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2022-09-23 00:08:13

What follows is based on a true story of love between two women. Reema, a dear and sensuous friend of mine in her mid 25s, agreed to answer a series of questions I put to her regarding the details of her recent love affair with an attractive married woman. This is the essence of what she told me. The names have been altered and some of the details filled in so as to give extra satisfaction to the reader. Reema is an unassuming woman and it took some encouragement from me for her to realise how much erotic pleasure her experiences would yield. If you enjoyed this account do please write to let us know so I might encourage Reema to relate some more about herself and her lesbian desires.

Q. Reema, can you remember when you first realised you were turned on sexually by other women?
A. Sorry I cannot give a specific age - it sorta just sprung up on me - but I would say it was around 19. I remember looking at girls my age and older and saying to myself 'They're cute' or 'I wonder what they are like in bed'. Although I was interested in guys and had a lot of male crushes at that time, still my mind always wandered to women. At night I used to lie in bed running my hands over my growing breasts and stroking and fingering my pussy thinking about some sexy woman I'd seen and wondering if she'd be open to lesbian sex. As the years went by my love, attraction and admiration for women grew. I started to look at women more and actually think about what it would be like to have a girlfriend, romantically as well as physically. You know, a woman to love and share things with, like going for a meal, or to a nightclub, or just shopping or watching films together. Although guys always stayed in my mind, there is and always has been an empty part of me that will not be satisfied unless I have a female lover in my life.

Q. I know you consider yourself bisexual. But on balance do you tend more towards women or men - are you more lesbian or more hetro?
A. Truthfully, to answer your question, I have my days in which I tend to favour men and others when I tend to favour women. But my thoughts are more focused on women. I don't think of myself as a lesbian, but I would really want to explore that side of me more considering I am a little more inexperienced with women than with men.

Q. Is there a special woman in your life at the moment?
A. Yes, there is - a married woman with a couple of kids. She and I have been lovers for a few months now.

Q. Would you tell me how you met?
A. I first met her at the grocery store. The lines were long and the store was packed - but for some reason she stood out more than others. I couldn't help but stare at her, she was so beautiful. And I couldn't stop myself blushing when her eyes finally locked with mine. She has gorgeous dark eyes and a smile that would make you melt! I love women with dark hair and exotic, sultry features. I was so nervous when we stood next to each other in line. Thankfully she was the one who talked to me first, telling me her name was Ruby (I was about to die!... because I was nervous and afraid). But after awhile we started to talk and I felt more at ease.

We went outside to chat more while we were waiting for our rides. She has such a great personality and is really down to earth. She also has a very calm demeanour that makes you feel all warm and safe inside. As I got to know her more what especially attracted me to her was her intelligence - she's a very smart woman and knows how to handle herself, and well, yes, me as well. She is very independent and has a strong will. I really appreciate these character traits in a woman. Strong, confident, women turn me on big time.

I felt right then I was falling for this woman. My head was light and my pussy was tingling and oozing juice! I was secretly hoping that she would take me home with her and that we could make love while her husband was at work. Well, that didn't happen - not then at least. But we did exchange numbers and that evening she rang me on the phone. My heart was pounding when I heard her sensual voice again. We spoke a long time and increasingly flirted with each other. She suggested that we meet up again for coffee, which we did on two or three occasions.

Q. Can you describe those meetings?
A. God, they were incredible. There was this amazing erotic tension. I wanted her to notice me, to want me. So I wore my tightest jeans and a very hugging black top that showed off my large breasts. Previously, in the supermarket, I'd been wearing only a loose sweet-shirt. I wanted this woman to see my curvy body and sexy cleavage. We sat in a secluded corner of the café, which was quiet - which helped. We were sitting close together and, well, my arousal rose like never before with every minute she was close to me. She fixed her attention on me completely, leaning across to look deeply into my eyes, only shifting her gaze from time to time to my breasts. I was finding it hard to concentrate, to keep calm. Her perfume scented the air and her soft voice made me go weak at the knees. I loved the feeling of being with such a confident, intelligent, strong and sexy woman. It's what Id always fantasized about.

