie, yes me and my brother have sex like, all the time! And yes your sister has taken pictures of us together a few times. In fact I broke the ice with her. I just started to talk about how sexy my brother was and how I wanted to have sex with him. She finally admitted that she really wanted you. She showed me her diary. So she has been checking you out for like, a long time!" She replied.

"Did you and your brother ever have sex, like actual sex when you did the photo shoots with her?" I asked.

"Well, after I told her to go after you, she just refused. But after a while of telling her to stop denying herself of her desire and just throw herself at you, she still acted like she was repulsed at the idea of committing incest with you. Then I introduced her to incest porn. Then after like, forever, I told her about me and my brother. She didn't believe me until we did our last photo shoot with her. I actually fucked my brother right in front of your sister." Summer said.

"How did she react?" I asked.

"She took a bunch of pictures of us, a lot of close ups with my brothers cock in my pussy. She got so horny that she just ripped her skirt off and really fucked herself with her fingers." She replied.

"God I wished I would have seen that!" I said.

"You wouldn't mind seeing your own twin sister naked?" She asked.

"Are you kidding me?! She is fucking hot as hell! I didn't see her like that until today because she is my sister, but now I do! I would love to see her naked!" I replied.

"So let me ask you this, what would you do if you caught Tabitha masturbating?" She asked.

"I would drop to my knees and pull her hand away. I would lick her pussy until she had an orgasm!" I replied.

"So if your sister wanted to commit Incest with you, would you let her?" Summer asked.

"Before I would say hell no, that's gross she is my sister, but after today, oh my god I would let her do what ever she wanted to do to me!" I said.

"So a definite yes then?" Summer asked.

"Oh god, yes is an understatement!" I replied.

"God that's soooo hot! My pussy is getting so fucking wet! I'm going to set it up for you two!" She said.

"My cock hurts it's so hard right now. So what should I do, I really want to drive her crazy. I want her to loose control during our photo shoot." I said.

"I would fuck you right now, but my brother is going to get fucked really good tonight! Now here is what you do. You wear as little as possible around her. When you take a shower come out with only a towel. Make sure this huge cock of yours is visible but not naked. You have an extremely hot body! You could be a very sexy porn star with your body and huge cock! So show it off as much as you can, tease her like there is no tomorrow. I can't wait to see what her reaction will be!" She said

"Got it! Thanks for the advice!" I replied.

"You're going to love it! There is nothing that even comes close to how good incest is! I can't even describe it! You became absolutely amazing in bed. So much so that you are the only guy thats not my brother I have sex with. Your cock is much bigger than my brothers, but since it's my brother it is still soooo much better! You are going to learn that for yourself soon!" She said.

"I can't wait to see her face when I tease her!" I replied.

As we started to get dressed, I had put some jeans on and was getting ready to put a shirt on. Summer stopped me.

"Here, leave your shirt off. Let her see your yummy body. And undo at least one button on your jeans. Better yet, take your boxer briefs off and put you pants back on. Let her see below your belt just a little." Summer said.

I dropped my pants and did exactly as she suggested. We walked out of my room and went down to the living room. Tabitha was sitting on the couch. She turned a around and looked right at us. We walked right up to her and I positioned myself to where I would be in her face. Tabitha looked down a at my crotch and her mouth opened slightly. Her eye brows jumped as she stared at my bulging pants that were opened. I had one button undone but you could see my pubic hair. Summer leaned down and whispered in my sisters ear loud so I could hear it.

"Your brother is so hot! You like what you see don't you." She said.

Tabitha just nodded yes.

"You want to see his dick don't you?" Summer asked.

"Mmmmhhhmmm." Tabitha replied.

"Just imagine what it would taste like." Summer said.

"Already am." Tabitha replied.

My sister had no idea that I could hear their conversation. My cock throbbed! I stood there and watched her facial expressions. I knew she was turned on! It was obvious.

Summer left. I walked around the house like that for the rest of the day. I made it a point to position myself in ways that she would have a clear view.

"God damn it you're ssssoo hot." She whispered not knowing I could hear her.

