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Gambling , My Wife and Black Business Partner

2022-07-01 00:00:03

Gambling , My Wife and Black Business Partner

This is a story about about one of my wife's many fantasy's It is about a young woman who has a bad gambling habit, gets hooked, and quickly gets in over her head. This eventually leads to her borrowing money a lot of it from her husbands, (Me) business partner and figuratively speaking ends up betting her ass, and a lot more if she loses, and is unable to pay the debt back!

My partner is a hansom black unmarried male, in his mid thirties he has shown some interest in my wife Diane as she is a young attractive woman. She, has even flirted with him on occasion, she also has unfulfilled fantasy's about black men. He of course does not know this nor has he ever given her any reason to think that something might actually happen between them. We are friends and of course are in business together, but he does like what he see's. Diane has developed some rather expensive gambling habits that are starting to become more that she can handle as she is a loser, and has gone to him asking for money in order satisfy evermore incurred gambling debts! He tells her that he will have to think about it, and has asked why, she has not gone to me for money? She tells him, and has asked him to please not say anything to me, and that she would do anything?... In order to get the money! Going on to explain that this has happened before and that I have threatened her with a number of uncomfortable and unpleasant sexual situations if she keeps gambling!

This comment from her is quite shocking, but is also quite appealing and of great interest as my black partner has a thing for white women, but attempts to act as though it is of little interest? He then goes on to ask just what, I have threatened to do? Diane blushes and has a hard time telling him, just what it is that I have threatened! He press's her for details and she is even more uncomfortable in confessing, but finally blurts out what I have threatened. Especially if she did not quit gambling or cannot at least get it under some reasonable control that I would give her to a black pimp!, and that he would use her as a common street whore for all sorts of despicable sex acts! In order to raise the money. He, my partner is even more intrigued that this seemingly young attractive married woman who appears to be straight laced and responsible is involved in something like this, and has actually said such a thing! He presses her for even more details about our sex life much of which he is already aware of, she goes on to explain that we have had a very wonderful and kinky sex life and that she really loves it and that one time had even made a comment in the heat of some incredible love making that I, her husband had better watch out, or she could easily become the biggest slutty whore one could imagine! This concern was based on some of risque and sexually kinky things we have done in the past and her fantasy's, along with the fact that I actually do know a pimp who has blatantly expressed interest in her and has even offered to put her on the street in her presence! and, that this made that possibility, more than just an idle threat!.....

My partner is even more shocked at this revelation and again asks her, “anything”? Going on to say that he might ask something much worse that could be even more sexually perverse degrading and possibly abusive! She does not seem to be concerned at all about his statement and again tells him that she would do, "anything"!.... He tells her that he will see what can be done and gives her a little money to pay off the most pressing of debts. Later my partner confronts me as we are friends, and have had a number of conversations about women in general and sex in particular. He is, from these earlier conversations aware that Diane is a very sexual person and that we have had an incredible sex life during are marriage!

He also knows from our previous conversations that I was not bashful at all about telling him so, and in detail! He goes on to tell me what Diane has asked for and this is where two devious and sexually kinky minds get together. I have told him to go ahead and give her the money, but that she has to sign a very detailed agreement with him and if she is unable to pay the money back, he will own her ass and it will become his to do what ever he pleases and that means anything!, Especially when it comes to sex! This is something I have been thinking about doing with her for some time as it is one of Diane's fantasy's. To be sold and used for sex!
It is not that I am some sort of bastard and that I do not love my pretty young wife, it is quite the opposite I love her dearly, but she is an incredible sexual creature that has strong sexual needs and requires a lot of physical attention, Diane is not a nymphomaniac, she just loves sex, but is very naive and insecure about her looks and sexuality. If you saw her on the street or in the store or supermarket you would probably not give her a second look, but when she is dressed up and has her hair and nails done, easily becomes a very attractive woman and if she is wearing something very revealing like on New Years. Something she has been scared to do, but has done so at my insistence, makes her ever more appealing.
The fact that she is uncomfortable when dressed in a revealing manor plus the fact that she has been blatantly hit on a number of times especially during New Years has both perked and tempered her interest in doing so. The problem is that several years ago I was seriously injured in a boating accident and the results has seriously reduced my ability to perform.. I can still do it, but my stamina has been my fort-aye as in the past my ability to have sex for long periods of time has been my calling card, and now it is not. Diane not long after we were first married once told me, that she thought there were times I was never going to quit! However it was not long before she was easily able to keep up and even surpass me. I am not all that well hung but adequate so when this happened you can imagine and understand her disappointment, and I think that this is part of the reason why she has gotten deeper into, and hooked on gambling...

