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Maximum Control

2022-09-22 00:27:36

Sonia , Nina & Joyce were all in their master's dungeon , all had been hypnotized by Master Max three years earler & were now house slaves , Sonia was a stacked 5ft 8 English brunette who always wore her spiked heels & dog-collar with , at 58 yrs of age , she was married to her cuckold hubby Charles for over 35 yrs , Nina was a 50 year old blonde with 40dd tits , married to Ernie for 30 yrs , she had sexy legs & a fat ass & filnally Joyce she was a 55 year old submissive , who was married to her cuckold husband Bill . Joyce was a spicy redhead who was very kinky , petite & served Master Max well . Max was a 24 year old millionaire ( thru inheritance ) he had a 11inch penis who loved to abuse his cumsluts with .

Chapter 1

Max was filming Sonia , Nina & Joyce using his I-phone. All 3 married cumsluts were in on their hands & knees in a doggy circle licking each others assholes , experts in rimming , the 3 whores loved licking female & Max's ass . Max loved what he was seeing as all three ladies stuck their tongues in the shitholes. Sonia was licking Nina's asshole, Nina was licking Joyce's asspipe & Joyce gave Sonia the anal-licking thrill. Max filmed the short clip & texted the clips to all the cuckold husbands , who would always know that their wives would lick female as well as male ass (except their wives were prohibited to doing that to their own husbands )

Chapter 2

Sonia's face was covered in jism & Master Max had just finished urinating on her face. Charles was filming the scene on Max's phone . Sonia was collared , leashed & wearing thigh high hooker boots . Charles kept filming as Max led Sonia by the leash to the nearest bathroom where , they showered together & Sonia gave Master Max a rimjob as the shower water splashed on her face. Max wacked off & came as Sonia finished her asslicking duties. Completely clean now , Max had Sonia take off her collar & leash and put on her thong bikini & spiked heels . Charles was their chauffeur as they sat in the backseat , french-kissing , leaving Sonia's home , they sped off to a new location.

Chapter 3

Cindy was a 19year old athletic raven haired slut who Max had met only a few days earlier . Currently in between her legs licking her shaved pussy was a kinky & sexy 49 year old bbw , Barbara was talented at pussy licking , but never thought until 3 days earlier that she would be a pussy slave to her own daughter Cindy . Married to her second husband Paul ( who was now a cuckold ) Barbi as Cindy & MAX now called her was always collared & leashed & wearing heels when at home. Cindy was squirting so Barbi knew she was doing a great job .

Chapter 4

Sonia & Master Max arrived at Cindy's place & rung the doorbell , Cindy led her mom like a dog on her leash & they answered the door . Sonia & Barbi french-kissed , as did Cindy & Max . Master had already explained to Sonia that Cindy & Barbara were actually daughter & mother . And he mentioned that soon he wanted her & her daughter Holly (who was 20 yrs old ) to become lezzie lovers like Barbara & Cindy > When Sonia thought of this her pussy became even wetter..

Once inside Max collared & leashed Sonia & he had Sonia & Barbi spreadeagle on the bed. Barbi began sucking on Master Max's cock , she was choking & gagging on his giant prick cuz she still had a gag reflex,afterall it was only 3 day earlier when Max had brainwashed her .

On the other side of the bed Cindy was strapon fuckin Sonia , without mercy , the 12inch rubber phallus slammed into the matronly love cavern. Screaming in ecstasy Sonia reached orgamic bliss quickly , whereupon , the much younger slut took off the the fucking appendage & had the old slag eat her pussy & lick her young asshole as she sat on Sonia's motherly face.

Meanwhile Barbara received a massive jism facial , after which Master Max decided to grab Barbi's leash & lead her to the toilet where Barbara received cumwashing with her Master's urine . Covered in facial piss Barbara looked like a complete submissve whore ,so Max took a picture of her & had Barbara frame it & put it next to her marital bed (on the nightstand) so Paul & Barbara would know Master Max owned Barbara.

Chapter 5

Fuck drink up u sluts , Max ordered as he pissed in Nina's & Joyce's mouth . Both were human urinals , naked the old hags drank their master's champagne , both had arrived only 20minutes earlier, dropped of by their cuckold husbands , both were dressed in thong bikinis because Max said the'd be going swimming in his pool , but before that , he said , he had just finished drinking a couple of beers , so he told told the much older bitches to strip nude whereupon the golden champagne was drank by his human toilets

Chapter 6

Showered & perfumed , both Nina & Joyce were dressed in their sexy thong bikinis . As Master Max lay on a lawnchair by the (fenced in) pool Joyce deepthroated her master's schlong as Nina licked his nuts , then after a few minutes they switched positions & Nina blew Max &Joyce licked his balls . When Max reached orgasm he jizzed all over their faces &Joyce & Nina looked like a milkshake was dumped on their faces . Max took pics of this wonderful sight & texted their hubbies , to let them know their wives were safe & enjoying themselves (lol)