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Lust is Lust

2022-11-13 20:25:57

Alison closed the door behind her and left a sigh of disappointment as she watched out of the window to see the car disappear. Another attempt to date, another failure. Jake was a great guy, handsome , smart and successful but that wasn’t enough for Alison. In a couple of weeks it would be 7 years since her husband’s death but she still couldn’t find the strength to move on. She was a gorgeous woman, her juicy curvy body and her beautiful face were always the centre of attention everywhere she went. Being so wanted and knowing that every man was extremely jealous of her husband was very flattering for her.

All that before that terrible night. It was one day after her 32th birthday when that horrible accident changed her life forever . Their son, Eric, was only 10 years old when it happened and Alison had to struggle a lot to raise him all alone. She did well, now at 17 Eric was a handsome young man, excellent student and very polite. She knew she was a good mother to him and this made her happy despite her sacrifices.

Walking into the shower Alison couldn’t stop but wondering if she made a mistake by ending the romance with Jake. Eric was always telling her that she deserves someone in her life and she knew that she needed to feel a man’s touch again. While the water was slowly touching her beautiful skin, Alison pictured in her mind how this night could have gone if she had invited Jake in instead of sending him away. Her hand moved slowly on her breasts and she started caressing her hard nipples while thinking of Jake. She had never touched herself thinking of someone else other than her husband but now the sensation was taking over. The water combined with the warm feelings of her lust was too much for her and she was ready to give in to her naughty thoughts about another man. Her hand was moving lower and lower , she could now feel the warmth between her legs and that’s when she heard Eric’s voice out of the door, calling her.

“Mom, are you ok? You are home early.”

Alison answered fast, blushing as if someone had caught her.

“Oh…Yes honey, I’m fine, Jake had to work early so he had to go. I am just taking a shower”.

The tone of her voice was sweet as always when she was talking to her son, but the truth is that she was full of frustration and maybe a little bit of anger, being interrupted in that moment of enthusiasm. She couldn’t concentrate again now, so she just finished her shower, disappointed but determined to finish what she started after her son went to sleep.

It didn’t take long, Eric had a test in the morning so he went to bed earlier than usual.

Alison knew that her body was in need of an orgasm and for the first time in 7 years she felt that her mind was free to think of another man. Wearing her nightgown , which embraced her stunning curves perfectly, she layed in her bed and immediately started touching herself again. She took her nightgown off and needed no time at all to get where she was before, her body was so hot that she knew this wouldn’t take long. Thinking that the hands touching her were Jake’s hands , she started playing with her soft naked breasts and slowly moved down to remove her underwear. She couldn’t even wait to take them completely off , she needed to feel her fingers, Jake’s fingers inside her and that’s what she did. Moving her middle finger slowly inside her warm pussy sent shivers through her whole body, this night would be different for her and she knew it. She started fucking herself faster and faster, with one, then two and then 3 fingers. Her soft sighs gave their place to wild moans of pleasure that she couldn’t contain at all.

Eric woke up from the unusual sounds and got off the bed to see what was happening. Alison was losing control more and more by the second so her moans were very clear to Eric as soon as he opened his bedroom door. His mom was moaning with pleasure! It was the first time ever that he heard that noise coming from her bedroom. He was too young to have heard his parents having sex in the past and Alison was always very careful and masturbated silently in the rare occasions that she would think of her husband and their nights together.

But tonight was different. It was all about her, she needed this and her mind had blocked any other thoughts, even the thought of being heard by her loving son.

Eric took a few steps towards his mother’s bedroom but he was hesitant. He didn’t know how to react. His mom was pleasuring herself and although he knew he just had to go back to bed and try to sleep, he couldn’t fight the urge to move closer. And that’s what he did! With silent steps he reached his mother’s bedroom and a gentle push was more than enough to slightly open her door and give him a glimpse of what would change his life forever.

Alison was fucking herself with her fingers while her other hand was rubbing her clit with great intense. Eric was speechless! He couldn’t believe that his mother was so gorgeous . Her naked body was hotter than anything he had ever seen. Eric had seen naked girls before, he was a handsome boy and had a couple of relationships with some beautiful teenage girls, but Alison was a stunning woman that could put any young girl’s body to shame.

Eric’s heart was pounding strong and he felt his cock swelling immediately. He couldn’t believe it, watching his precious mom masturbating was driving him insane . He wanted to go back but the sight was too intriguing . After a couple of minutes staring at his mother’s body and watching her hands pleasuring herself, Eric concentrated on his mom’s face. It was almost completely red, her eyes were closed and her mouth open and he could tell by her expressions that her orgasm was very close.

He couldn’t help it anymore. He took his rock hard penis out and started stroking it like crazy, trying to catch his mother’s orgasm. He was so excited that he knew it would be seconds before he came and although he wanted to wait for his mother to cum first, he knew it was too late now.