I of course, am not surprised at all when she is unable to pay the money back. Perhaps she has even done so subconsciously or on purpose as the thought certainly makes me wonder? This though is where the fun begins. The agreement Diane has sighed is quite explicit and when she signed it, had not bothered to even read it! Especially the part about being co owned as a Black Cock Whore! She is of course, and has always been a very naive girl even as she has gotten older. Thinking now that this really is a valid agreement, as it looks legal and real with a witness's signature and all. Now that she has finally read the details is quite shocked!, but has resigned herself since she has taken the money that she has no choice but to go through with their deal! I have told her I am going to be, conveniently out of town for the next several weeks, possibly longer on business and that quite coincidentally have asked my business partner would he mind, and be kind enough to look after her, making sure that all her needs? are met!...(YES I KNOW ABOUT LEE MAJORS FARA FAUCET AND RYAN ONEAL). I have also told him most of Diane's fantasy's especially when it comes to black men and sex, even her most darkest ones! So that if the opportunity comes up he can see to it, and make every effort to take advantage of her willingness to please! Plus the fact that I would really love to have her experience the pleasures of an enormous black cock that will easily be prolonged and pleasurably abusive!

After all we are not only partners, we are also good friends. I have told her that he was at first reluctant, but finally agreed. Once CJ knows, and realizes the contract Diane has signed, and that she really thinks it is binding and has no other choice in the matter, is when he tells her to go to a small risque boutique that caters in erotic clothes hair and nails. Diane has never been to a place like this, in the city and is apprehensive about doing so. The patrons of these shops are night people and mostly black prostitutes! CJ has called ahead and has asked the girls who work there to to make her up as a classy but elegant looking call girl! After they are done she is told to meet him at a very exclusive restaurant that caters to mixed couples mostly white women and black men that is also in the city. She is now wearing this beautiful, but very revealing light blue satin cocktail dress with open toed, red stiletto heels that really show off her detailed red toe nails also something she has never had done before. It is short tight has a low back that requires no bra, and has half cups that push her breasts up quite delightfully exposing a lot of cleavage. A short zipper in the back is all that holds it together. But when unzipped partway literally allows her breasts to pop out! and if unzipped all the way leaves her totally naked almost instantly! She has also left the boutique, wearing nothing else!

Further he has told Diane that in order to satisfy this debt she must! Do her best to convince him, my business partner CJ, that she is and will be his woman, and most ardent lover for the next several weeks! An as such has to make every effort to please and satisfy his innermost romantic or outrageous sexual urge or requests especially while in public! To this end he greets her in the public parking garage of the restaurant. A number of other couples are arriving and when she steps out of the cab, she is breathtaking! Diane has never thought of herself as a looker and is quite uncomfortable standing there with the feeling that she is almost naked, and with all eyes on her. This dress what there is of it, really shows off her beauty. Her dark hair, vibrant red lip stick and matching nails along with a sparkling necklace has made her exquisitely stunning!... Even he stares for a moment before embracing her. He then tells her to put her arms around his neck and leave them there! Diane has both planned and agonized over their first meeting , one minute she is excited and the next crazy with the possibilities! He then gives her a deep passionate and very romantic kiss, at first she balks with so many watching, as her beautiful red lips are parted, and his kiss deepens her resistance melts, her heart is pounding as if she is an oversexed giddy school girl on her first date with that boy, you know the one who has the... worst reputation ... . It has been a long time since someone, “me, has kissed Diane like this”! The girls at the boutique have given her a pleasurable bath along with fixing her hair, nails and toenails in preparation for this meeting, the smell look and touch of this vibrant half naked young woman has caused CJ's desire for her, to enlarge his black male bulge substantially!... This dress is trouble in that if she bends over two things can happen, one her breasts will easily fall out! And two the hem of the dress terminates just below her “Vee” and when bent over leaves her bare shaven mound and posterior sinfully exposed!
While holding her tightly CJ proceeds to partially unzip Diane's dress! Allowing her tight fitting cupped breasts to easily pop out exposing them!!... Other couples gawk at this naked wanton display in public of a beautiful young white woman's affection for this hansom older black man. She tries to lower her arms and cover herself as modesty prevails, but my partner CJ will not allow her arms to get below his, that are now firmly locked behind her back as he pulls her bare breasts to his chest! More and more couples pass and inter the big elevator that leads to the restaurant almost all have viewed this lust filled spectacle! Finally he lets go of her as the kiss has gone for her, submissive and wonderful to hesitant and concerned!