I think Ruby sensed my arousal, my deepening infatuation with her, because she kept smiling and fingering her hair and then, very discretely, she gently lowered her hand onto mine and ran her fingertips up my arm. I kept as still as I could, trying not to react. I didn't want to show my nerves or frighten her off in any way. And then, still slowly and smoothly, she slipped her hand under the table and placed it on my thigh. She held it there, squeezing gently, before stroking back and forth. Her gaze locked onto mine and she smiled and said in her low soft voice.

'I hope this isn't making you feel uncomfortable, Reema. I don't want to presume too much. I mean, some women wouldn't want another woman to touch them, to softly squeeze their thigh. But then, your not one of those women are you Reema? I didn't think you'd object to being touched by a woman. And I was right, wasn't I? In fact, I think you rather want this don't you my dear?'

She squeezed more tightly now, her hand moving closer to the crutch of my jeans where my pussy was oozing juice.

'Yes, Ruby, yes, I do want you to touch me. I've been wanting this badly...'
I placed my own hand on hers and stroked her soft skin. She smiled.
'Ummm, I can always tell when a woman is open to the possibilities of female love. Tell me, Reema, have you ever made love to a woman before?'
'Yes, I have, in my college days. She was my class mate. She seduced me one evening.'
'And how was it, my dear?'

'It was incredible. She was a beautiful lover. She smelt and tasted so good - I loved every moment.'
'Good. Good. And would you like to repeat the experience - this time with a married woman, a woman who thinks that you are wonderfully beautiful and deeply desirable...'

Her hand was pressing now on the crutch of my jeans. My pussy was yearning for her touch, for her tongue. 'Oh yes, Ruby, I would, I would love that very much.'
But, I added, wouldn't her husband mind me visiting? Oh no, she said - he's very keen to meet you. And then she added:

'Don't worry, my sweet. My husband never interferes between me and my lady friends. You will have my undivided attention.'

Q. Tell me how you prepared to visit her home. Were you excited?
A. The first time I went to her home I was nervous yet excited. I tried to keep my excitement at a reasonable level but that did not work. In the couple of days leading up to the visit I couldn't think of anything else! I was perpetually horny. It was like I was on heat. I lay in bed in the mornings just stroking my pussy and running my hands over my breasts, teasing my nipples, imaging I was with this woman. No one, male or female, had had that effect on me before. I lost count of the number of orgasms I gave myself. I couldn't wait to be with her.

After lunch on the day we were to meet up I took a long bath and washed my long black hair. I shaved my pussy nice and smooth. I'm usually shaven anyway, but I wanted to be completely bald for my lover, so I could open my pussy lips fully to her gaze and touch. After moisturising and scenting my body I selected a simple tight-fitting babydoll T-shirt and short jeans that hugged my full rounded arse. I left for her house - my heart pounding loudly!

Q. What happened when you got to Ruby's house?
A. When I first arrived she greeted me at the door then gave me a hug and we then walked to the kitchen. She was smiling and relaxed, wearing a black top and short black skirt that set off her tanned legs and auburn hair beautifully. She wanted to put me at my ease, exchanging pleasantries and fixing us drinks. After a little while she suggested we go through to the den to relax. As we got to the den I was floored and stopped in my tracks because there on the television was a film of two gorgeous lesbians going at it. Their love making seemed to fill the room, with their sighs and moans and words of pleasure.
We sat together side by side on the sofa. My eyes were locked on the screen. The women were so sexy and they were making love with such passionate intensity. As I watched I felt Ruby slip her left arm around my shoulder, gently pressing me to her. I felt so warm and secure in her arms and leaned into her. Her right hand was placed on my exposed bare thigh. She whispered in my ear.
'It's hot isn't it? I thought you might like it. They're beautiful aren't they? It's my favourite video - it always gets me horny, it always gets me ready for some girl to girl love making. I hope it has the same affect on you Reema...does it?'