He felt his cock throbbing and he closed his eyes waiting for the first spurt of cum to come out.. but then his eyes opened wide again as soon as he heard a huge scream coming out of his mother’s mouth. Alison exploded like a volcano and she took her pillow in one hand , placing it over her face trying to reduce her screaming sounds . Eric felt a moan of his own escaping from his mouth while he was cumming and he froze still for a moment, fearing that his mom could have heard him.

But Alison couldn’t have heard him, she was only concentrating on one thing, enjoying these rare moments of pleasure as much as possible. When her body finally stopped trembling , Eric looked down and saw that the floor was drenched in his thick cum, thicker than ever before. He came so much, he couldn’t believe it!

He got nervous and immediately went in the bathroom to take a towel and got back to sweep it before his mom got up and caught him. This would embarrass him forever! He cleaned it fast and took a final look at his sexy mother, now breathing heavily with a small grin of satisfaction on her face. He locked this image in his head and then walked silently back to his room. He had a test in the morning and as hard as it would be after what he had just witnessed, he knew that he had to go to sleep .

Alison was still in her bed exhausted ,almost unable to get up and completely unaware that her own son was cumming for her just a few minutes ago! She just had one of the greatest orgasms in her life, and it happened while she was thinking that another man was fucking her. The guilt was starting to fill her mind again, but she decided that the pleasure that she felt was too big to cause her such thoughts. Alison decided that there was no need to feel any doubts or remorse, her thoughts were her own and she could do whatever she wanted with them. She eased her mind enough and closed her eyes to rest from a very complicated day.

The next couple of days were a nightmare for Eric. Everytime he looked at his mother his mind went back to that sinful night . He couldn’t take it out of his mind and masturbating again and again was the only way to deal with this. He knew it was wrong, so wrong but he had to do it. After 3-4 days he slowly started to finally get over it and was very positive that things would soon be back to normal for him.


It was Alison’s birthday today. 39 years old, still looking young and very beautiful, but these last years had been so hard for her that Alison felt that she was much older than she really was. And those last 7 years her birthday was always a very sad day for her and Eric, it was one day before the sudden loss of their husband and father. Alison was determined to do something different this time, so she arranged to go out with some of her friends. It was Friday so they wouldn’t have to worry about waking up for work the next morning, they could stay out all night long and have a girl’s night like they used to do when they were younger.

Eric was also happy with that decision, he knew his mother needed to have some fun and also he always enjoyed staying at home alone. His mom wasn’t a control freak but once in a while he needed some alone time. Eric would usually go out at a Friday night but he decided to stay home and take advantage of his freedom. So tonight for him it was pizza, a movie or two and video games.

It was past 2 am when Alison got back from her night out, a little tipsy and very happy. She had a great time and she flirted a lot , like she used to do with her friends when they were younger and single. Her mood was very positive tonight and she wanted to make it even better. She decided to take a quick shower and then go to her bed to pleasure herself once more. This would be a perfect ending for her best birthday in years!

Eric had just finished his video gaming when his mother returned and he was about to sleep when he heard the shower running. Something in his mind told him to stay awake and as soon as Alison finished her shower and went to her bedroom, he decided to go out and take a look.

“I’ll just go and see if she is ok” he said to himself, knowing deep inside that what he wanted was to catch his mom naked and pleasuring herself again.

And that’s exactly what happened! Alison was already fully naked, her towel thrown on the side of the bed and she was touching herself again. This time it was different, slow and sensual. Eric went hard immediately and didn’t think twice, he took his boxers off and his cock out and started stroking it slowly. His mother , his beautiful full of sexual desire mother was right in front of his eyes again, naked and touching herself. He wouldn’t let the opportunity get away!

Alison was taking her time, enjoying every second. She was 39 now but after this night and the encouragement of her friends, she was more optimistic about her future. Her son wasn’t a child anymore so maybe it was time for her to live her life again, find another man and enjoy love.

Those thoughts were making her so wet, she was moaning as she was slowly rubbing her already swollen clit. Eric could see her pussy lips shining, a sign that she was already very wet and horny. What a beautiful sight, they looked so inviting and he couldn’t help but thinking about how warm and tight it would be inside of his mother. His own mother but he didn’t care at the moment! There was a gorgeous woman in front of him masturbating, this was all that mattered.

Al of a sudden Alison freezed! Her hands stopped moving, her face lost the expression of pleasure and happiness and she stayed there without moving , looking at the ceiling. Her mind had betrayed her once again! It was already past midnight, one day after her birthday.

She started thinking about her husband again, the awful moments that she spent that night 7 years ago, the anxiety at the hospital… everything went black. She bursted into tears . How could she ever forget? This was the incident that destroyed her happy life, how could she ever get over it??

Eric knew what she was thinking. It was his time now to feel the guilt. He was masturbating for his own mother that raised him with so much love and care. And she was now crying over his dead father . Could he be more insensitive? He knew now that his mother needed him so he put his boxers up again , went back to his room and pretended that he just woke up.

“Mom!”, he asked from the distance of his open door “ Are you ok? Are you crying?”