Diane scrambles to cover herself in front of all the restaurant goers! Her normally white pale skin is crimson and blushing in embarrassment as he blatantly fondles her breasts in a mock attempt to help her with her dress! After which he does help zip it up while she holds the cups to her chest. He whispers in her ear that if she does not behave and do exactly as he tells her the top or something worse could easily happen again!
The cab driver who is an older black male has been watching the whole decadent episode! and exchanges Diane's small wrap and tiny purse he has been holding, for a tip, and with a very envious smile closes her door and gives CJ a big knowing smile thanking him for the tip. Diane can easily hear CJ say to him, that if he would not mind coming back around 10:00 PM and pick them up. He would see to it that a much better tip was in store, while looking directly at her. Making sure that he knows exactly the meaning of what has been said! In the elevator with several other couples CJ comments to no one in particular about Diane, and loud enough that everyone can hear! You have beautiful tits and I will just bet you have an even nicer ass!...as his hand lovingly squeezes it.

Again she is mortified and embarrassed! A couple standing behind, is amused by this comment as her tight blue dress just barely covers the cheeks of her soft round bottom. The place is packed, with many couples in the bar and at the number of tables overlooking the city, it is a very romantic place and most of the couples are attractive and well dressed. The talking stops as the two of you enter, stares and conversation stop and restart. You know now they are talking about the commotion both you and her have caused! You secretly think to yourself that it is not over and more sexually naughty and perverse fun with my innocent young half naked Diane is only just starting! You have made reservations and the host escorts you to your not so intimate booth, it is by itself and has the best view, but is prominently in view of others!
Diane has never been to a place quite like this and does not know what to expect and is desperately trying to blend in after the earlier tryst in the parking garage. The small booth allows CJ to set next to her and his hand has easily found the thin material of her very short blue cocktail dress! He slowly inches it up to where more than just her upper thighs are totally exposed and his hand has easily found its way down into her moist softness! CJ is not at all surprised as his inner self is smug with the thought that that he!, has caused this wetness as his fingers touch the folds of Diane's bare succulent female charms. The waiter has stopped to ask if you would like drinks? He is standing where he can easily see her bare thighs and CJ's hand as he forces her thighs even farther apart! Diane is blushing again as the waiter takes his time and looks approvingly at her exposed shapely white thighs that terminate with a black hand at the apex!....
After this, both Diane and CJ slowly relax over a delightful meal, drinks and small talk. He looks at this beautiful young woman setting next to him and cannot help himself, turning towards her as his other hand now finds its way in between her thighs he looks into her eyes and then holds his face against her soft cheek easily finding her lips and again kisses her ever deeper and with more lust filled passion. The kiss lingers for a much longer time and she does not resist at all, the feeling is wonderful as CJ feels Diane's thighs squeezing his hand and fingers as if she is wanting. CJ's thoughts and especially hers are slowly drifting back to what is in store for her later that evening? She needs to use the ladies room as in the excitement of what has happened along with her Shirley Temples has given her a great need to relieve herself..

CJ always the perfect gentleman has offered to escort her to the ladies room as she has no idea where it is, and is quite comfortable in having him do so. It is wonderful to be on the arm of this big hansom black man that seems to really want her! As more sinful fantasy's race through her mind . Just as they approach the rest rooms the one on the right is ladies and the one on he left is the men's, CJ has tightened his grip on Diane's arm and before she realizes it, has quickly guided her into the men's room! Diane is horrified and balks, but to no avail having little choice as she is forced pass the first door and through the second! It is a fairly large well lighted room, there are six urinals and about the same amount of stalls. The one on the end is open having no door. It is a busy place as a number of men are doing their business. Diane is stunned and not sure what to do or quite how to react! CJ pushes her ahead of him and casually announces that he hopes no one minds if his girl friend uses the men's room!!!... No one complains as most are black men that admiringly look her over, the fact that she is dressed rather revealing in this tight and very short blue dress only adds to their interest as he pushes her into the open stall!

