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Abbie stuck part 2

2022-10-20 00:50:36

Abbie stuck part 2

Joey made it home as he went up to his mom as she wanted to make sure he did his homework! Joey’s mom still looking good in her young age of 38 alway made sure to be a good mother to her only child as she had him when she was in her early 20’s her husband always away at work as he is a police officer! Joey’s Mom’s name is Kim and she is a stay at home mom well until Joey is old enough to be home alone then she will try and find herself a hobby of her own!

“So was the neighbors dog doing alright?”

Joey blushed and responded to his mom with a small laugh!

“Yeah mom he’s doing just... fine haha!”

She was so proud of her young boy being responsible and taking care of someone else’s pet while they were away for vacation!

“Well Joey if you keep this up we might get you a dog one day what do you think about that?”

Joey thought about a puppy and then remember the stranger in the doggie door that he believes will have puppies or maybe one puppy! Joey for some reason asked his mom a strange question in all honesty he was just curious and wanted to make sure if it was possible!

“Hey mom is... um... is it possible for a dog to have a baby with a girl?”

His mom looking at him funny and then responded.

“Oh like a girl dog?”

Joey pauses as he was trying to word it correctly!

“No like a woman, a human. Like if they had sex could they have a baby? I was just curious.”

Kim in shock of what her son just asked her as it was a question she never expected to come out of his mouth! She totally didn’t know what to say as she almost wanted to laugh!

“No I believe they can’t Joey it’s highly improbable for it to happen because they are a different species and different species can’t reproduce together, but some can like tigers and lions making a liger and horse and donkeys making a mule!”

Joey kinda disappoint but still hoping for the possibility to come in his favor!

“Oh ok that makes since but I think someone in the neighborhood is going to have puppies! So maybe we should try to get one of theirs when they are born!”

Kim not really sure what he meant but hopes he’s talking about normal puppies and not what he just asked her.

“Sure thing! We can check them out when they are born if you like and I’ll let you pick..... do you know what breed they are?...”

Joey answer thinking of the neighbors dog!

“I’m pretty sure they will be a german shepherd well that what the dad is anyways!”

Kim still puzzled and hoping he’s taking about two dogs being together!

“So why did you ask me that sweetie?.... someone didn’t tell you that it was possible did they!?”

Joey looking at her face with concern as he made sure not to tell her as he was going to keep it a secret from her as long as possible!

“No that was just a school thing in....biology, yeah and my friends went over DNA last week!”

Joey still amazed of his lie knowing that mentioning biology would keep his secret safe because it made it sound so believable! Kim smiling at him with no longer a concern for her innocent son she ended the conversation with telling him to head to his room and finish his school work and not to forget about spike in a couple hours! Joey ran to his room doing what his mom said as he later finished his home work, then remembered the video he had on his phone! He went to his videos as he searched for it and then watched it to make sure it was a nice clear image!

“Wow I can’t believe spike tried to get a girl pregnant! I’m hoping she does, because I want one of her puppies when she has them and I could have... a little brother? Or maybe a really smart dog who could be a super hero... a super dog!”

Back in the backyard of the neighbors house Abbie was exhausted from her assault from spike as she was still stuck in the doggie door! She felt around as she could feel that something was different behind her! She felt that her panties were gone!! Using her free hand she trying searching for them as they were clearly not on her anymore!

“Oh my god where did my panties go!?”

Spike back in his doggie house cleaning himself off as he licked the pair of panties wrapped around his knot! Apparently when he pulled out the knot was still wide enough to keep the pair of panties around his very large cock!

Joey thinking of the strange girl was hoping he could see her but from his window as he could still see their backyard from here!

“Oh wow she’s still stuck in there... but I can’t get a good view!”

His mother walking in as he jumped away from his window acting like he wasn’t doing anything and praying she didn’t see!

“What are you doing honey?”

Kim starts walking to the window as she stared to look around!

“Mom I wasn’t doing anything!!”

As he was trying to get her attention away from the window! Kim looked at him and then back outside seeing Abbies ass sticking out the door!

“Oh my god someone’s stuck in the dog door! Joey did you know about this!?! Don’t you lie to me young man!”

Joey in a panic started too try and say something as he tried to make another lie believable!

“I don’t even go to the backyard mom how could I know that! I used your spare key from them to get inside! Not through the back!”

Kim not really believing in what he said but what was more important was helping that poor person! Kim started to speed walk to her backyard and walk through the shared gate as she saw Abbie’s naked ass in clear as day as she could see all the writing on her too!

“Oh my god did he draw on her! What does this even say! Dogg..... oh my dog spike didn’t!”

Kim looks up seeing Joey in his window as she was now furious at him as this proves that he was lying! She looked at her belly as she was even more horrified as she was pregnant!