Alison was taken by surprise, was she really crying that loudly? She immediately wore her nightgown , cleared her throat and answered to him.

“It’s ok, honey! I’m ok I just drunk a little too much . Don’t worry about it, go back to sleep, ok?”.

Eric moved closer, hoping that his mom had enough time to put some clothes on. He didn’t want to embarrass her , that was the last thing that he wanted. Alison didn’t have time to put any underwear on but her night dress was covering her nakedness just fine.

“Mom”, Eric said walking into her room “ What’s going on? Are you thinking about dad again?”

Alison tried to remain calm but only the mention of her husband was enough to bring tears to her eyes again.

“Sorry honey, it’s just that this day.. you know?”. Her voice was trembling , she couldn’t even talk about it.

“It’s ok mom, come here”.

Eric sat on the bed and gave his mother a much needed hug.

“You have me mom, never worry about it again”.

Alison immediately felt relieved, their mom-son moments had always been very strong after the loss of her husband.

“You are the one that kept me sane all these years Eric”, Alison said to him” I love you so much you are becoming such a good man and I am so proud of you”.

Eric felt proud of himself too. “Mom, you made me everything I am, I owe everything to you. You are the strongest woman I know and you are a hero to me!”.

Alison was so happy to hear this that she pulled him near her again and held him in her arms with all of her strength.

“Oh, Eric”, she whispered still with tears in her eyes but now from the nice words that her son said to her.

Eric could feel her breasts pushing on his chest, but what really excited him was his mother’s smell of soap from the shower and sweet sweat from her wetness and he immediately went hard again. He felt ashamed and he was afraid that his mom would notice but Alison was lost in the moment. She loved her son so much and this was the exact time she realized that he is a man now, her job raising him was done. This was her top moment as a mother. She had succeeded.

But Eric was struggling with his own feelings now. His heart was pounding so fast, his mother‘s hug was so strong that their bodies had become one and he could feel her warm naked skin through her dress. He didn’t even realise, his hand went subconsciously on his mother’s thigh and touched her gently. Alison didn’t mind, she took it as a sign of affection and just kept pulling him closer, talking to him in her soft voice.

“ Look at you, you are so handsome, you remind me of your father”, she said it with so much passion.

Eric loved what he just heard, he knew that she loved his dad so much so telling him that he looked like him was a great compliment !

“I love you Eric”, Alison said, kissing him with affection on the cheek.

Eric was now moving his hand up and down on Alison’s thigh, feeling her soft skin and moving it higher and higher every time. He started to feel the hotness that was coming from between her legs and he got so excited. His mother’s mind was completely empty of sexual thoughts at that time but her body was still so hot and horny, Eric could feel it now.

This drove him crazy once again and his cock got harder than ever.

For the first time, Alison now felt her son’s cock through his boxer shorts, rock hard as it was, touching her leg. She was left speechless for a moment. Did her son just get an erection by being that close to her? This was the time that she realized that her body was still so eager to feel a touch of pleasure ! Could Eric sense that? Is that what got him that hard?

She was so confused, but she decided not to break the hug just yet because Eric would be embarrassed knowing that she did it because of his hard on.

“Oh my God, he is so hard. I can feel his penis on me”.

Alison was surprised of how hard he was. She hadn’t been near a hard dick for so many years, the sensation was overwhelming. For a moment she wished that it was a complete stranger next to her and not her loving son.

“What a sinful thought”, she said to herself and tried to take it out of her mind.

Eric had no idea what was going on in his mother’s mind but he knew what was going on in his mind. He wanted to feel her mother’s pussy on his hands, now all he could think of was the sight of her pussy lips while she was about to masturbate a few minutes before. And that’s when he realized his mom’s lack of reaction and thought to himself.

“Why is she not moving ? She can certainly feel my hard on now, could she maybe enjoy it? “

The thought of it was more than enough to confuse his mind. He wasn’t thinking as a son now but as a man. And as a man , he decided to make his next move.

He moved his hand with speed and determination under her dress and touched her between her legs. The soft feeling of her well trimmed pubic hair and her wetness sent shivers through his body.

He knew what he just did was way over the line but the feeling was amazing, he knew it was worth it. Even if his mom slapped him, he would have something to masturbate to for many days to come!

Alison was indeed shocked but she didn’t slap him. She immediately pulled away and looked deep in his eyes without knowing what to say. Her son just touched her pussy! Her precious boy did this? She couldn’t believe it! Her mind was empty of thoughts so her mouth was empty of words as well.

“M..mmom…”. Eric blushed and was so embarrassed.

“ I am so sorry. I don’t know what happened”. Eric knew he messed up. He had to find a very good excuse.

“I… I don’t know…I wasn’t thinking at all. I am…”

Alison interrupted him but what came out of her mouth was totally unexpected

“It’s ok Eric. It was only a moment of weakness, right? Didn’t mean anything?”

Eric was surprised. She didn’t yell at him at all! Why was that?