I turned my head towards Ruby and smiled. My throat was tight and I found it hard to speak audibly.
'Of course it turns me on. But just thinking of you has made me horny all week. Please Ruby, kiss me....'
With a still and calm expression Ruby moved her lips slowly - I thought they'd never reach me! - towards mine. At last her soft lips touched mine - only faintly at first, brushing my own pouting lips. She raised her right hand to my cheek, gently stroking it and then sliding her fingers through my hair.
'Oh my beautiful, dear young creature. This is going to be delicious....'
She leaned forward more purposefully now planted a firm kiss on my lips. She was hungry, and her lips moved over and around my own. Iwas hungry too and showed her this by pushing my tongue forward to her lips. She opened her mouth and our tongues met. God this woman knew how to kiss another woman! Her right hand was smoothing its way over my body now, caressing my thigh, moving up to my hips and waist. I lowered my hand, took hers, and lifted it onto my swollen, aching left breast. She squeezed it through the fabric of my top and bra. I was breathing heavily and Ruby was moaning quietly under her breath.

Only after some minutes of passionate kissing did she draw back, run her hands through her hair, and then step off the sofa. She offered her hand and I clasped it as she drew me to my feet. She walked me to the centre of the room before the television and stood me in front of it. She then slid behind me, pressing her body against my back, using both her hands to roam over my full figure.
'Watch the pictures, my darling. Feast your eyes on those lesbian beauties. Aren't they every woman's dream?'

They were amazing. There was a nicely toned woman of about 35, with light brown hair and pert breasts, making love to a younger dark haired Latina woman. I couldn't take my eyes off the Latina . She had long luxuriant black hair and deep dark eyes framed by long eyelashes. Her young body was very curvy, and her breasts were full, big, and heavy, with huge dark nipples. She was squatting over the prone position of the older woman, her pussy full on the woman's face. She squirmed as she was eaten out, all the time massaging and sucking in her own big breasts.

The film itself was enough to make my pussy drenched with cream. But at the same time I had my own darling female lover caressing me with her hands and kissing and licking the back of my neck.
'Don't you love the dark woman with the gorgeous breasts. I love big breasted women - and you, Reema, have the most wonderful breasts. I couldn't take my eyes off them in the café. I couldn't stop thinking about them. Oh, they feel so good, so full....'

She was exploring my breasts with both her hands. I leaned back and sighed loudly. To help her I lowered my hands and pulled up my top over my breasts and over my head, to expose my bra and the flesh of my cleavage. Ruby was kissing and nibbling at my neck and shoulder, her hands now sliding over the upper part of my breasts and the soft flesh of my stomach. Her grip was firm and she was pulling me to her tight. I liked her taking control - it felt so right. Locked together she began to sway her body in a dance like motion, grinding her navel against my arse, which I pushed back to respond to her movements.
'God Reema, you have such a sexy body. I'm going to want to fuck you for hours

I'm going to want to bring you into my marital bed, I'm going to kiss and lick every inch of your kinky body, I'm going to eat out your hot pussy and suckle on your breasts while my husband watches, I'm going to give you all the female love you ever wanted my dear sexy delicious girl....'

Q. What happened next?
A. After running her soft hands all over my body as we stood in front of the TV she turned me towards her and we kissed. We then slid to the floor with her on top of me, between my open legs. I was clawing at her back, pulling her against my large bust and rounded tummy. Her lips and tongue were all over my face and neck and I was squirming with the passion she was stirring in me. She was making love to me with her mouth, like she wanted to savour every inch of me. No man had ever remotely turned me on with his kisses like this woman was doing. I was groaning loudly, encouraging my lover, telling her that I was all hers that I would do anything she wanted, that I wanted her to initiate me into the depths of lesbian love making.