CJ then tells her to lift the lid, Diane is speechless as he partially unzips her dress in front of all these strange men, the results again, easily and quickly expose's her breasts as he turns her around! She is so embarrassed and tries to cover herself, but CJ tells her to slip the tight dress up and to squat over the porcelain so that nothing gets on her dress, while she pee's! At first she is hesitant! he reminds her loud enough for anyone to hear, that she belongs to him and that she is his, "Black Cock Whore"! And that she has no choice! Diane is humiliated and reluctantly submits, and in doing so exposes what little modesty she has left, that now leaves nothing to anyone's imagination, as the tight short satin dress is now all the way up! Most of the men are now crowding around the open stall several with cell phone cameras. Diane is holding her dress up and is trying to pee, but her little pussy and pee hole has gone from needing to badly relieve itself to now being quite bashful with everyone watching. OMG the first few drops and a little tinkle followed by an intermittent stream and more pee, and within a short time is suddenly making a most unladylike sound much like a man releaving himself in a back alley after some hard drinking. This only adds to her embarrassed discomfort! along with the men that are watching and taking pictures. Diane is again as red as her nails and lip stick! CJ then pulls her to him and finishes unzipping her skimpy dress. Leaving her totally naked , and even more astonished! He hangs her dress over the stall and leads her out and over to one of the urinals.

She is now standing there wearing only the open toed red stiletto heels and a sparkling necklace. Diane is 5' 6” tall has 36” DD tits that sag a little, her bottom and tummy are soft full and her pubic area is shaved bare leaving her lips and clit partially exposed and it is obvious they are very stimulated. I have shaved her so much over the years of our marriage it hardly grows back anymore. She has indulged herself over the last several years and it shows. Diane's red lip stick with matching painted nails and toenails contrast vividly along with her soft and very pale white skin. This, makes her even more stunning and attractively desirable. CJ is now going to find out just how far Diane will go to please him and to satisfy this debt!. He pushes her over to the center urinal and removes her necklace placing it in his pocket. She is almost shaking in fear as she now has some idea of, what will be expected of her.
CJ then tells her to get down on her knees. Apparently word has gotten around and the men's room is now packed. He then says rather sweetly to her that she is going to assist each of the men that wish to relieve themselves by unzipping there fly's and holding there cocks in her hands while they do there business , starting with him!

Diane is now trembling as her mind focuses on a fantasy she has had of being chained to a urinal naked and helpless in some dirty restroom and having mean disgusting black men, lots of them have there way with her! OMG she thinks to herself as reality sets in, how could he know? But this is only part of this sinful and delicious fantasy she has, as hers is much darker? and, It is not the dirty place nor the vile men she has fantasized about. It is clean with white tile floors and even smells quite pleasant? Plus these men are gentleman? Now with her naked on her knees, and with her heart pounding, and his zipper only inches from her beautiful red lips, this part is no longer a fantasy! She reluctantly tries to unzip it! Struggling and finally gets it open reaching in. Diane has heard stories and has fantasized about black men and fantasy's about their big black cocks. This fact is really going to be brought home in only a moment that many black men really do have large cocks and CJ is certainly one, but even she is more surprised at first, as grabs his big balls and then realizes his cock is above pointed up! Her hands start at the base and go farther and, farther.... until she has to undo his belt in order to free his manliness.
She finally manages to get it out from under his dress shirt, Diane is stunned not only by its size but its hard perfect shape. It is powerful looking, the head looks more like a Darth Vader helmet as the back slopes down and flairs out along the back and sides she is almost faint as she barely holds it. It is long thick and very appealing and imagines to herself what it would feel like to be all the way in her, my wife has never been much of a head hunter, but the temptation and circumstance along with the fact that most married women will do almost anything with their new boy friend or lover that they would never willingly do with there husband and this now seems to be more that accurate statement....