“ Y..yes mom. I don’t know what happened. I am so sorry it will never happen again. I promise it w..”

Alison interrupted him again

“Ssshhh, honey. Just forget it, you got carried away that’s all right? Being close to a woman just reminded you one of those girlfriends you had is that it? But I am old , I shouldn’t remind you at all of a beautiful girl right?”

What did Alison just say? She couldn’t believe it herself! Instead of yelling at him she is trying to find excuses for him and also she is asking questions that she hopes will give her back a compliment?

“… yes mom.. Probably, I was thinking about another girl. But Mom, don’t ever say it again”. Eric said, falling into his mother’s trap.

Alison knew that she was about to hear what she wanted

“Say what honey? “ She asked eagerly, waiting for the answer that she expected.

“Mom, no girl could ever be as beautiful as you are, you are a stunning woman. And you are young and beautiful Mom, I wish my wife will look half as good as you when she is 39!” Eric said it and meant every word of it. She was that beautiful!

Alison got excited and smiled ! That’s what she wanted to hear! She was being selfish at the moment but she needed this, a young man saying these words to her. What a huge confidence boost! After getting what she wanted, she decided to calm things down a little bit.

“Ok hun, but you need to understand, this can never happen again. There are so many women that would want you , you are a hot boy and you can get what you want from every woman! But not your mother , do you understand?” .

Her words were a little preachy but her voice was still so soft . She surprised herself again. She enjoyed it that much that she couldn’t get mad at him, not even tell him that he did wrong!

Alison decided to end this awkward moment with another hug, to show Eric that all was good. Eric didn’t even move this time, he was afraid to do anything. Alison kissed him on the cheek again and told him to go to sleep.

After Eric left , Alison let out a deep sigh and went to the bathroom to throw some water on her face. What an intense moment! Looking at the mirror she felt more beautiful than ever. A 17 year old boy just praised her so much, she felt wanted like she used to until a few years back. She was happy again and started to walk back to her room.

While she was getting past Eric’s bedroom she decided to take a last look to see if he is ok with what happened. She opened the door and that’s when she was shocked once again!

Eric was naked , had his big hard cock in his hand and was masturbating ! He thought that his mother was already asleep and went on to release himself from all the tension that took place that night.

Seeing his mother at the door he froze ! What a shame!

Alison didn’t know how to react! In the end she didn’t say anything, she just ran to her room and closed the door.

“Oh no what did I do? Was my own son masturbating for me? Is this my fault? Oh my god what kind of a mother am i?”.

“And he was so big. Did he get that hard for me? He thinks I am sexy?”

Once again, Alison’s mind was filled with complex feelings! Flatter and guilt!

“My own son… my own son”. she kept repeating in her mind. She was trying hard to tell to herself how wrong this was but every time she said it her excitement grew stronger.

“Snap out of it Alison… Your own son!!”.She couldn’t convince herself anymore. She was getting horny!

She decided to let Eric calm down and they would talk in the morning. But her thoughts were still troubled. As it happened a couple of weeks ago while thinking of Jake, she decided once again that her thoughts are her own. She can think of anything she wants, as long as she keeps it to herself!

Her body was filled with erotic tension and she knew she had to take care of it. Before even finishing her thoughts she got naked and her fingers were deep in her pussy, her muscles pulsating and pulling them deeper and deeper with every move.

“Oh my God Eric”, she couldn’t get her son’s cock out of her mind.

She was troubled but she decided it was too late to go back and she let herself go. She had just seen her son stroking his big dick for her and she would cum for that!

Eric , embarrassed like never before had pulled himself together and decided to go and apologize. For one more time he reached out of his mother’s door and that’s when he heard the familiar sounds of his mother’s sweet moans!

This time his heart wasn’t pounding like crazy. The shock was so big for him that it almost stopped pounding at all! His mother was masturbating 5 minutes after seeing him play with his cock for her!

“She liked it? My god, did mom enjoy seeing me masturbate? “. His 17-year old mind went completely crazy.

“I have to dare this! “. He didn’t mind at all anymore, it was time to show courage without any doubts.

He opened the door and entered the room.


Alison lost it once again. How did this happen? Now she was the embarrassed one, she was left speechless.

“ I wish I would die right now”. Alison thought in despair .

How could she explain this? How could she convince her son that this is not what it seems?

Before she had time to think of anything, Eric was next to her. He sat down, staring at her mother’s frozen eyes and put his hand on her thigh again, like he did earlier.

“ERIC!What the h…? ” Alison couldn’t finish her sentence when Eric’s hand was on her pussy again!

She gasped, the unexpected touch was so pleasant that she didn’t react immediately. Half a minute had passed and she managed to say some words.

“Eric, wha… why? What …? Eri… noo.. Eric, stop!”. The only word that came clear from her mouth was “stop” but that was the only word that she didn’t want to say.

“You stop Mom, let me touch you. You were touching yourself for me, now let me do it ! You want this”. Eric was so determined, his voice was steady. He was in charge now.