Only after we'd kissed for what seemed like ages did she ease back onto her knees and begin to unbutton her blouse, smiling at me as she did so. Easing the blouse from her shoulders she then unhooked her white bra to reveal to me her sweet, succulent breasts. Her skin was pale but her nipples were large and deep pink. Tenderly she squeezed each nipple to its full length before beckoning me towards her. Of course I wanted to feel my lover's breasts and rose to my knees to face her. Tentatively I lifted my hands towards Ruby's waiting breasts, but as I did so she caught my hands in hers and lifted my fingers to her mouth to suck each in turn.

'Mmmm Reema, won't you free your breasts for me too, my darling. I want to feel your soft flesh against mine....'

I reached back to unclasp my bra, arching my back and pushing my chest forward as I did so. I kept the fabric in place with my arms, inviting Ruby to expose my naked breasts. She was breathing hard: she has a breast fetish and is obsessed with my cleavage! Gently she reached out, took the top of my black lace bra, and peeled it down over my full 36 inch c-cup breasts. She moaned deeply as my tits swung free and my large dark nipples were revealed. Oh my god, oh my god she kept repeating, you are so beautiful
Reema, your young breasts are so sexy, you're making me so horny...
She stretched out her hands to cup each of my breasts, my ample flesh spilling over her small, slender, hands. Her pale skin looked so beautiful set against my own darker complexion. God, my breasts were aching for her attention! Unable to wait I placed my own hand behind her neck and pulled her mouth down towards my left nipple.

'Come to me my darling Reema, let me suckle you my love.'

Her experienced mouth opened to receive my nipple and it was my turn to moan as her lips and tongue sent a surge of tingling pleasure through my breasts. I held her close, stroking her long hair with my fingers, sighing with contentment.

'Mmmm, my darling, yes...oh yes, yes...Feed at my big breasts my dear...They're yearning for you're your kiss, your tongue...They're yours, whenever you want them, just don't stop honey, please....'
Luckily Ruby had no intention of stopping. Back and forth she went from one breast to another, teasing, sucking, licking, nibbling, massaging, making love to me with an intensity and passion I'd never before experienced - even dreamed of. My breasts were full of desire and I could feel a long, deep, orgasm stirring in my pussy. But then, bad luck, the phone began to ring!

Ruby didn't want to answer it and I didn't really want her to either. But I convinced her she should... it could have been important like her kid or something so she slipped from my grasp and walked up to the receiver. From her response it was immediately obvious that it was her husband on the line.
'Humm darling, yes, I'm fine, very fine. I've got company, honey...yeah, its Reema - the attractive girl I met at the grocery store the other day, remember? Oh yeah, we're getting on beautifully. She's so sweet - and very hot....'

As Ruby spoke she beckoned me towards her with her finger. As I approached I stopped just short of her and slowly peeled my jeans over my hips and arse, easing them down my thighs and stepping free. I then removed my panties as well so I was naked for the first time before my lover.

Q. How did you feel at this point?
A. Well, I know I carry some excess weight. But I knew too that Ruby loved large breasted women, women with full, curvaceous, figures. So I felt good and sexy as I revealed to her my young ripe body. I allowed my hips to roll seductively as I approached her, my heavy breasts swaying before me. Still clutching the receiver with her left hand, she slipped her right arm around me and pulled me to her. I slipped my own arms around her and hugged her tight, placing kisses on the nape of her neck and up to her jaw, chin and cheek. Ruby was breathing hard now and her husband was getting turned on by the sounds of her arousal.
'Ohhh Ramesh, my darling Reema's naked in my arms. Ohh she is sooo sexy, baby, god you'd want to fuck her, I know you would. She's just the woman you like, with a juicy arse and ripe, succulent, tits. But she's here for me darling, she's kissing your wife, running her hands over my body, making me crazy with desire.....Is this turning you on, baby, are you getting all hard for me? Go on, stroke your cock, make it big and hard.... I want you to cum while you sit at your desk....You know how much you like to think of your wife making lesbian love. Oh I am darling, I am going to make long, hot, passionate lesbian love to Reema - and she wants it, darling, she wants it badly, don't you my dear?'