That is when I realized how sexy she really was. She had the sexiest petite body I had ever seen. She was only 5'1 weighed about 90 pounds give or take a pound. She had very tiny tits. I love small tits!! They were so small that if she wore a loose shirt you wouldn't be able to tell that she even had tits. This time she was wearing a small tight tank top. Just from that I could tell that her tits were very perky. Her little cleavage was showing and I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were hard and poking into the fabric. Her very tight stomach was very nice and I could see her chest rising and falling. She was breathing hard.

"What, do you like what you see or something?" She asked.

"I might." I said as she looked me up and down.

I looked down to see her wearing a very small tight pair of cotton shorts. My cock jumped when I saw the wet spot between her legs. I couldn't help but stare at that spot. I watched her spread her legs farther. I looked up at her as she gave me a very, very sexy smile. She used her hand to pull the strap on her tank top down.

"God I love the way you look at me!" I said quietly.

"I love the way you look at me too." She replied.

"You're really hot." I said

"So are you." She said with a glassy look in her eyes.

"I'm going to go take a shower." I said as I looked up and down her tight sexy little body.

"Ok, I'll take one after you." She said.

"Ok I'll try to be fast." I said.

"You just want me to take one with you, don't you?" She asked very seductively.

"I just might, I bet it would be fun." I said.

"It might be. I know I would have fun." She said.

"I would to." I said as I walked off.

I went and took my shower. I left all of my clothes in my room and walked naked to the bathroom. I wrapped myself in my towel and went for the shower. I hoped that my twin sister was watching. As I took my shower I shaved my cock and balls really good. I cleaned them up and made it smooth. I wanted my twin sister to see me that way. I got done shaving and showering and dried off. I noticed the door opened slightly and smiled. I partially wrapped the towel around my waist making sure she could get an unobstructed view of most of my body. I walked out just as my twin sister walked out of her room. She looked at me with pure lust.

"That shower was awesome!" I said.

"I know what would have made it better." She replied.

"What could have made it better?" I asked.

"I don't know, maybe a girl in there with you, helping you wash that hot bod of yours." She said.

"You mean you, don't you." I asked.

"Maybe." She replied.

"If you weren't my sister, you would have been there with me for sure." I said.

"What if it was me, your sister." She asked.

"I don't know, you?" I replied.

"Kind of." She said.

I looked her up and down slowly taking her sexy body in. My god she was so damn sexy! Her long blonde hair was down her back. Her sexy mouth with her braces as she was breathing hard. Her tight round little ass and the wet spot between her legs was all driving me crazy. After talking to Summer, I had gone way beyond giving a shit wether fucking my twin sister would be incest or not! I already knew that she was right there with me.

I walked to my room slowly feeling her eyes on me the entire time. I walked into the room and started to shut the door. Before the door shut all the way I dropped my towel giving her a full view of my body completely naked from behind. I shut the door and smiled as I walked to my bed. I put my boxer briefs on. It was hard to do that since I had a raging hard on. I put a tight pair of pajama bottoms on. I was going to call Summer and give her a report but I didn't knowing that she was probably fucking her brother.

I waited until I heard the water running. I went to the bathroom noticing the door opened slightly. I peeked in to see my twin sisters bare back, ass and legs. I watched her shower and masturbate. I had to reach down and start rubbing my cock. When she turned around I saw her perfect bright pink nipples hard as she reached up and pinched her tits. She moaned and squirmed as she played with her pussy. Her hand was in the way so I couldn't see her pussy. I wanted to go into that shower and bury my face in her pussy. I resisted the urge and kept rubbing my cock. I watched her cum really hard. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, and heard. She turned back around so her back was facing me. When she turned the water off I stepped away from the door. I walked to my room and waited. Once I heard the bathroom door open, I stepped into the hallway. She stopped and looked at me. She stepped towards me and stood there. She had her towel on only. It was just over her nipples so I could see the top of her tiny tits. I stared at them and looked up at my sister.

"Jesus." I whispered.

"You really like what you see huh." She said.

"Yeah I do." I replied.

She looked very very horny.