“But.. Eric…. No, it …is …. so… I’m your mom, Eric!!”. Alison kept saying no but all this time Eric’s hand was gently touching her pussy , making it harder and harder for her to hide her excitement.

She was dripping wet now, Eric could feel her juices flowing down his hand and knew he was so close to getting what he wanted. How could she resist now?

“Eric, nooo, Eric stop! Erriiiccc..”.

Alison’s voice was getting so soft and deep, she couldn’t struggle anymore. She knew she had to stop this right now or else she would cross the line with her own son.

“Mom, I love you. I want you happy, so let me take care of you!”.

Eric’s words made her feel so safe, she couldn’t fight it anymore. She had to give in .

She didn’t say a word, she just opened her legs more and arched her body back, showing her son that she was his now. Her mind was still saying no but her body had a mind of its own. She needed this and she would let it happen!

“Please forgive me Eric …Please forgive me..Oh god, it feels so nice..”

Her words made Eric even more confident and he knew his mother was melting under his touch.

He drove two fingers inside her tight pussy and went as deep as he could. Alison moaned with excitement, first time in 7 years that someone else is playing with her pussy. She couldn’t think anymore, it wasn’t her son it was just a man being there for her pleasure.

“Oh yeeeeess…ERIC, YEEES” That was it! Now Eric had her complete approvement and he wouldn’t stop.

He kept fucking her pussy with his fingers, getting more and more excited by her loud moans. He started kissing her under the neck , driving her crazy. Alison was lost, she couldn’t believe the feelings she was getting from her own son! Eric knew what to do, he started kissing her breasts and took her nipple in his mouth. Alison was now screaming with ecstasy, getting closer and closer to cumming for her son! She couldn’t believe it !

“ Eric, oh Eric, yes, honey, suck my nipple, make me cum, I am yours baby! Oh yeesss…”. Alison’s words were encouraging Eric once again and he kept sucking her nipple harder and harder while his fingers were moving furiously in and out of his mother’s delicious pussy.

He was determined to go down and taste his mom’s womanhood when suddenly Alison screamed , pulled his face to hers and kissed him deep while her body was starting to tremble.

With their lips locked firmly ,Alison was moaning with pleasure while her orgasm was taking over every inch of her shaking body. Eric could feel her pussy tightening more and more as she was cumming hard, and her juices were dripping all over his hand now! His mom was cumming on his hand, he couldn’t believe it!

Eric was going crazy but he knew he had to control himself and surely he could get his reward!

With a last loud moan Alison exploded hard without taking her lips of her son’s. What an orgasm she just had!

She was still kissing her son , softly this time trying to catch her breath at the same time.

“Oh God forgive me, what did I do?” She thought, guilty again…

She broke the kiss suddenly and looked into her son’s eyes.

“What did we do? Eric?” She felt so satisfied but once again ,the end of her orgasm brought all of her guilt to the surface! She felt so bad!

Eric saw the concern but he knew he had to encourage her some more.

“Mom, that was amazing, I love you!”.

But Alison felt differently now, her body was starting to relax and now she was seeing the truth. Her son just gave her an orgasm!

“Mom?” Eric was concerned seeing his mother ‘s beautiful face getting dark from sadness.

“Honey, go away! Oh god Eric, this was so wrong! Please go away and forget this!”

Alison sounded a little angry now, more with herself than with Eric. But Eric got angry too!

“Mom, please! You are playing me! You got what you wanted and now you throw me away? That’s not fair!” He needed the attention and he demanded it.

“Mom, what about me?” He asked.

Alison got angrier now. Her own son was demanding from her to make him cum?

“Eric, go to your room. NOW! What happened was wrong and you know it! We will never talk about it again, you understand? Never! Go now and forget it ever happened. I was drunk and you took advantage of me!”.

Alison was sounding furious now!

“ What? Mom are you seriously blaming me for what happened? How can you say this ? You weren’t drunk, you wanted this you were teasing me all night! And took advantage of me, you had your pleasure and now you are yelling at me!”.

With those words Eric left running from his mom’s room and slammed the door behind him!

Alison was left alone, unable to think clearly or find some good explanation. She was the one that was right, she knew she was right. Her own son took advantage of her! How could he? …Or maybe he didn’t… Was it really her that started everything? Was Eric right? Alison was so confused. But it didn’t really matter who started it. Eric was right in one thing. She took what she wanted but he was left with a huge hard on. What could she do? It’s her son, she can’t make him sad.

“Hmmm. Maybe a quick handjob will make things right? He needs to cum, he is a man. I remember his father when he needed to cum, there was nothing more important”.

Alison was whispering to herself. Was it really the right thing to do? She didn’t want to torture her son. She had to make him feel nice. It didn’t take any more thinking, she decided to help him finish. This was the right thing to do.

She put on her dress and went to his door. She knocked first.

“Hun? Eric?” She was nervous , what would he say? Was he really that angry?