Yes, I did want it badly and I pushed my body up against Ruby's back, my soft tummy gyrating against her arse. My hands gently caressed and squeezed her breasts before sliding down to unfasten the front of her skirt which I then slid over her hips. I then eased my hands beneath the elastic of her panties so I could feel the cheeks of her arse. Ruby sighed deeply - her sighs turning to groans as I placed my right index finger up against her tight anus. As Ruby arched her back to push her arse to meet my finger I leaned forward to place my mouth close to the receiver.

'Hi Ramesh, it's Reema here.'
My voice was barely audible at first. I was shy at the idea of speaking to another woman's husband and my voice was tight with desire. But I knew that this was what Ruby wanted - that she wanted her husband to share in her desire.

'I hope your cock's real hard, Ramesh, I hope you're wanking it real good. I hope it turns you on to think of me with your wife. She's so gorgeous; she's such a good lover. Oh Ramesh, I love Ruby, I need her, I'll do anything for her - and she can do anything to me, my voluptuous body and 36 inch tits are at her disposal. I hope you don't mind, Ramesh, tell me you don't...'

Ramesh was moaning and breathing heavily on the phone. From his obvious excitement I took it that he had no problems with me fucking his wife! I pulled her panties over her arse and pushed them down her thighs. My lover was naked too now - except for her heeled shoes. My hands roamed freely over her nicely curved body - her firm thighs, her round arse, her tight stomach, her soft breasts. With my lips I was kissing my way along the middle of her back, loving the taste of her scented body. Ruby had arched her back, gazing up towards the ceiling, moaning loudly into the handset for the benefit of Ramesh. With her free hand she slid her fingers to her pussy.

'Oh Ramesh, oh Ramesh, I'm fingering my pussy darling. I'm so wet honey - my cunt's all wet and slippery. Reema's got your wife all juiced up, darling. Ahhh, ahhh....I'm lubricating up my fingers...I'm scooping up juice, from my pussy, I'm licking my fingers, licking off my juice....Oh ummm, it tastes soooo good, you know how good I taste, don't you baby? I can't wait to have Reema lapping at my pussy, I can't wait to spread my legs for her....Ohhh Reema darling, feel my wetness, feel my desire....'
Ruby pushed my hand towards her pussy. I slid my fingers over the trimmed pubic hair that crowned her pussy before sliding my fingers over her lips. God, she was wet - very wet. Her pussy lips were large and exposed and I began to finger her with both my hands simultaneously, allowing my fingers to explore her lips, her pussy-hole and her clit at the same time. Ruby began to hump her pussy rhythmically against my fingers, her body trembling against mine, her breathing heavy and punctuated by shrieks and squeals of delight.

'Ah Ramesh, oh my God, Reema's fucking me with her fingers, this is so good, urghhh, ah, ah, I'm gonna cum, your wife's gonna cum.....Yes Reema, yes....I'm loving this, baby, faster, faster....Cum Ramesh, cum baby, beat off that cock of yours, I can't hold back.....ahhhh.....yess, yess, arrhhhh......'
Ruby writhed in my arms as she orgasmed against my fingers. I guess Ramesh came as well as a loud moan emanated from the handset. Ruby's release was a powerful one and as she gave herself up to her lesbian desires she dropped the phone to the floor. With both hands now free she reached back to clasp my head for support, her body heaving in my arms as she recovered her breath with deep intakes of air.

Only slowly did she ease me round to face her. The two of us smiled and locked our gaze - each woman looking into deep into the eyes of the other. My desire for her was developing into love and I felt she was sensing the same emotions. We drew together and slipped our arms around each others waists. I opened my full lips and she gently lowered her mouth to mine. I tilted my head slightly to one side and relaxed into the kiss.