"You like the way your own twin sister looks don't you." She asked.

"I might, I might like the way my sister looks, like a lot." I replied.

"Hmmm, I might like the way you look too." She said.

"I guess we are both perverts then aren't we." I asked.

"Yes we are." She said.

"I'm going to go get dressed." She said.

She walked off and went into her room. We both hung out for the rest of the night. The only difference was that we flirted like crazy! She looked so damn yummy. She had a sports bra and a small pair of boy shorts on. Her skin was so smooth. Her hands were all over me and it was driving me insane! I for the first time wanted my sister. Her sexy mouth was so tempting. I couldn't help but wonder what her mouth felt like on my cock. I wanted to kiss her many times. After a while we went to bed. I jerked off so many times that night imagining my sister sucking and fucking me. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep.

The flowing days all I did was torture her. I wore nothing but boxer briefs once and I think that pushed her to the point of having to have me. She started to to wear less and less as the days went by. I absolutely loved the way she looked at me. She didn't even try to hide the fact that she was looking at my bulge, and I didn't even try to hide the fact that I was undressing her with my eyes. The sexual tension between us grew and grew. Summer really noticed it and she did all she could to make it worse for us.

One night Summer called me. "Listen I have an idea, but only of you want." She said.

"Ok so what's this idea." I asked.

"Well I was just thinking that I would call her, and have you on a three way. You have to be quiet though. You can't say anything. In fact you have to put your phone on mute so we can't hear you." She replied.

"So why are you wanting to do this." I asked.

"Because she has been hinting to the fact that she wants to fuck you. So I was thinking that I would try to get her to admit it, and say that she wants you. And so you don't have to hear it from me, you can just hear her say it." She replied.

"Ok, I'm in." I said.

"But before I do, I need to know something, and you can't lie, be perfectly honest, promise me you will tell the honest truth." She said.

"Ok I promise I will tell you the honest truth. I won't lie, I will tell you the truth." I replied.

"Ok I need to know if you want to commit incest with your twin sister." She said.

"Oh my god, I never ever thought I would be saying this, but, god yes. You have no idea how difficult it has been for me to keep from trying to even touch her!" I said.

"Oh trust me honey, I do know the feeling! I was like that around my brother for the longest time!" Summer replied.

"How was your first time with your brother?" I asked.

"It was incredible! Like I said, you will learn that there is nothing that will ever top sex with your sister. Ever." She replied.

"So who started it, you or him?" I asked.

"I did." She replied.

"Wow, I would love it if Tabitha would start it with me." I said.

"Well, let's call her and we will see what happens. Put your phone on mute." Summer instructed.

I put my phone on mute and got comfortable on my bed. I sat there for a few seconds and then I heard my twin sister and Summer. They started talking about other stuff, for a long time, and I was getting to where I was getting bored. But then Summer finally led the conversation to sex.

Summer- "So let me ask you some thing."

Tabitha- "Ok what."

Summer- "Be honest, you have to be honest. Have you seen your brother naked?"

Tabitha- "Well kind of."

Summer- "What do you mean kind of. Either you have or you haven't."

Tabitha- "I only saw him naked from behind."

Summer- "Did you like what you saw?"

Tabitha-"Yeah, I'll be honest, he has a very sexy ass."

Summer- "Have you ever seen his dick?"

Tabitha- "No I haven't."

Summer- "Ever wanted to?"

Tabitha- "I wouldn't normally answer that, or I would say no, but since I have actually watched you and your brother have sex, I can actually answer that...yes! Oh god yes!

Summer- "Really?"

Tabitha- "Yes really."

Summer- "So what do you think of your twin brother? Be honest, and I mean brutally honest."

Tabitha- "Uuuummmmm, oh god. I can't believe I'm actually saying this. Uuummmm. He is so hot! Oh my god! His body is just...god...yummy!"

Summer- "So you think he's hot?"

Tabitha- "Are you kidding me?! I'm his twin sister, I shouldn't think like this...but, my god he is soooooo sexy! Lately, and I don't know why, but it seems like he is trying to like, make me really really horny! He wears next to nothing and sometimes he only wears his tight boxer briefs around the house. I can like, see his junk."