The size is no longer fantasy, CJ's Cock is well over 10” long and bulbous puffed up helmet head is almost 3” across curving up at the tip and sloping down to the back. Diane's beautiful white fingers and red nails vividly contrast with the black and blue veins that are filled with sensual pressure of this very hard pulsing piece of meat, she was at first is afraid to touch it, but in only moments fondles and milks it taking both of her hands to do so! Her eyes are wide almost glassy in wonder and excitement as she points it toward the urinal. Diane has no idea that he will never be able to relieve himself until he has ejaculated as it is so hard. CJ then tells her to just kiss the tip and head. My wife now eager and almost lovingly does so in a sincere effort to please!... His precum is now almost dripping from the gun barrel sized hole in the end . He lets go of his pants and they slowly slide down around his ankles, Diane is now squeezing his manliness and is trying to get the big head into her mouth, and he has not even told her to do so!.... Her normally small pouting beautiful red lips are grotesquely deformed as she finally works the head past them. CJ has told her to put her hands behind her back, and suck! My wife obediently complies. CJ is in total control now with his hands now behind her pretty head, she tries to keep this massive male organ from gagging her as he forcefully pulls her head up while pushing his cock down deeper into her throat. He is coaching Diane with words of encouragement, come on baby you can do it suck, harder, harder oh...yea that's gooood ,just a little deeper it is only a matter of minutes until he unloads!!!.....
CJ is a bachelor and has had several steady girl friends both black and white, but has been without one for several months, he is a big man with a big cock and sex drive to match. He has an incredible amount of seamen stored in his male reproductive system. Diane as I said before has never been all that enthusiastic about giving head , but knows she really has no choice, and for her this is one of her fantasy's, as CJ holds her head tightly and at the same time forces his enormous cock even deeper into her throat. Her helpless naked beauty, from her red painted lips and nails to the white unblemished fair skin of her bare breasts is now helplessly impaled on his large black cock ,and with Diane's hands held dutifully behind her back .

She is making gurgling sounds of gagging pleasure and clinches her hands ever more tightly behind her back,.. he unloads this incredible amount of lust filled cum. She tries to pull away, as she is now really gagged by his cum but is unable, as he holds her head even tighter. He senses she can no longer breath and slowly pulls his cock up several inches to where she can get several quick gulps of air the gluck gluck gluck, of her sucking and swallowing noise of this incredible warm cum can easily be heard throughout the men's room . It is a noise she has never made before and that few men have heard as she is now drooling almost uncontrollably. It is not only her drool its his warm seamen and is with some relief dripping out of the corners of her red lips in long clear whitish strings. The nasty wet noise of sperm hard black flesh and beautiful soft red lips, smacking together is both vulgar and erotic as she is just barely able to swallow his massive load and keep up with his months of stored up male ejaculation!

One of the men in the restroom has crouched down beside Diane and has been fingering her lips and clit and has tried to time CJ's ejaculation with her soon to be orgasm.
For CJ it is wonderful to get rid of his pent up desire at Diane's expense and for her it is an experience she will not soon forget as her fantasy about being forced to suck such sinfully delicious big black cock is no longer fantasy! This incredible wanton feeling of hers, being naked helpless and on her knees in the men's room and in front of a lot of men is definitely part of her fantasy, but she has never considered it happening. Now though it will be something she will crave more and more over the next several weeks and will become like a drug that will leave her ever wanting. CJ has finally pulled his cock from Diane's red lips with a slight sucking noise as she attempts to suck the last several squirts that are so pleasurable and uncontrolled. She misses and her cheeks and chin have more than several long trails of white creamy cum all over her face. She has gone from being reluctant to now sticking her tongue out around her red lips in order to lick as much as she can from her face and into her mouth. She is making the most pleasurable moans of female satisfaction as the man on his knees has now manipulated her to orgasm!!!.....OMG it is good, as pleasurable yelps and groans pass through her cum covered lips and semen stained face! She is barely able to hold herself up on her knees, as the man continues to masturbate her and after several more minutes Diane again has an incredibly shameless orgasm . One of her deepest but not darkest fantasy's has been fulfilled as most of what she has been fantasizing about over the last several years has turned out much better that she could ever imagined, Fantasy is one thing and reality is quite another, but it is wonderful when they can, almost come together.