Q. Tell me about that kiss. How did it feel?
A. Mmm, there's something wonderfully special about kissing a woman - and when that woman is mature and experienced in kissing other girls the feelings amazing. I felt like she was opening new worlds to me. Her lips and tongue and taste were touching the core of my being. While we kissed Ruby's hands gently explored my body. They were cool and smooth on my skin, running over my full soft arse, the curve of my hips, along my back, feeling my shoulders and the base of my neck. I kept my eyes tight shut, concentrating on the experience and trying to please Ruby with my lips and my tongue. I felt like the centre of me was melting and my pussy was oozing a continual flow of juices. I shifted to part my legs and Ruby took the hint, pressing her thigh between mine, rubbing her leg against my hungry pussy. I groaned deeply.

Q. Was Ruby quiet, or did she talk dirty to you?
A. Oh yeah, she talked nice and dirty - which always turns me on. She said she loved my kinky body, my fat juicy tits. She made me feel so good about myself - she said that I was so beautiful and desirable. That my soft, curvy figure made her so horny. She called me her luscious lesbian bitch, her hot little dyke. She said that she wanted to fuck me and fuck me - that she wanted me all to herself and she would make her husband sleep in the spare room. She kept moaning and telling me how much she wanted to eat out my pussy and push her tongue in my arse and rub her clit against mine. All this talk was getting me hotter and hotter and I pleaded with her, my darling Ruby, to take me to her marital bed and make love to me and teach me and make me her devoted lesbian slave. At this she took my hand, lifted it to her mouth, kissed it, and gently led through to the bedroom.

Q. What happened in the bedroom?
A. Well, she was slow and gentle with me which I loved! She handled me with such kind and gentleness like I was an antique china doll...like if she were to be rough I'd break. Ruby is really a connoisseur of women: unlike any man I've been with she knew how to completely satisfy me as a woman. She just focused on me and my needs - there was no rush, no hurrying on to a quick fuck. She paid attention to my whole body for a generous amount of time, straddling me and using her whole body to give me pleasure.
At first we just made out, kissing deeply, running our hands through each others long hair, speaking of our love and desire, enjoying the feeling of our breasts meeting and caressing, the smell of our wet pussy. Ruby was getting more and more passionate - her kisses stronger and more insistent. Her saliva drooled from her mouth and I licked it up. She was stirring me up incredibly. She was in complete control and I was being made into simpering horny dyke in her arms.

I kept imploring her to kiss me and take me and eat out my pussy and fuck me - but she kept teasing me, taking her time, letting my lust build. I was getting a little frustrated - not because she didn't let me cum, but because I am a giver meaning I'd get more pleasure pleasing her body rather than her pleasing mine. But god did she please me! She pulled a couple of pillows over and lifted my head on to them. As she did so she whispered in my ear.

I going to eat out your cunt baby - and I want you to have a good view of my head between your legs. Believe me, it will make it sooo much better. Now spread your soft thighs for Ruby you horny little whore.'
I fixed my eyes on hers, easing my legs apart, clasping me fleshy thighs in my hands, exposing every fold of my glistening bald pussy. The blood was throbbing in my cunt. The heat was palpable and the smell of my arousal was pungent. Ruby breathed in deeply and began to kiss her way down my soft belly and to the underside of my thighs. My skin is sensitive there and her probing tongue sent a thrill through me. I was in heat already and she hadn't even touched my pussy yet! Between each lick, each caress, she sighed and uttered some words - dirty, sexy words that filled my lust. She was filling all my senses - with her touch, her look, her words, her smell.

'That's it, baby, that's right. Open your legs nice and wide for me - show me your lovely wet pussy. Oh I love young pussy, it's so sweet and juicy. God I've wanted this, needed this. I've needed to taste your juices, to press my tongue between your lips, show you what a woman's love means. Spread your legs you darling lesbian whore, give Ruby a good view of your cunt lips, your clit....ummm, its so ripe, so engorged....let me lick it honey, let me suck it...is this good, baby, is this what you want? Show me darling, so me what you've got for me....'