Eric was indeed very angry and didn’t want to talk to his mom right now.

“Eric, open honey, we need to talk, maybe you are right”.

This brightened Eric’s face again! What did she mean, would she be willing to take care of him as well?

‘Mom, come in i haven’t locked”. He answered , very curious to see what she would have to say.

Alison opened the door slowly, still hesitant about what she would do next. Eric was on his bed , wearing only his boxer shorts.

“E..Eric…Honey, I was too cruel with you before”.

Alison’s voice showed her weakness. Eric could see that she came to his room to make things right for him and decided to take advantage of it.

“Mom, it’s ok. I understand. It is strange for both of us but I deserve your attention too. I feel stupid for what I did and it feels like you are just using me.”

Eric wasn’t believing a word he was saying, he just wanted to make his mom guilty enough to forget her insecurities.

“Eric, no , honey, I would never do that! It’s just, what we did was wrong and going even further would make it even worse. But I know it wasn’t fair so maybe…” Alison was hesitating.

“Maybe what mom?” Eric was enjoying it, his mom was the one acting like a young girl and he was the man!

‘Maybe I could…?”

Alison didn’t want to say it. Was it too late to go back ? Eric made sure of it. He took of his boxers fast…

“Mom, come here”. Eric pulled his mother on him and took her hand and placed it over his already hard cock.

“Oh my god, Eric… a… are you sure honey?”. Alison knew the answer.

“Mom, I am sure… just do it. I want it and you want it.. Touch my cock !”.

Eric was sounding more and more like his dad now and Alison was getting excited again. Her hand was on her son’s big and hard cock and she wanted it more than anything. She took it in her hand and couldn’t believe how hard it was. She knew what to do, she started stroking it gently and slowly like her husband always wanted her handjobs. Eric seemed to respond to that gentle touch too, he closed his eyes and looked to be in his own heaven.

“I can’t believe it. My own mother is stroking my cock, this feels too good to be true”. He thought, filled with enjoyment .

“Is this ok baby? “ Alison asked caringly, knowing ofcourse that Eric was enjoying it a lot.

“Oh mom, it is the best feeling ever! I love it, keep jerking me off like that, make me cum!”.

Alison kept stroking , focused and determined to pleasure her son and redeem herself for her selfishness. As she was moving her hand faster and faster, Eric was getting so horny that he already felt too close to cumming.

“Mom…mom stop for a while, I don’t want to cum yet!”.

Alison was confused, wasn’t this what he wanted? What did he have in mind? Had she maybe lost her touch after all of these years?

“Honey, what is it? Am I doing something wrong? Please tell me, I promised to take care of you, tell me how to do it.” Alison asked , worried that she wasn’t doing a good job.

“Mom, it’s nice i am enjoying it but I can’t cum like this. I want something more”. Eric didn’t lose any time at all, he wanted more and decided to play for it.

“More? Eric, what do you mean more? I said I will help you cum and that’s what I am doing, what else do you want me to do?”

Eric’s new demands scared her but also excited her. What did he want?

“Mom, you are so gorgeous, I want you to use your mouth. Please suck my cock, please mom it will make me cum so fast! “.

Eric went for it, he knew his mom was getting wet again and wanted to try his luck. The thought of his mother’s mouth pleasuring his big cock seemed like paradise to him. Most men would kill to get a blowjob from such a woman and now he had his own chances! He wouldn’t miss it !

Alison wasn’t willing to get this far though. Jerking him off was already too much of a sin, taking her own son’s cock in her mouth would be way, way over the line.

“Honey, please don’t go there, It will not happen.. What we are doing now is already too bad, please don’t ask me again ok? It won’t happen. Just enjoy the handjob baby, I like giving it to you. Relax and I will make you cum Eric, I promise”.

“Oh…Ok, mom, keep doing what you do it feels nice.” Eric said, disappointed that his mom took a blowjob out of the question without a single thought. But getting a handjob from her was still awesome so he concentrated on that.

While Alison was stroking his cock , she kept thinking about what Eric asked. Her husband loved her blowjobs , she knew how to please him well and always enjoyed the power that she had over him when his cock was in her mouth. Thinking back about these moments was making her even more wet, she could feel her wet pussy soaking her thighs again.

Eric was breathing heavier now, laying back with his eyes closed as his mom was speeding up her handjob , trying to make him cum. She knew that he was close, she hadn’t touched a cock for so long but her son’s reactions were very clear, he was a couple of strokes away.

“You are so beautiful mom, you are so sweet to me, oh please don’t stop I am cumming. I love you mom!”.

Eric was whispering while he was about to cum and Alison once again felt extremely proud because of the words that she was hearing.

“What a lovely boy” she thought again.

She knew that he deserved more than that!

She stopped stroking him suddenly and that made him open his eyes and look at her with extreme frustration.

“Mom, no.. I am so close!”. Eric started to protest but his mom had the control now.

“Sssshhhh….” That was all that Alison said .