Diane is still naked and on her knees she has been slow to recover when the next man steps up. CJ has backed out of the way and tells her to unzip the mans fly and massage his cock and coax him into peeing, the problem is that her touch has made him spring to life and she is now not only humiliated, but is worried with the thought she will have to suck him off too! In order to fulfill her obligation in assisting each of the men to pee into the urinal. CJ is at first amused at her response and has told her to smack it really hard and this harsh treatment will render it flaccid at least for several moments, after which this treatment allows a small stream starts, followed by a more forceful one. This is followed by another and another man, Diane's lovely white fingers and red polished nails do a dance on one big black cock after another. Now that they realize she is not going to suck them all off !..The group of men has has become much smaller, But Diane's zeal to please along with all of these big hard black cocks is overpowering. So after each is done, she lovingly kisses the head of each cock!

The results of this tender thoughtful treatment again makes their dicks spring to life. CJ during this rather interesting session has told the men that he is planning a big surprise for Diane and that he needs a dozen or so well hung black men to pull it off. He has been collecting phone numbers, it only takes several minutes before he has more than enough, as all are eager to taste and use my white bare ass-ed horny young wife telling him , they are definitely in, for whatever he has in mind.....
The last of the men that wish to avail themselves of her assistance have now been accommodated she is still naked and on her knees. She presents a very perverse picture of sexual humiliation and degradation so much so that CJ has to have a picture of her on her knees naked and in the men's room next to the urinal with a big black cock halfway down her throat! He enlists one of the few men that is left, to take this so humiliating close up of Diane's pretty face with his big black cock between her red lips! The man uses his very expensive cell phone camera! He cheerfully complies and not only takes several pictures from different angles close up, he also takes several full frame ones. They are incredible and very detailed pictures that I will later see, the cum from his earlier session is still in her hair and all over her pretty white breasts! CJ encourages Diane to smile and then to suck, her expression is priceless and she can do little to fulfill either with his big cock in her mouth and can only make a wide eyed kind of sucking noise! He has finally pulled out leaving her naked on her knees in front of the urinals and has fetched her short little blue dress, as several more men inter the restroom they are pleasantly, although quite surprised at what they see as CJ walks over, and with a man in a suit on either side offers his hand to Diane she has almost forgotten they are clinched tightly and obediently behind her back!

He then helps her up handing her the small purse and guides her over to the one empty wash basin suggesting she clean up a bit, and fix her hair and make up. He has not offered at all to help her with the dress as she dutifully cleans her face and breasts with several men watching, one makes a comment about what a nice round ass she has and how nice it would be to give it a good paddling! CJ waves his hand and tells the man to be his guest. My wife is in shock! As CJ tells her to face the wall and put her hands on it as high as she can and to arch her bottom out! Diane's eyes are wide and almost in tears as she has this pleading look on her face that says it all, but she does exactly as he says. CJ knows now that Diane will do anything she is told!
He tells the man that has suggested paddling her to make sure and do a good job or he will get someone who will! The first of several bare handed whacks are quite hard and brutal as they strike home the sound of bare skin being paddled is intoxicating especially on her bare unprotected bottom. She grits her teeth at first trying not to let it get to her, but is quickly in tears and then sobs followed by pleading for him to stop! Her white bare bottom is now crimson when he finally stops, his hand lovingly rubs her soft sore buttocks and then descends down the crack of her ass and in between her legs coming up into her slit, he comments wow! she is really wet! As his fingers probe her cunt from behind she is now trembling and wants to lower her hands but quickly remembers she has been told to leave them on the wall and endures this groping until his fingers finally encircle her wet and very stimulated clitoris! In only a matter of moments until she erupts again into a very sinful, pleasurable and helpless orgasm....

Diane's knees are already week as she struggles to hold herself up. This is quickly followed by CJ first holding her and then wrapping the short blue dress around her and with her still whimpering slightly with the lingering tears of pain followed by this perverse pleasure in her eyes, is barely able to hold the cups up around her breasts so that he can zip her up. She after several minutes , is able to stand on her own and takes one last look in the mirror checking her tight blue dress, hair and make up as CJ grabs her arm and escorts out of the men's room. Continued in Chapter 2