Summer- "So do you like what you see?"

Tabitha- "You've seen him naked and have had sex with him. I am soooo jealous! Oh shit I can't believe I just said that."

Summer- "So I take that as a yes. Ok then, when he teases you, do you ever get tempted to do things to him?"

Tabitha- "I'm getting so fucking wet right now....yes. Yes I have.

Summer- "Ok, like what?"

Tabitha- "Oh ummmmm, I don't know, like very very dirty things."

Summer- "Nice. Before I started to fuck my brother, he turned me on so bad that I wanted to rip his cloths off and suck his dick. Is it something similar to that?"

Tabitha- "After that last photo shoot we did, and you two had sex. When he came down with you with just his pants on and opened, my pussy got so wet that it soaked through my panties and my shorts. Then after he took a shower he came out of the bathroom with a towel on that was barely hanging on. I don't think I have ever been so turned on by a guy as I was that day!"

Summer- "So if he wasn't your brother what would you have done?"

Tabitha- "I would have ripped his towel off and tried to swallow his dick."

Summer- "So because he is your brother, you decided not to right?"

Tabitha- "That is thee only thing that stopped me!"

Summer- "How do you know he may have not liked it?

Tabitha- "I don't know, maybe because he is like, my twin brother. I guess."

Summer- "Ok so, what if he was like, attracted to you. What if he thought that you were like, sexy?"

Tabitha- "If he did then, I don't know, I might let him see me naked, I might even let him do stuff to me."

Summer- "So you would let him touch you?"

Tabitha- "I might even let him do more. I might even let him touch my pussy with his dick."

Summer- "Wowhhhhhh. So let me just get to the point here. You have watched me and my brother fuck, and I've shown you porn about brothers and sisters having sex."

Tabitha- "mmmmmhmmm"

Summer- "So do you still think that committing incest with your brother is like, sick and disgusting, and people like us need help then?"

Tabitha- "Not any more. I mean it's still sick and wrong, it's like taboo and I don't know, but it's really really hot! I am getting sooooo damn wet just thinking about it!"

Summer- "So would you have sex with your brother if he like, really wanted to?"

Tabitha- "Yes definitely."

Summer- "Do you want to commit incest with your sexy brother then? Like, do you really want to have his dick deep inside of your pussy?"

Tabitha- "mmmmmhhhmmm. I bet it feels so good."

Summer- "It feels amazing."

Tabitha- "So is his dick like, big?"

Summer- "Its huge! It's like, really long and really thick. I feel so full!"

Tabitha- "Like, how big is he?"

Summer.- "I measure him. He is just barely over 8 inches long."

Tabitha- "Yum."

Summer- "So do you really want to commit incest then?"

Tabitha- "I want him Summer. I really really want my brother. My pussy is like, so so wet thinking about him and that really hot body of his. Mmmmmmm, god yeah, I really really want to commit incest with my twin brother. I want to fuck him soooooo bad hhhhh!"

Summer- "Ok I'll set it up. I'm going to try to convince him for you."

Tabitha- "Really?!" You are really going to help me fuck my brother."

Summer- "Yes I am."

Tabitha- "Oh my god....ok awesome! Too bad you can't just convince him fuck me right now.

Summer- "You'll have to be paitent, but you are sssoooo going to love it, I promise.

Tabitha- "God I gotta go, I really really need to cum soooo bad."

Summer- "Oh ok, you should leave the door opened just In case he decides to peak."

Tabitha- "mmmmm, if he does I hope he comes in and slides his cock in my pussy hhhhhhh."

Summer- "mmmmm, have fun girl."

Tabitha- "bye."

Once Tabitha was off of the line, Summer and I started talking.

"So there you have it! She really wants to fuck you!" She said.

"Yeah, I've been stroking my cock this whole time! I really want to fuck her so bad. Holy shit!" I said.

"Ok you should go watch her. Try your hardest to not go in there. I say we drive her insane with lust, and then we will use the the photo shoot to push her over the edge. It'll just make her orgasm that much stronger. " Summer said.