She smiled at him and while still looking deep into his eyes she lowered her head and wrapped her wet lips around his hard cock. Eric went crazy.

“Aaaahhh! Mom…!”

That was it! Eric made it! He had his mother’s mouth all over his young cock and he felt this was his personal triumph!

“Yeeeessss”. Eric whispered with extreme satisfaction!

Alison felt his cock getting even harder in her luscious mouth. She let out a moan of pleasure, she had forgotten how amazing it was to have a dick so deep between her lips. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed her son’s huge member filling all of her mouth, slowly moving her tongue up and down making sure that she is getting it wet and sloppy. She started caressing the tip of her son’s cock with her tender tongue, knowing that this would drive Eric crazy.


Eric was feeling things that he never felt before. His mom’s mouth was so warm and wet, he was the happiest man on earth! He moved his hand on Alison’s long and silky hair and started pushing her head deeper and faster.

Alison always hated it when her husband did that, but not now. She loved it! “Mmmmmm…”. she couldn’t stop moaning softly every time her son pushed her deep making her feel his beautiful cock touching the back of her throat.

“Ooooh, mom!”. Eric tightened his legs, feeling his orgasm closer than ever.

Alison was enjoying everything so much that she didn’t realize that Eric couldn’t hold back anymore. She heard a loud moan and then she felt a huge jet of cum splashing on the back of her throat!

“Oh my God, he is cumming in my mouth!” Alison couldn’t believe it! As much as she loved sucking, very rarely she would let her husband cum in her mouth, she didn’t enjoy it at all.

This was no exception, Alison immediately tried to take Eric’s cock out of her mouth and she pulled her face away just fast enough to avoid getting the second splash of her son’s love juice on it.

“Ohh, oooooh mom, I am cumming..! ”

Eric was having the orgasm of his life. Big spurts of cum were coming out of his cock, flying everywhere uncontrollably. Alison could not believe the amount of sperm that her son was giving to her, she kept watching in awe while it was coming out and landing on her thighs , on Eric’s legs and on the sheets.

When it was finally over, Eric looked at his mother, enjoying the sight of her beautiful face and eyes staring at him. Alison smiled seductively and then slightly opened her mouth letting the first amount of cum that Eric shot in it slowly drip down her lips and onto his cock again.

This was all too much for Eric, he took his mom in his hands and kissed her passionately!

Alison was surprised, her husband would never kiss her after she had sucked his cock, much less in those rare occasions that she had his cum in her mouth. She loved it !

Alison broke the kiss, looked into Eric’s eyes and whispered.

“I love you son. This was my gift to you!”. Before Eric had the chance to respond she got up fast and left for the bathroom with a smile on her face.

Eric was trying to catch his breath watching his mom slowly walking away and he knew he never felt more satisfied in his life.

This was better than he had ever dreamed of and he had a secret desire that this would just be the beginning of a beautiful story. Could his mom think the same, or was it just a moment of weakness for her?

Alison cleaned Eric’s cum off her thighs and hands and looked up on the mirror again. Her face looked such a mess, her eyes had tears from all the sucking , her hair was scruffy and she still had small signs of cum on her chin. But her eyes were shining with happiness! She chose lust over logic and guilt, and it was the best decision she ever made…

Alison took a very fast shower to clean herself well but she kept wondering what was going on in her son’s mind now. Did he sleep , was he happy , did he feel any guilt? ..

“Or maybe he is masturbating again, thinking about his mom”. She said to herself and giggled like a school girl.

What a night! It was the hardest day of the year for her but she wouldn’t think of her husband anymore. Her son was more important!

“ The past is the past. The future is what matters”. That’s what her friend Sophie always said to her and for the first time Alison agreed with it.

Walking out of the shower Alison noticed that Eric had his bedroom lights out so she knew he was asleep.

“Well…Time to rest I guess!” Alison thought and headed back to her bedroom.

She turned on the lights and walked towards the bed.

“ Hey , Mom!”.

Eric’s voice scared Alison and made her jump a little bit! Eric laughed.

“Eric…what! I thought you were sleeping and I w…. OH MY GOD! Why are you naked honey?” Alison gasped, looking at her son on her bed, completely naked and his cock rock hard again!

“Mom, come on, the night isn’t over yet, is it?”

Eric was saying these words playfully but not as confident as he was before. He wasn’t so sure about his mom’s reactions now.

“Eric, are you crazy? We did what we did honey, isn’t it enough? How come you are hard again? You are not satisfied yet? Is mommy making you that hard?”.

Alison was answering in the same playful way, although her intentions were to flirt a little bit and then end the night.

“Mom, be serious, I really want to know how you feel about what happened!”. Eric ‘s voice got serious again.

“What did it mean to you Mom?”, he insisted to get an answer.

“Eric, we had a deal, I satisfied you as you satisfied me, that’s all, the end! “.

Alison’s words were like a dagger in Eric’s heart. He didn’t say anything but Alison could sense that. Even his cock was starting to get limp. She didn’t want to make him sad again , but what was he thinking?