This was what I'd wanted alright. Ever since I'd first made Ruby's acquaintance I had fantasised about her eating me out, her beautiful face between my legs. But this beat any fantasy, the experience was too intense to be imagined. And yes, Ruby was right to say how sexy it was to watch yourself be eaten out. I was mesmerised by the rhythmic movement of her head between my legs. Ruby's hair was dishevelled and moist with sweat and every now and then she would look up and smile before thrusting out her powerful tongue, licking her lips, and continuing her passionate ravishing of my cunt.
I was dissolving now before my lover's desire. Juice was flowing freely from my pussy into Ruby's mouth and my whole body felt like it was melting, draining my essence into the centre of my womanhood. As my orgasm built and then broke forth I arched my back, gripping my large breasts and letting out a large full-throated cry which only gradually subsided as my orgasm ran its course. Ruby was delighted with my performance, telling me as she took me in her arms how much she loved a woman who came loud and hard. Never, she said, hold anything back: give me it all....

Q. Did you pleasure each other all night?
A. That evening I certainly learned to give and take it all. Ruby was obsessed with my body and never ceased to love me. To give me time to recover she pressed her well-toned body against my ampler form and we exchanged tender, romantic kisses. As we did so Ruby told me some more about her personal history and her lesbian experiences.

Her first relationships, she said, had all been with women - first at school, and then at college. It was only shortly before graduation that she had formed a short-lived infatuation for a handsome college sportsman and soon, without really knowing the why or how, found herself accepting his proposal of marriage, living in a suburban villa, and pregnant with their first child.

This pregnancy marked the end of her brief flirtation with heterosexual love. The more pregnant she got the hornier she got for other women. Her frustration became intense until she found release in the arms of a rather maternal but very lesbian midwife. It was partly to maintain the cover for their relationship that she became pregnant again quickly after her first child. Of course the inevitable happened and her husband one day found the two of them in bed. She thought the marriage was over, but to her surprise her husband was understanding - helped no doubt by the fact that he had himself been having an affair - and gradually her love for other women became the centre piece of their erotic life, with her husband often watching her make lesbian love - and sometimes joining in, providing the other woman was comfortable with that. I guessed what was coming next.

'Ramesh will be home shortly, my dear. Would you mind if he watched us make love?'
I replied that I had no objection at all - though I'd never performed sexually before someone else before.
She continued 'And would you, I wonder, be willing to let him join us to make a threesome.....or would you prefer to keep me all to yourself?'
I was flustered by the question, not wishing to disrupt a beautiful evening and friendship.

'To be truthful, Ruby, I'd prefer for it to be just us two. Do you mind?'
'Not at all! That's what I wanted you to say. Believe me, I want your delectable body all to myself as well! You will stay with me tonight and we will confine Ramesh to the spare room. I think we both know that we don't need a man, don't we?'

With a broad grin Ruby slid from the bed and walked across to a large cabinet. She opened the door and bent forward to reach inside a drawer. I took a good long look at the view of her delicious arse that she presented me with - rounded, smooth, and nicely filled out. There is, for me, no sight more alluring than the arse of a sexy woman!

When she turned she was clutching a large pink dildo, sculptured like a real cock, with a veined texture and bulbous head. Still smiling she fastened the dildo to her with a series of straps until it was firmly positioned and jutting out like a real hard-on. I squealed delight at the sight. I had always wanted to be fucked by a woman and to see such a sexy, feminine, woman, sporting a male endowment sent me into palpitations! My cheeks flushed and my pussy oozed juice. Ruby moved towards me, the cock swinging as she rolled her nice full hips. As she crawled back up the bed to me she leaned forward to kiss me tenderly and I reached between her legs to stroke her phallus. I knew then that Ruby could satisfy me in ways that exceeded even my deepest fantasies. With a voice tremulous with desire I encouraged my lover.

'No, Ruby, I don't need a man. I need you. Fuck me, my darling, fuck me please....fuck me with your cock until I'm raw, fuck your lesbian slut please...'

Unexpectedly, Ruby grasped my hips and pivoted me onto my front. I drew up my back legs to present her with a full view of my plump arse. She gripped the flesh of my cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing my shaven pussy and my arse hole. I moaned as her tongue slid its way over my exposed cunt lips, teasing and exploring and stirring me up with all the experience she had of the female body. I was slumped forward, my sweat soaked face buried in a pillow. I was completely absorbed in the intensity of the moment - and brimmed with anticipation of what would surely follow. It was at this point that I heard the bedroom door open and saw Ruby's husband Ramesh enter the room from the corner of my eye! Q. How did you react?