"Ok" I said. "I'm going to go watch my sister fuck herself."

"Have fun sexy." Summer said.

We hung up and I stripped down. Completely nude I crept down the hall to my sisters room. Her door was opened slightly, and her light was on. My cock jumped when I got closer. Her little voice moaning and whimpering was definitely the sexiest thing I had ever heard! I could hear how wet she was also. I peaked into her room to see her rubbing her clit. The way her bed was situated I could see her legs spread wide. I could see her yummy completely shaved pussy. It was bright pink and extremely shiny. She was so wet. I watched her lift her ass off of her bed and thrust her hips up and down as she fucked herself. I wanted so bad to go into her room and slide my cock into her tight wet pussy! After a few minutes of this I watched her cum. When she was having her orgasm she said my name. I was stroking my cock the entire time. I got close to cumming and stopped. I went to my room and turned my light on. I laid on my back and started to jerk my cock again. It wasn't long before I was shooting huge wad over and over again.

I couldn't sleep at all that night! All I could think about was committing incest and how bad I wanted it. For several days after that we teased each other relentlessly. We would feel each other up, acting like we didn't know we were doing that. She had gone shopping and purchased some very sexy outfits. The night before our photo shoot she wore very little and revealing outfits. I would get her back by wearing shorts that would show my bulge very very well. I stopped wearing shirts all together. And worst of all, we couldn't keep
our hands off of each other. Every time she looked at my bulge I would just stand there and let her look at it. I would also look at her very sexy small tits. She would make it a point to make sure that most of her tits were exposed. Every time she would stand up and turn around I would look at her tight little ass. I would also look at her covered pussy. We would make sexual comments about each other.

Finally we were less than one day of the photo shoot that we had planned except Tabitha wasn't aware that she would be in this next set with me. I was semi hard all day and couldn't concentrate in school all day. It was a Friday so we had the whole weekend. We had a football game that evening and we won. I was surprised since I couldn't really concentrate! Seeing my little sister in her cheer uniform drove me insane! My god she looked so sexy! She kept staring at me also and if there weren't so many of my team mates around her fellow cheer leaders would have known she was looking at me.

When we got home our foster parents kissed us goodbye. I went and took a shower and got comfortable, wearing as little as possible in order to drive Tabitha crazy. It was working, all I had to do was walk out of my room and walk past her room. I looked into her room and and she was staring at me with lust in her eyes.

"We should order a pizza and watch a movie." I said.

"Ok cool, I'll be down in a minute. By the way, you did good today." She replied.

"Thanks. It helped that we played a bad team." I said.

"You look kinda hot." She said.

"You look hot too." I said as I looked her up and down.

I went down stairs and started to call for pizza. While I waited Tabitha took her shower. She was in the shower for quite a while. She finally came out of the shower and made it a point to come down with only her towel.

"Hey, is the pizza here yet?" She asked.

"Nope not yet." I said while I looked at her sexy little body.

"God I love the way you look at me." She said softly.

"I can't help it, you look yummy." I said.

"What would you do if I dropped my towel right now?" She asked.

"What would you want me to do?" I asked.

"I don't know, maybe something dirty." She said.

"What if I did do something dirty to you?" I asked.

"I just might like it." She said.

"Ever thought about molesting me?" She asked.

"I might have." I replied.

"I kind of wish you would." She said as she walked away.

My cock was rigid! I thought I was going to cum. I stood there in a hayz shocked at the conversation we just had. The pizza arrived and she came back down wearing a small tank top and a very small skirt.

"Jesus." I said.

"What's wrong, do I look good to you or something?" She asked.

"Not going to lie, but yeah you do." I said.

"You look very very sexy yourself. If you weren't my brother I would be doing very dirty things to you." She said softly.

"I know the feeling all too well." I said.

"Hmmm too bad incest is so wrong. If it wasn't I would be trying to rip your pants off." She said very seductively.

"Oh, so you have been thinking about having me deep inside of you huh?" I asked as my cock started to throb. My shorts were sticking out in front of me it was so hard.