“Aw Eric, come on. What more do you want honey?” Alison asked again worryingly.

“You need to cum again? Is that it?”

Eric looked at his mom and nodded.

“Mom, I can’t stop feeling horny, and look how hard I am again”. Eric said in frustration.

Alison looked at his cock and it was again so hard. She couldn’t believe it, it didn’t take him more than a few seconds to get that big. How could she say no to that?

“Oh Eric, what more do you want? I just had a shower but if you want…”. Alison stopped talking and looked at him. His eyes had widened so much. Alison didn’t know what he expected to hear but her next sentence wasn’t what he wanted.

“ I will get naked and let you masturbate next to me, is that ok?”

‘Oh… yes mom.. ok, thanks”. Eric expected so much more, but well, better that than nothing.

Alison could feel his disappointment so she wanted to make him feel better.

“Oh honey, I already sucked you once, maybe I would do it again if I hadn’t taken a shower but I don’t want to get messy again”.

‘Mom, I won’t grab your head this time, please. I will be gentle. And I will tell you before I cum ok?”

Eric was almost begging!

“Baby, no, let’s control ourselves ok? “ Alison asked her son to behave and Eric nodded again.

She dropped her towel and layed next to him fully naked.

“Wow, nice way to control yourself Alison”, she thought to herself sarcastically. She knew what Eric wanted and she knew what she wanted. She wouldn’t hold back this time!

“Play with it honey, does it make you hot that I am that close to you again?” Alison went playful again.

“Oh yes mom, so hot! But mom….” Eric wasn’t happy. He wanted more again!

“You can touch me too ok?” Alison interrupted him again and let him touch her. Eric didn’t want more encouragement, he groped her breasts squeezing hard.

“Heeey… easy!”. Alison laughed to her son’s roughness.

“Be soft honey. Take your time.”

Eric followed her advice and caressed her slowly with one hand while the other was slowly stroking his dick.

Alison felt excited again.

“Yes, Eric, like that… Nice and slow… take your time.”

Alison’s voice was so sensual now, Eric loved that. He was getting his mother wet again!

She moved her face closer to her son’s and Eric needed no instructions. He kissed her deep, his tongue swirling with his mother’s like two crazy dancers in love .

The kiss they were sharing was so passionate that both of them were moaning and breathing heavily. Alison felt loved for the first time in 7 years.

“Eric, I love you”.

“I love you too mom”. Eric responded and looked at his mom again, before kissing her again with all of his passion.

“Mmmmm.. “ Alison was loving this . Her desire for her son was too strong and she didn’t want to wait anymore, she decided to cross the line for good!

“Baby… Take me! Do whatever you want with me!” Alison said with her most sensual voice.

Eric was stunned! Did his mother just say what he thinks she did? He broke the kiss, looked at her ..


Alison had no doubts. She knew what she wanted. She wanted to feel love tonight and her son was giving it to her. She placed her mouth on Eric’s ear and whispered passionately.

“Take me Eric! I am yours tonight. “

Eric was losing his mind. He was really waiting for a blowjob but he didn’t expect his mom to go even further! His heart was pumping like crazy as he asked again.

“Mom, what do you mean? You want me to ..”

Alison put her finger on his mouth before he finished his sentence and said seductively.

“ I want you to take me. I want to feel you inside me. All of you”.

It was clear that she had lost control. But she knew it and she loved it.

“Make love to me Eric! “

Finally! Eric had all he wanted now! He took her in his hands and kissed her with all of his strength. This was more than he could ever dream of. He felt like he just won the jackpot.

“I love you mom!” .

“I love you too baby!”. Alison answered with motherly love.

She turned slowly and got on top of her son, kissing him, rubbing her sexy body on his and feeling his erection pressing against her.

The game was on, and there was no turning back. Two players, two winners! No inhibitions, no guilts, no worries. Just two lovers ready to live their extreme passion for the first time.

Alison looked into her son’s lustful eyes and gave him a smile full of meaning as her hand moved slowly onto his big young penis and grabbed it strongly to guide it into her pussy’s warm entrance.

Feeling his mom’s pussy touching the tip of his cock Eric left out a moan and relaxed himself, getting ready for his dream to come true.

Alison didn’t want to torture him or herself anymore, she moved her hips back and let herself sit down slowly, feeling the gorgeous cock of her son penetrating her dripping pussy.

For 7 years she hadn’t felt a dick in her but as soon as she took Eric in, it felt like they belonged together. Her son’s cock was right where it needed to be, inside her welcoming pussy. She moved a little bit up and down and then took a deep breath and sat herself all the way down to the base of Eric’s huge throbbing erection.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhh…” Her moans were so full of pleasure, Alison knew right then that she needed this more than anything in the world!

“Oh, mom, this feels so good. I can’t believe it is happening!”. Eric was feeling like a kid in the playground, he was inside his mom’s pussy and she was enjoying it so much. He felt proud!