A. At first I was very uncomfortable - embarrassed and, well, nervous frankly. Ramesh was a biggish man, wearing a dark grey suit, with a shock of dark hair. The tension lifted a little when he smiled at me and said hi - adding that I was indeed as beautiful and sexy as Ruby had said.
'But then, my wife has always had impeccable taste in women. Please don't worry about me Reema - I shan't bother you two sweet ladies.'
I turned around to look at Ruby, wanting her reassurance. She ignored her husband and clasped me in her arms, kissing my neck and whispering in my ear.
'Yes, baby, yes honey, it's just me and you my darling. I love you my gorgeous woman and your mine alone. Ignore my husband and focus on me and us. God, I'm aching to fuck you...'
I let Ruby push me back forward onto the bed. Again I lifted my arse to her and this time I felt her mount me from behind, the fat head of her cock pressing against my arse and then my the lower lips of my pussy. I clasped my arse cheeks and pulled them wider to help her drive her cock home and with two or three thrusts she eased herself into me.

I had never taken such a large, hard, cock and the sensation was piercing at first. But Ruby knew how to fuck a woman! She kept herself still within me for some time, allowing my pussy muscles to adjust to her member and my juices to build. With her hands on my hips she encouraged me to move back and forth against her cock. My movements were small at first but gradually they became deeper and more pronounced. Each time I impaled myself on my lover I let out a deep cry. I must have looked a sight: I was hot and sweating and my long black hair was hanging over my face. But I didn't care: I was being consumed by an overwhelming lesbian lust. To my right I could see a now naked Ramesh transfixed on us two women, wanking a decent sized cock. But I had no interest in him. My thoughts were only for his wife - and I'm sure she reciprocated.

Gradually the intensity of our fucking increased. As I thrust back, Ruby began to push forward to meet me. Each of us was now fucking the other, each of us in the grip of a profound passion. Our fuck was long and hard. After some minutes Ramesh let out a grunt and a fountain of white cum fell on to his large belly. His cock immediately began to soften, but Ruby remained hard for me, ready to fuck me as long as I could stand it and begged for me. As she pounded my arse she shouted at me.
'Go on, you horny bitch. Take my cock. Grip it with your pussy mussels. This is how you've wanted to be fucked, this is what you wanted. Oh your wet, you dirty little dyke. You can't get enough of my cock, you're so hungry for it. Tell me you want more, tell me you want me to fuck you all night. You've made me so hot, so hard. Cum my little lesbian, cum for Ruby, show her your desire, drench me with your cum....'
Of course I came, and as I did so I yelled uncontrollably, arching my back, my large breasts jiggling before me, my pussy on fire and letting loose a flood of feminine desire. Ruby continued to service me with her cock, and it was only when I collapsed onto the bed and drew my legs together that she gently eased her juice-soaked cock from deep in my pussy. Tenderly, she planted kisses up my back and I reached back to take her into my arms. Each of us exhausted by our passion we nestled in one another's arms, each caressing the other, treasuring the intimate contact with another woman. As I looked across I saw that Ramesh had left us. And thus began my first night in the bed of a married woman.

Q. Did you make love again during the night?
A. Oh yes, we made love off and on throughout the night. Gradually I took the initiative in pleasing her. I'm not so experienced when it comes to women but I enjoyed everything I did to her and just tried my best and did what I thought would feel good. I guess it worked because she came hard! We both came a decent amount of times during the night - sorry I cannot say how many times, I lost count! I wanted her to cum as much as possible and ate out her pussy for long periods. She loved that, but she had to push me away several times to let her rest. If I could my lips would be attached to her!

Hope the readers like it and I will surely appreaciate postive comments... I will post some of there pictures if requested via msg.