“Oh god she’s even pregnant! I need to help her!”

Kim walked into the front door going all the way to the back of the house as she finally gets to see the face of the person who was stuck in this unbelievable situation!

“Oh my god honey are you ok!? I’m the neighbor next door and I’m her to help you!? What happened!? How did you end up like this!?”

Abbie looking up at this angel this savor as she started to explain what happened to her and why she was it this mess in the first place!

“I was actually trying to get some old cloths of mine from my ex and I got stuck and then their dog ummm....”

Kim looking shocked as she finished her sentence for her!

“Spike didn’t rape you did he?! Oh my god and sweetie you don’t think he hurt your baby did he?”

Abbie looking at her in confusion!

“My baby?”

Kim wonder why that was a weird question!

“Yeah aren’t you pregnant? You are clearly showing back there sweetie!”

Abbie now realizing how much cum the dog unloaded into her!

“Actually I’m not pregnant that umm.... his... cum!... his cock could actually amazingly get that deep.”

Kim shocked as she was now picturing a womb just so full of cum that it expanded and not only is it just cum it’s dog cum!

“How umm.. how is it still inside you!?”

Abbie really wishing she would stop questioning thing as help her!

“He’s cock passed my cervix and my womb is literally holding his entire load! Please and you just hurry up and help me out of this I’ve gene stuck here for a hour or something!”

Kim realizing that she was right went straight to trying to pusher her out!

“Ok sweetie I’m going to push you out because I don’t think your swollen belly can be pulled this way!”

Abbie agreeing with her.

“Yeah thank you so much!”

Kim pusher her pretty hard as she was slowly inching out as she suddenly popped out! Kim cheered as she started to stand up as she opened the back door and to see Abbie still on the ground!

“What’s wrong!?”

Abbie’s not able to move her arm that was stuck feeling that it was dead asleep and her legs still tried from being stuck in their knees!

“My arm is asleep and my legs are tired!”

Kim kept looking at her and she realized she need to be covered up with a blanket!

Hang on I’m going to get a blanket I’ll be right back!”

Abbie smiled as she rested and watched her in a hurry to get a blanket from her house! As she was gone spike started to walk over to Abbie not really sure who she was! She was a human for sure and... she smells like my bitch from earlier! Spike getting being her pushing her forward as Abbie lands on her face as she felt someone push her!

“What the!?!”

She slowly pushed her upper body up as she couldn’t get her right arm to move as she tried to get her legs to help her up! Now getting in a almost doggie position she saw between her legs a pair of paws behind her and then as she was in now realization of what was behind her she went into scared mode as she even saw panties fall off his cock as he wasn’t erect anymore! Abbie started to crawl away as she was now scared for what was to come!

Spike taking this as her ready again as she was clearly shaking her ass at him made his move! Joey watching from the window seeing what was going to happen started to go down stair to see him mom and she started to yell at him for letting a poor woman get raped by a dog! Joey in surprise and shock but still trying to tell him mom what was going on outside was almost impossible as she kept going!

“You are in so much trouble young man you aren’t going to be going anywhere because you are grounded you hear me! I can’t believe you watched someone do a bestiality act in front of you! That’s so wrong and it was rape on the dogs part!”

Joey confused as what she said and still trying to get her attention!

“MOM! She’s in trouble outside go help her!”

Kim stopped what she was doing as she ran back outside to aid Abbie! Joey stayed back as he went to his google app on his phone and looked up “bestiality”. multiplayer things popped up and even one that said reverse bestiality! Joey reading it to himself!

“Reverse bestiality? What is that!? He hit the definition was it said! The opposite order of sexual linkage between humans and animals from bestiality; here, the animals initiate the bondage as they mate with humans as a act of dominance and reproduction purposes!”

Joey finished reading the definition as he was amazed of what he found!

“Wow so this actually happens! Maybe I should go help!”

Joey running outside as he finds his mom standing still as he gets behind her and sees what he is looking at! His eyes widened as he saw the girl being mounted by spike again!

Abbie watching as he mounts her and started to look up and we both Kim and Joey!

“Help me he’s going to rape me again!”

Kim tries to help as spike growls at her to stay away from his mate! Kim stops as she was scared and explained that he would attack her and possibly hurt Abbie as well! She tries to get behind them and sees his red rocket starting to form as it inches closer to his target! Kim shocked as she’s never seen this in her life as she is scared for her! Joey tired to get his phone out with out his mom realizing what he was doing as he also head his black marker in his pocket from earlier! Abbie felt the pressure of his cock hitting her exposed backside as she had fear written on her face! Spike trying to penetrate his mate for a second time today was struggling with the angle as she lifted her lower body off the ground a little higher trying to push himself forward into her. Her arm was starting to get feeling again as she tried to get up and crawl away without realizing that this made a perfect angle for spike to force his cock back into her already filled to the brim pussy! Kim watching in worry as she sees spikes red rocket disappear in her pussy as the sound of his balls slapping against her backside started to echo in the backyard!