"Mmmmmhhhh....maybe. It's just gross because you're my twin brother." She replied unconvincingly.

She looked down and bit her lip. Her eye brows jumped. "Am I doing that to you?" She asked.

"Yeah you are." I replied knowing that she wanted to fuck me.

"It looks huge." She said as she opened her legs showing me her soaked panties.

"Am I doing doing that to you?" I asked.

"Mmmmmhmmm." She replied.

"I'm going to bed." She said.

"You mean you're going to go play with your pussy." I said

"Yes, I am going to go play with my wet little pussy. I think you should go jerk your hard cock." She said.

"Wait before you do, what would you think of, you know, doing a photo shoot with me tomorrow instead of me and Summer." I asked.

"Who's going to take the pictures?" She asked.

"Summer." I replied.

"Ok, I'll do it, but I won't be responsible for where my hands might go." She said.

"They can go wherever they want." I said.

She looked right at my tenting shorts and shook her head as she walked out. I watched her sexy little body as she walked. She looked back and looked me up and down. She stuck her little ass out and lifted her skirt.

"Maybe this will give you something to jerk off to." She said seductively.

"You've already given me plenty to jerk off to." I replied.

She disappeared and I cleaned up. I went to my room and dropped my shorts. Instead of watching porn, I had images of my yummy twin sister in my head. I had images of what I would do to her if given the chance. I walked to my door and closed it. I walked to my bed and laid on my back. All I could think about is how it would feel to have my cock in her brace face mouth. How it would feel to push my cock into her wet pussy. I wanted to fuck her so bad it hurt. It didn't take long for me to cum really hard. I knew that she wanted to fuck me. Just the idea of committing incest with Tabitha kept my cock very hard.

I don't remember when but at some point I fell asleep and all I dreamt about was Tabitha. Her very tiny yummy tits, her little pussy and things she did to me in my dream. I woke up later the next afternoon, and realized that Tabitha was not home. So I did some work around the house, then went and took a shower and made sure my cock and balls were smooth as ever. I wanted my sister to cum in her panties when she finally saw my cock. I went to my room and started to look for clothes, or something I could use for the photo shoot. I found some pants that were tight. They were blue jeans.

I put my jeans on and decided to go to my sisters room. I for the first time decided to look for some of my sisters panties. I found the pair she had on the night before and they were soaked. I put them up to my nose and inhaled deeply. Her pussy smelled so sweet! My god, I thought! I wanted to have my face in her pussy. Just as I was about smell her again I heard the front door open. I put the panties down in a spot that would make it obvious that I was in there. I walked out of her room and went down to the living room.

"God you have the hottest body." Tabitha said. She walked up to me and gently ran her hand down my chest and traced my abs.

Summer looked at me with a very mischievous smile. Tabitha walked off and Summer came up to me.

"I think you have finally pushed her over the edge. She wants you so bad. All she talked about was incest. She kept saying how the very thought of it made her very wet. So much so that she has been watching a lot of brother sister porn since our last conversation." Summer said.

"I've been a little obsessed with her lately. I haven't even been watching porn. I didn't think I was going to be able to keep my hands off of her last night." I said.

"What ever you're doing to turn her on, it's been working better than we both thought it would. She said the same thing about you today when I picked her up." Summer said.

"So where did you two go?" I asked.

"We went to a store that sells, well, very sexy cloths, like lingerie. She wants you to get really hard for her today." She said.

"This is all I'm wearing." I said.

"Good, you look so sexy right now, my pussy is wet just looking at you." Summer said.

Just then we heard Tabitha clear her throat. I looked over and nearly choked. She had on a very very short skirt, and a loose silk shirt on. The shirt was cut so low that it dipped to her wash board abs. She had no bra on and her back was completely exposed. My cock started to get hard as I looked at my sister. Tabitha stood there and didn't even try to hide the fact that she was checking me out.

Summer left the room to go use the bathroom. Tabitha walked up to me and stood as close as she could. She started to rub her fingers up and down my abs as she looked up at me.

"I know you sniffed my panties so I'm just curious. Do you like the way my pussy smells?