“Oh my god he’s actually fucking her!”

Kim was so surprised as she never seen bestiality actually happen! Joey started to walk around as he got in a better angle as he passed his mover and placing his phone on the ground to make sure it recorded everything! His phone was capturing spikes cock go in and out of his mate as it was easier to put his massive cock then the first time! Abbie still to tired placed her upper body on the ground as she accepted her attacker and even started to moan out load as she felt his cum still not leaving her womb!

“Oh...oooh....oh god.... he’s so big...stoop...huh!!”

Abbie couldn’t help herself as she couldn’t stop him forcing his way back into her deepest regions. Spike had easier access going through her cervix as she was still had plenty of lubrication from all of his cum still trapped inside her. He easily pushed through pushing some more pre-cum! Kim so frozen in place as she could see spike getting deeper inside her as the sounds of his red rocket kept thrusting in and out at such high speeds!

“Wow... he really is trying to make sure she gets pregnant!”

Joey looked at his mom as he told her she need to do something as he need her to leave the backyard so he could go one more thing to this beautiful woman!

“Mom shouldn’t we do something?”

Kim snaps out of it as she thinks of how to deal with this without messing up this girl life even more!

Kim thinks to herself. “Hmmm well I should ask for help the less help the better! She wouldn’t want more people finding out about this!”

Kim looks at her son as she tells him to make sure that no one else finds out about this! She run back to her house trying to find something to help her like a squirt gun or something to get the dog off of her! Joey slowly got his phone as he made sure it was still recording as he got up closer slowly pushing his phone under his tail to get a better view of him penetrating her pussy as drips of their juices hit his hand! Abbie spreading her knees some more as she pushed her ass up made spike able to push the rest of himself inside her all the way to his knot as he tried to force that back inside her for a second time! Spike pushing even harder getting close to his goal to a huge unload of his alpha seed into this human making sure his mate hold all of it inside her as he finally pops his knot in her pussy slowly swelling up to a tie as all he can do is push forward back into her expanding womb as her cervix still holds all of his k9 DNA! The tip of his cock stay in the middle of his left over cum starts to release his second load! Kim shows up to help as Joey pulls his phone back behind him! Kim rush as Abbie says something to stop her in her tracks!

“He’s about to finish just wait for him to unload in me as please after he pulls off don’t let him get back on me I can take anymore or his cum!”

Kim doesn’t say anything as she agrees to her request as she looks up at her son looking at this poor girls ass being fucked by this huge dog! Joey walking over beside Abbie as she watches her belly and noticed it looked like it was getting bigger! Joey points!

“Mom I told you she was getting pregnant! Her belly is growing even bigger she must be haven’t a big puppy!”

Kim gets next to Joey to look at the amazing affect that spikes cum in doing to Abbies womb! Kim looks at him in concern as she knows he will be scared for life from this! Kim walks over as spike seemed to be less aggressive and more focused on breeding Abbie! Kim kneels down next to them feeling her belly as if felt stiff and full! Kim actually weirdly getting turned on by this asks Abbie if she can feel his cum inside her!

“How do you feel? Can you feel his jets of cum expanding you more!?”

Abbie turns her head towards Kim as she looks so exhausted having the best orgasm of her life!

“He’s pouring more into me and it feels so amazing!.....huh It’s like lava flooding my womb!...oh god, He going to take awhile! I know it!! Oh god I’m so going to have a monster baby with all this cum stuck inside me!....Ohhhhh!!!”

Abbie orgasms again as her vaginal walls milk this foreign cock for all it’s worth for a second time making sure to keep every drop! Her fertilized egg was still cell dividing as it kept growing with no signs of stopping! Spike turns 180 degrees as he goes butt to butt! Spike starts pull as he keeps trying to walk away slowly pulling Abbie with her as she had no choice to follow! Joey jumped in front stopping spike from moving anymore! Spike stay still releasing the last little bit of his load inside her as his knot starts to swell down! Abbies womb looked like she was pregnant with a soccer ball and feels relived that the jets of cum has stopped! Kim rubbing her back as she spoke softly.

“Good girl. He’s almost done baby just a little more!”

Abbie feeling even more like a dog as Kim called her down! Abbie felt his knot finally pull out as she landed on her side having no more strength in her abused body! Her cervix closed up for a second time keeping both of spikes load inside her! Spike turns around to lick his accomplishment and his new mate as a sign of compassion. Joey pulls spike away while also hiding his phone as he knows he has such a good video of this amazing epidemic! Kim looking back at Abbie as she was passed out from the three hours of being raped and impregnated by this huge beast!

To be continued!